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Monthly Archives: June 2010

WHAT’S IN A NAME? Sereque or agouti, like a rose, still smells the same

FAMILIR FIGURE gets a couple of names

Posted 6/30/10 by Pelican Paulie

WE SEE IT hopping along the golf course and crossing roads to disappear in the woods, or sitting on its hind rabbit legs holding food like a squirrel nibbling something round that falls from trees. But what do you call these cute little guys? The best we could find is “agouti” and/or “sereque” both of which describe pretty much the same animal perhaps with minor variations. Wikipedia tells us the common agouti describes several rodent species of the genus Dasyprocta, like we need to know that. They inhabit Middle America and are related to guinea pigs except for longer kangaroo or rabbitt rear legs and front paws resembling that of a squirrel, eating food practically in the same manner.

They are called “sereque” in Mexico, it is said, and are shy in the wild but can become trusting in captivity. They take readily to water and swim well, in case you were wondering. They eat fallen fruit, leaves and roots and, surprise, surprise, can climb trees to eat green fruit. They are known as the only species able to open Brazil nuts without tools, given their strength and sharp teeth. We’re told they will sometimes eat shellfish and eggs of nesting birds, which causes one to wonder if they prefer sunny side up or scrambled.

Family oriented, Agoutis have two to four young after a 3-month gestation. Some species have two litters a year while others live the good life and breed all year long. The young, born in burrows lined with leaves and hair, are pretty much formed at birth and, like gringo tourists at an all-inclusive, can be up and eating in an hour. Interested parties have plenty of time to forge a friendship with these shy critters since they can live for 20 years, longer than man’s best friend, the dog. And for you lovers of the language, the Mexican agouti’s proper name is Dasyprocta Mexicana.

Anyone with something to add to this scientific exploration, please, be our guest and favor us with a comment.


FOR THE UNINFORMED, the building being constructed on the main drag and adjacent to the sea lion and manatee pools is coming along as part of the transformation of the Dolphin Discovery operation, one of Puerto’s main attractions. We’re told the building will

GOING UP is new retail and registration center for swim with the dolphins.house Discovery’s new retail center, which will move from offices adjacent to the Pub Restaurant , which then will become commcercial office space. Besides retail and vido sales, the building will be the point of registration for ”swim with the dolphins.” The building represents the final segment of a facilities consolidation that has already included expansion of the outdoor food and seating court next to the sea lions, which is open to the public but primarily for Discovery patrons. A parking lot was expanded across the street on the golf course side for buses and vehicles servicing the dolphin swim.

There has been a change in administrator for the centro commercial association and the Pelican will try to get more on that for the August issue. Also, it seems PA can be expecting some new decorative lighting around the dolphin pool island as part of general refurbishing.


PUNCTURE WOUNDS run deep, threaten infetion



Posted 6/12/10 by Pelican Paulie

The German Shepherd dog that viciously attacked a 6-year-old boy leaving multiple deep bite marks on his small body was ordered banned by the Colonos board following a reportedly contentious meeting with the owner last week who refused to remove the animal from Puerto Aventuras for safety’s sake.

“We had a reunion with the owner of the dog and he refuses to remove it from Puerto but promises to raise the fence to prevent his dog from escaping,” Colonos GM Armando Rincon said following the meeting. “Legally, the board cannot remove the dog from Puerto and it is now up to the family affected to proceed legally if they choose to.” The victim of the unprovoked attack has been identified as Brendan Day of Calle Bahia Xaac, which borders the golf course where the attack took place. His parents, Tim Day and Monica Tynan Day, did not attend the meeting so as not to prejudice the outcome. But in the wake of owner’s refusal to cooperate with the findings, the Day family said it had no further comment “for legal reasons.”

Mr. Day had earlier said he had met previously with the dog owner and Colonos officials. The dog owner, whose name neither the Day family nor the Colonos has revealed and who lives on Yulka, asked that the dog be given another chance. “But I have taken the position that this dog is a hazard. I don’t care what he says about controlling the dog in the future, as I said to him, it just has to get free once for something like this… or maybe much worse to happen. I love animals and we have a family dog ourselves, but that dog has to go,” Mr. Day said.

He said the owner had trained his dog to attack and be aggressive to protect his home. “Well, it worked,” Day said…but obviously not the way it was intended.

Mrs. Day said Brendan was running alone across the golf course from their back garden to meet up with his sibling and children of the dog owner with whom they were friends, when the unleashed dog on the golf course attacked. It was around 6 p.m. The teen-aged son of the dog owner was able to pull the dog away from Brendan as Mrs. Day heard the screams of her son and ran to the rescue.

PUNCTURES so close to nek were a worry“There were deep punctures and scratches on Brendan’s back just inches from his neck. There was a deep puncture on his ankle, deep puncture wounds on his upper thigh near his groin from the dog’s upper and lower canine teeth when it put it’s mouth around his leg. There were six puncture wounds, scratches and bruises. There were teeth impressions of other teeth between the set of 4 canines on his thigh,” Mrs. Day said. She applied bacterial creams to the wound, called security and the family pediatrician. “Security did a good job,” she said.

“The pediatrician told us that sutures were not possible because the risk of infection was very high. Brendan couldn’t leave the house for three days because of the risk of infection. The law was that the dog had to be contained by the owners for 10 days to watch for rabies, otherwise Brendan would have to start rabies treatment,” she said.

“He drank two antibiotics a total of 5x/day for 5 days; had two antibiotic skin healing creams 4x/day; hydrogen peroxide squirted into the puncture wounds 2x/day; and soaked in a medicinal bath for 15 minutes 2x/day for 3 days. Total medical costs were PS $1,200 and reimbursed by the owner,” Mrs. Day said. She said Brendan is now doing well but appears for the moment to be more fearful of neighborhood dogs.

What’s YOUR view?


OIL SPILL THREAT – Some Aventurans have been wondering if there is any chance the Gulf oil spill could reach PA shores. It doesn’t seem so since Quintana Roo is not one of the five states monitoring the spill and its direction as a precaution. Those states – Tamualipas, Veracruz, Tabasco, Campeche, and our neighbor, Yucatan – have concerns, noted Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, minister of the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semanat).

STILL STANDING – Reports tell us the Saturday farmer’s market is still in operation despite dwindling customers who have repaired themselves for the summer to the northern, cooler climes.

HIGH HONORS – Andrew Falacci, who lived in the PA family condo last year with his mom and brother, Ben, and studied a full year at the Colegio here, had an auspicious start in high school back in the States after a year of learning in PA. Not only was he a member of a talented “mock trial” legal team, he earned high honors in the first year of high school. Father John and mother Jennifer still own a condo in Villa del Mar. The boys spent a lot of time in PA’s only commercial Internet access center, the Café Café. Andrew’s educational success is a feather in the cap of the Colegio too.

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