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Monthly Archives: July 2011



Posted 7/11/2011 by The Waco Kid and contributors
The PA Park Committee is progressing on its mission to develop a comprehensive community park for adults and children.
The site in the heart of Puerto Aventuras is easily accessible, since it is located in the middle of the main boulevard from the entrance gate and adjacent to the skate board park. As proposed, the plan calls for an extensive area of more than 4,000 square meters covered with wonderful vegetation that will afford residents with the freshness and shade that is needed in this climate.
The main objective of the community park is to serve the people of Puerto Aventuras by providing meeting spaces and activities for all ages. Envisioned areas include spaces for exercise, bike paths, palapas under which games such as chess can be played and other recreational and educational activities pursued; children’s games, spaces for relaxation and the practice of yoga, interpretive trails, nursery and compost demonstrations.
Restrooms will also be built, and space for limited parking and bike racks. Security specific to each population group will also be provided, while, simultaneously,as much of the current vegetation as possible will be conserved.
This project will be built in stages over a 3-year period, which includes cleaning and adjustment of the lot and its drainage, design and construction, fencing the area, purchasing equipment and furniture, designing the parking spaces, construction of bathrooms and continuous maintenance.
These stages will develop at a pace dependent upon the level and timing of fundingdesignated for the park. The first of these funding efforts was carried out in April with the planting of trees in the Poblado. More projects are planned for this fall and the community is cordially invited to participate and contribute, keeping in mind that together, residents will achieve the goal of building a park that will be beneficial to the community and important to the community’s potential for paced growth.
If you have any suggestions or would like to make a contribution (in kind or cash), please send an email to the following address: [email protected].  (The information about the park was written by Patricia Hernandez . The banners in the pictures were designed by Patricia Hernandez and the pictures were taken by Zsuzsa Batt, both of whom are members of the Community Park Committee.)

Sources: Centro thefts could reach double digits
Two  reports from contributors indicate that 10 thefts have occurred in the Centro commercial area during the recent past, attracting some uncomplimentary remarks concerning security.
But Armando Rincon, Colonos general manager, said his research shows six thefts in the Centro district since the beginning of the year.
One unit above a restaurant has experienced two thefts, said a contributor, one on Easter and the most recent one last week in which the contents of drawers and cabinets were strewn about the place and a computer and iPod taken. The unit’s occupant said entrance was through a window while she was having dinner nearby with friends at a Centro eatery.
In a note to the Pelican Free Press, one contributor said several people have a suspect – a worker in one of the restaurants – but that “…it doesn’t matter who it is because nothing will ever be done about it. Security will not allow the police to be called.” That prompted the following remark from a real estate broker: “Another robbery in front of everyone and no one from the committee says or does anything.”
The occupant whose unit was ransacked twice said arrangements are being made to have bars placed across the windows…something that should not be required in a gated community with a paid security force.
Rincon said all the thefts “…have been because people are leaving their windows open  or with no lock at all. Also, we think,” Rincon said, “that people should be more demanding and that the commercial area should hire its own security, at least from 6 p.m. to 6 .a.m.”

Live and learn: Taxi barred without Main Gate payment

A residential couple was surprised when the taxi driver they frequently used in Playa del Carmen was barred from entering the Main Gate because he doesn’t pay a fee.
The couple was later given this explanation:
“In order to come in to PA the taxi guys have to pay a fee and that is why the fares are higher. So if I have a taxi driver from Playa that is coming here and charging me less (220 instead of 250), the people here are getting angry because (as it was explained to me) he is taking away a job from a taxi driver in PA. If I want to use this taxi driver because he is great, speaks English, charges me less, etc,  I have to go up to the highway because he is no longer allowed to pass the gates because he doesn’t pay the fee.  It is like having a union and this taxi driver is a scab.”


