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Monthly Archives: June 2010


Published June 4, 2010 | By PaulG

While major problems overwhelm nations,
smaller ones irritate neighborhoods

Posted 6/4/10 by Pelican Paulie

El Presidente Felipe CalderonEl Presidente Felipe Calderon of Mexico received a warm reception and a cold shoulder in Washington last month. Much of what he said before the U.S. Congress was met with applause, except his call to ban assault weapons that find their way from U.S. sources into Mexico. Also, his and U. S. President Obama’s protests of Arizona’s contentious immigration law that may facilitate racial profiling was met with mixed reviews from Congressmen.

Unfortunately, many Americans believe Mexico’s illegal immigration laws are more stringent than those in the U.S., including jail time. But Calderon said that used to be true but not since being undocumented has been decriminalized in Mexico. His answer was good enough for Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

It shows that even friendly neighbor nations with like goals and much in common can misunderstand each other, agree on some things and disagree on others. Calderon has grave reason to espouse an assault weapons ban given the 23,000 horrid drug-related murders and confiscation of 75,000 mostly U.S. made assault weapons since his ascension to the presidency on Dec. 1, 2006.

But less significant issues also vex.

In daily life, there are smaller, down-home problems irritating nationals and ex-pats alike living under the welcoming Mexican sun.

Among those issues is the difficulty condo associations have in making maintenance-fee deadbeats carry their load of common costs. Consider this latest comment from Puerto Aventuras resident Andy Pittman.

“I have become an association activist of sorts because we have a situation in Villamar Condos similar to what paid-up owners had in Esmeralda. One of our owners is $35,000 pesos in arrears and according to our administrator does not intend to make any type of payment at this time.

“Lack of money is the excuse even though both (husband and wife) are working accountants, own two vehicles, have children in private school and have a maid. Two other owners are $20,000 behind in their payments. When you have a small association like ours – 12 units – and only three of us are paid up and the previously mentioned three are way behind, the association is restricted as to what it can do.

“I have contacted all the absentee owners in our association and encouraged them to get involved and contact the developer and administrator to get everyone paid up. We will see what happens.”

His reference to condominios Torre Esmeralda concerns that association’s bold move reported in the Pelican last April in shutting off an owner’s water supply. They did it despite some contrary view from the administrator’s office that it is illegal in Mexico, a notion that allowed the owner to rack up a 19-month period of non-payment.

While the owner has not paid, he has not been able to use the vacation condo without considerable inconvenience to himself in securing water to flush toilets and shower, albeit potable water is available by the jug. The result thus far is that a for sale sign has been placed on the condo.

The deadbeat problem is ubiquitous. Every association has one, two or three owners who feel they are above paying for common maintenance that helps keep Mexico’s natural and man-made attributes in good repair, thus beneficial to the country’s economy and real estate investors.

While Presidente Calderon asks for a U.S. weapons ban to help fight the drug-war killers, condo associations plead with the Mexican government to provide them with a swift, bona fide, legal tool – such as shutting off water or other device as do the utility companies – with which to combat the unconscionable deadbeats.

Aztec Eagle goes to Cape Cod

In an aside, Calderon, in behalf of the Mexican people, posthumously presented the late U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, a near neighbor of this blogger on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with the Aztec Eagle, Mexico’s highest honor to foreigners, for Kennedy‘s lifelong support of immigrants and Mexican Americans.

Officials vow strict enforcement of leash law, dog bags to collect droppings


Officials vow strict enforcement of leash law, dog bags to collect droppings

Posted 6/3/10 by Pelican Paulie

PHOTOS SHOW extent of injuries to 6-year-old boy by neighbor’s dog.The Colonos is lowering the boom on dog-owning scofflaws who ignore the leash law and basic health rules in the wake of the mauling of a 6-year-old child by a loose dog owned by a neighbor.

“The administration and board of directors have agreed to enforce our bylaws more strictly,” said Colonos General Manager Armando Rincon. “Every pet should be leashed and accompanied by a responsible person,” he said. “Pets can’t walk around Puerto Aventuras unattended.”

He also said the Colonos has appealed for support from the municipal dog pound to collect loose dogs in the resort area.

And in response to other complaints of owners who do not clean the droppings of their dogs, the Colonos said all owners must carry a collection bag to pick up after their pets make a deposit and properly dispose it.

There was no reference in the announcement about dogs that howl and bark night and day disturnbing the tranquility of neighbors, one reason why some condos, albeit PA is a dog-friendly community, have barred dogs from their units. “We must remember that the most important thing is the tranquility (and safety) of our residents and the freedom to walk around without any fears,” the general manager said.

Puerto Aventurans can help protect residents and themselves from dog attacks by reporting infractions of the leash law to the Colonos.

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