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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Finally, Playa del Carmen overpass is open to traffic

Shaves considerable time from trip to the airport, points north

Posted 5/15/2011 by Pelican Paulie and contributors  

The Waco Kid let the Pelican know that the overpass through Playa del Carmen opened both ways on May 9. “It is now open on lanes in both directions.s. I noticed it today (May 10) when I was in Playa. From the best information I can gather this happened yesterday (May 9). I talked to a PA resident in the Soriana parking lot this morning and he said it  took him only 5 minutes to get through Playa on his way to the airport in Cancun,” said Waco, a lot less time than the 15 or 20 minutes idling at stoplights.

      Francisco the taxi driver told the Pelican on the way to the airport on May 3 that the super roadway would open “in eleven days” but the contractor and his workers, under pressure from an impatient public, according to Francisco, evidently outdid themselves and finished it in six days, not to mention the project was months overdue.
The overpass places the Cancun Airport and the proposed terminal in Tulum on a nearly even keel. “I think it will take about the same amount of time to reach either airport from Puerto Aventuras,” he said.
A series of exits and entrances along the overpass will also accommodate Puerto residents traveling to particular sections of Playa without wrestling as many stop lights  and local traffic. Franciso said there are plans to create some sort of pocket parks under the over pass where room permits. The decrease in local 307 travel lanes will also improve access to Playa itself.

THE NEW “WHIZ THROUGH” approaching off ramps in photos at left and center, and a merge entrance at right. Notice how well lighted the roadway is. (Photos by Pat Horner)
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The ‘Wizard of Oz’ is coming to town

     Those of you who have been awed in the past by “The Wizard of Oz” can repeat the thrill again as the play is presented at 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 29 and Sunday, June 12, by the Colegio Puerto Aventuras students in the Catalonia Hotel Theater.

      “Our Grade 7 through Grade 12 studentshave worked hard all year building stage sets, practicing dance numbers and singing high and low,” said Gabi Kozelj, school director. “We invite all community members of every age to come and enjoy this musical production,” she said.
Tickets are 100 pesos and are available at the Colegio, 873-5141. Seating is limited and patrons are asked to get their tickets early.
(Ed.Note: For the uninitiated, the “Wizard of Oz” is questionable allegory to the political and monetary debates of the late 1800s and the the Gold vs.  Silver standards argued at the time. Hence the “yellow brick road” and Dorothy’s “silver” shoes (although changed to ruby color for the movie.” Various theorists have ascribed real persons – politicians of the day – to the cowardly lion. In one theory, The Tin Woodman who frets over what he will do if he runs out of oil receives this symbolic response from the Scarecrow: “You wouldn’t be as badly off as John D. Rockefeller. He’d lose $6,000 a minute if that happened.” So what has long been seen – and accepted as a children’s book –  contains, as theories go, an undercurrent of adult symbolism. Even the choice of Oz as the name of a place in the East has underlying meaning to theorists who remind us that “oz” is also the symbol of ounce…as in gold.)
      In other Colegio news, the “Saturday in Puerto” – held the last Saturday of every month during the school year – will occur again on  May 28. Ms. Kozelj says this month’s event is called “Wet in Puerto” (thanks to the humidity?) and will be “filled with surprises for young and old.” The monthly bazaar held in tandem with the above event will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Persons seeking table space should contact the school at 873-5141.

Officials promise to temper excess Marina noise,

ease complaints by enforcing rules, more patrols


       The Fideicomiso  and Colonos at a meeting on Thursday heard multiple grievances about party boats letting engines idle for more than an hour spewing diesel fumes into condo buildings, drunken parties late into the night, boat lights burning into bedrooms during the wee hours, loud voices, general noise  and disruptions affecting nearby condo owners at Chac Hal Al.
Colonos GM Armando Rincon said after the meeting  the Fideicomiso had agreed to “separate the boats that cause the problems and be more strict in the schedules so they do not stay after hours.” Rincon said the Colonos will support those two initiatives by having Security make more rounds of the area.
The condo HOA had received 25 letters from owners and annual guests airing similar complaints. Some samples from letters:

       “I just returned from a 3 week stay in Chac Hal Al and was very displeased with what I saw on the Marina outside the H and G buildings. These boats have set up a regular condo on the dock. There are kitchens with all  the cooking gear, lounge chairs and large fans enjoyed by boaters sleeping and drinking openly for all to see.
“All of this on the dock. I think it is in excess. Not all boat owners are doing this. This would not be tolerated at any marina in the states. I live in Sitka, Alaska, a community a lot like Puerto Aventuras and we would never tolerate this behavior. A while back I looked at buying a unit in the H Building and I am very glad I did not and I feel sorry for those that have. Other issues I have noticed: Large lights on the boats burning all night,which  illuminate the windows of the condos; radios left on (VHF); no room to maneuver on the dock; garbage left on dock, and NO RESPECT FOR NEIGHBORS”