HURRICANE SHELTERS – The municipality has forwarded a long list of hurricane shelters to the Colonos. Those closest to us and nearby villages are located at Prim. Miguel Ortega Navareette, Domicilio Conocido, (180)
Tel. Sec. Luis Manuel Aguilar Cruz, Domicilio Conocido, 120; Jardin des Ninos Nueva Crecion Puerto Maya, Domicilio Conocido, 60 y Jardin des Ninos Marco Antonio Millan,  Domicilio Conocido, 100…MORE CONSTRUCTION at Chedraui is under way. Two more businesses are about to open adjacent to the Telcel in the Chedraui complex. An internet cafe will be located to the left of the Telcel store and next to the cafe a beauty salon is going in. In addition there seems to be activity in a couple of the other areas so things are looking up…SPEED IT UP – A PA resident whose Ford car roof sprung a leak has been waiting eight weeks for warranty approvals. “Ridiculous!” exclaims the owner. Indeed!…TROPICAL CYCLONE Arlene provided some much needed rain for several days. The area has really greened up after being without any measurable rainfall for about 3 months…
that goes from the taxi stand by the Colonos headquarters to the dive shop by the Omni has been repaved as of Friday, June 17. The old pot-holed road has been replaced by one with red paver stones and a drainage system. It is a little smoother ride and has handled the recent rains with little problem. Unfortunately it is not any wider so you may still have some difficulty negotiating the road especially if cars are double-parked…POET’S MISSION-A well-known Mexican poet whose son was killed by drug gang members has brought his call for peace the United States. Javier Sicilia gathered about 1,500 followers during a weeklong peace march recently in Ciudad Juárez, the most violent city in Mexico. He crossed into Texas and spoke to hundreds of supporters at a park in downtown El Paso. He says he wants justice for American citizens and residents who have been killed in Mexico…FLOATING DRUGS – Drugs including 46 kilograms of marijuana that had washed ashore in a hermetically sealed barrel were burned at the military garrison on Cozumel Island on June 15. Also disposed of were a kilo of cocaine and 26 psychotropic pills all seized on the island within a two-month period. Is the drug problem getting too close for comfort?…FATHER’S DAY restaurant sales, monitored on Cozumel, were down 10 percent, reported the National  Chamber of the Food and Restaurant Industry. The agency blamed rainy weather and the general economic downtown…HEAVY RAINand surf shut ports and roads in mid-June particularly in Tulum, which also experienced power outages…BOOM TIME – Japanese car-maker Mazda is spending $500 million USD for a new assembly plant in Guanajuato, consolidating the region as a major player in auto manufacturing. The area already has General Motors, Volkswagen and Pirelli tires…60,000 NATIONAL tourists were expected to converge on Riviera Maya for the summer vacation season said Manuel Paredes Mendoza, director of the hotel association. That would figure into an 80 percent occupancy rate for the area’s 38,000 hotel rooms, more than previous years tainted by the economic downturn and influenza epidemic…A SMUGGLING ROUTE from the Rio Hondo that separates Belize from Mexico was disrupted when a police filtro near Playa del Carmenstopped a vehicle loaded with contraband merchandise. The stop yielded much information on the activities and locations of smugglers and their routes, sometimes delivering drugs and alcohol, north in Q. Roo…THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING TOO! – The head of the federal tourism office, Gloria Guevara Manzo, has announced that Russian interest in visiting Cancun and Riviera Maya has caused Transaero Airlines to triple direct flights between Moscow and Cancun…THE VATICAN has chosen Cancun as site of the VII World Congress of Pastoral Care of Tourism and Migrants to convene April 23-27…

‘Wizard’ whips up wonder of entertainment
Posted 7/11/11 by The Waco Kid
Nearly 100 students participated in the recent Colegio Puerto Aventuras presentation of the “Wizard of Oz.” The demand for tickets was so great that two performances were held on May 29 and June 12 in the Hotel Catalonia theatre.

The Wiz turned out to be an excellent choice to present since according to the US Library of Congress, the Wizard of Oz is the most watched movie of all time. There was actually a yellow brick road. According to the Wikipedia.org web site, several were constructed and the debate is whether the yellow brick road in the Wiz is modeled after the one built near Holland, Michigan, where the author, L. Frank Baum, spent his summers or the one in Peekskill, New York, where the author attended Peekskill Military Academy as a child. The one in Peekskill is still in existence so historians favor that location.
After a slight delay at the beginning, we were able to ease on down the road. The students practiced on the Wiz all year long and each spent at least three hours per week perfecting their parts or working on the props.
There were a variety of props and all were very colorful. The choreography was very good. The dancers, for the most part, performed their parts in step with each other even though some of the routines were difficult. There were several toe-tapping/hand-clapping tunes, the most popular of which was “Ease on Down the Road.” The scene changes were very smooth with no curtains being dropped on anyone or no one running out on stage when they shouldn’t have.
It was well worth the price even though the theatre became warm at times. Thank goodness the Catalonia provided free water. The students, production coordinator Ms. Gabriela Barrera, and her production staff are to be commended for a job well done.

The Storm cloud End

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