Another aggrieved person writes: “Last Thursday (5/5/2011) was one of the worst days. At 6:30am the fishing boat “Finatik” cranked up and started running . At 7:10am the bedroom had filled with fumes. This is with the doors closed and the air conditioning running which is all of the protection against the noise and fumes that we have. Fortunately, I was home and woke my husband up before he suffered any harm from the carbon monoxide poisoning. When the boats are running and there is no breeze we cannot escape the fumes which include carbon monoxide. That very afternoon I was on the terrace painting with a friend and the boats came in to let off the morning passengers.
“While the crew was waiting for the afternoon passengers to arrive, they keep the boat running, which is about an hour. My friend mentioned that it sounds like a dump truck has backed up to us. When we asked them to turn the boat off until their afternoon group arrives they just revved the engine higher which is a clear indication of the disrespect that they have for the home owners. The next morning the crew of 3 arrived at 6:00am on the “Wasabi” and were talking loudly and carrying on getting ready for their fishing trip. I was under the impression that workers are not allowed into Puerto until 8:00 and cannot begin making noise until 9:00am. The charter companies clearly have no problem exchanging our quality of life for their profit.”
PARADISE LOST– “When the US boats come in to town their Cantina parties last until very late at night and sometimes early the next morning. Again, they are partying in our backyards and outside of our bedroom windows. There is no security to keep the 10:00 curfew in check and after repeated requests for them to keep the noise down they have displayed zero respect for the home owners by continuing to do whatever they please. In building H an owner has recently lost a tenant that had rented her condo full time for the past two years and another condo has just lost a seasonal renter because of the fumes Cantina noise and workers that reside in them. Other renters that come for the season also complain about all of the noise in the Cantinas but are unsure of what they can do about it…just like us owners.”
MORE SNIPPETS: “It was our understanding that local workers on the boats had limited hours to be in Puerto Aventuras. However, many workers are living on the boats. Some drink until drunk with loud noise and music turned up to the max, glass bottles crashing as they are thrown into trash cans at all hours of the day and night…”… “When I purchased here I did not realize that I would have Cantinas in my backyard and it wasn’t until the fishing boats moved over here that all of the marina drinking and noise became so apparent. Along with all of the beer consumption there are fryers and grills going and families invited in to participate. The guys find it important to yell at the boats going by and hoot and holler as they down case after case of beer…”… “I’ve caught them peeing on the wall several times and when I yell at them they tell me there is no bano..’   Thumbs down


Young police chief seeks asylum in U.S.:
Threats from drug gangs send her packing

“It’s better to be safe and alive here (the U.S.)…than to be dead in Mexico.” So spoke Marisol Valles Garcia who, at age 20 last year, became the youngest female police chief in one of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartel strongholds.
While she was referred to as the bravest young girl in Mexico, she was receiving death threats and other forms of intimidation that eventually, after repeated sleepless nights,  drove her across the border in an effort to gain asylum.
Valles Garcia took the job when nobody in her Juarez Valley border state town of Praxedis dared to do so in the aftermath of the previous chief being tortured and beheaded by the cartel killers.
The former chief, now 21, feared for her family and her son and while she is trying to escape the violence, she continues to encourage her Mexican constituency: “There will always be fear. I’m still afraid, But as long as we’re breathing, we can dream for a better world.”


CLOSE CALLS will be avoided this year on Bahia Chemuyil, also known as “the back road” to the main gate. The Colonos has installed yellow topes  at the center of all the curves in that road to end the malpractice of cars hugging the wrong side of the road and creating the potential for head-on collisions…OOPS! Construction of a home was temporarily stopped just outside the main gate of Condos Turquesa at the end of Bahia Xaac. Seems somebody forgot to get a permit….THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE says a record 111 Americans were killed in Mexico last year, neary half on the Texas border. An FBI agent has been quoted as urging U.S.Citizens not to cross the border into Mexico, something that tourism marketers are battling…PASSING THROUGH Playa on our way home,we noticed a really negative sight along highway 307 adjacent to Sam’s Club, more litter along the banks of the highway than you could imagine. That’s no way to promote Playa del Carmen or Sam’s Club. Clean up the mess…JET BLUE IS OUTDOING ITSELF on the Boston to Cancun run with a better non-stop schedule and satisfying service. Try it on your next trip south, flight 771. It may even have WiFi by then…RIVIERA MAYA was named “The Best Tourist Destination in America,” a recognition of its marketing strategy. The selection was announced last month at a world tourism confab in Miami…A VIOLENT CLASH of inmates in a Cancun prison left three inmates dead, several injured,one seriously…DIABETES affects 10 million Mexicans, with 120,000 cases in Q. Roo alone. Cozumel  is one of the municipalities nationwide most affected by the “silent” disease…NINE CARIBBEAN STORMS that could becomes hurricanes are predicted for the hurricane season beginning May 15…

The Corn Basket…

    Most people don’t know that back in 1912, Hellmann’s mayonnaise was manufactured in England. In fact, the Titanic was carrying 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was to be  the next port of call for the great ship after its stop in New York.
To date this would have been the largest shipment ever exported to Mexico.The people of Mexico, who were crazy about the product, were eagerly awaiting delivery and were disconsolate at the loss, so much so, that they declared a National Day of mourning which they still observe today. It is known, of course, as Sinko de Mayo. (Contributed by Juanito)

                                                                      this is the end Laughing out loud of this issue

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