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Monthly Archives: October 2011


NOTE: Clocks, watches turned back one hour today, Sunday Oct. 30. Yucatan time is Central time.
REMINDER:  Get your tickets for the the season’s first concert Friday, Nov. 4 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the cultural center. They are available at the Colonos office and at Bamboo for 60 pesos. Beer, wine and soft beverages available. See the poster in our previous issue below.


Our snowbird return to PA the day after Hurricane Rina blew into town began very well with a Jet Blue flight from Boston that was really smooth – like sleeping on a cloud despite the pilot’s caution that we might run into disturbing weather in the storm’s wake.
We didn’t…until we reached PA and found that our phone, internet and TV weren’t working and the car wouldn’t start after six months of being idle. We don’t know yet if the interruptions are weather related. Those of you coming down in the next few days or weeks have nothing storm-related to worry about. But first things first…
After landing, we trudged our luggage over to the familiar blue building outside Terminal 2 to get our reserved car from Executive…only to find Executive had moved
”but I don’t know where,” said the smiling man behind the desk of Advantage Car Rental, the less expensive subsidiary of Hertz now occupying the former Executive space.
Out choice of Executive was based on the fact that we can drop off the car in PA, but the Advantage man, still smiling, said we could drop it off in Playa and Hertz would give us a free ride to PA. And that’s how it was. FYI: We think Executive is now in a Terminal 2 rental kiosk. Ask if you’re looking for it.
The ride on 307 was slowed on three occasions because of flooding on the starboard side of the road. But little traffic. Then a real treat! We got to use the overpass through Playa and emerged at Soriana’s having to face only one stoplight! A welcome timesaver!
PA looked lush from the rain but quite less populated and perhaps a bit forlorn because of it. We heard from one realtor who hasn’t sold a single unit in months and gossip about the future of some restaurants that are now closed.
We noticed some fairly extensive repairs going on at Cafe Ole where some diner-type counters and stools of attractive brick have been installed to accommodate informality and perhaps Happy Hour, and learned a few small businesses have closed.
Our hands are somewhat tied at the moment with chasing phone and internet access from Telmex, airing out the place, and trying to find a battery for the car but we wanted to let y’all know briefly that PA is still a welcoming place that some people equate with Paradise, albeit it none of us have ever been to the “real” one…yet.
We haven’t found any reason for not coming back to our second home and, as usual, a lot of good reasons for being here joyfully linking up with friends and acquaintances, enjoying the weather and nurturing a sense of hope of a strong tourist season for our business friends.
Restrictions Implemented at Akumal’s Half Moon Bay


Posted 10/30/11 by Juanito,
Providers of nautical services, along with businessmen and members of the Association of Settlers, have taken action to restrict water sports activity in Half Moon Bay. The action was taken to mitigate the impact of increased human activity at the bay’s reef. According to businessman Luis Alberto Manriques Perez, it’s the surge in tour bus activity, from large coastal resorts, that causes concern.
The measures at Half Moon Bay are being implemented in collaboration with the Centro Ecologico Akumal (CEA), the non-profit organization who has been asked to develop an even grander plan designed to increase protection of the ecosystem, through a more controlled integration with tourism.
Fishing, snorkeling and diving tours have become major attractions at the bay, but have grown to the point of being a threat to marine life. The fact that Akumal Bay presents one of the few places in the world where a swimmer can simply walk into the water, and begin swimming alongside turtles and rays in their natural habitat, only compounds the problem.
The Ecology Center Akumal (CEA) released the following statement… “As part of this management program, we are also working to regulate the number of boats in the bay and their activities. Unfortunately, over the years, more and more boats have begun doing business in Akumal Bay, disturbing the tranquil swimming space and affecting the coral and sea turtles. We are working with the Port Captain, within the legal framework, to find a solution to this. We have a unique destination with incredible natural resources. The sea turtles in Akumal Bay are treasures to protect. Our goal is to preserve Akumal for future generations, by taking positive actions such as those defined in the Bay Management Program. Please join us.”
New restrictions allow only properly licensed boats to use the bay, require that all boat traffic stay within marked channels, and forbids the dropping of anchor inside the reef. Furthermore, in an effort to insure the turtles and rays are given ample room to swim without distraction, swimmers are asked to stay a specified distance away from marine life.

Portions from “Respuesta”, dated 23 Oct 2011


Briefly Noted…

From Staff, contributor and media reports
HURRICANE RINA came and went through PA without leaving much of a trace. No damage to speak of…HARD TIMES are blamed by Alejandro Cruz, director general of preliminary investigations in Riviera Maya, for an uptick in robberies. He specified population growth, the low season and unemployment as variants feeding the surge…CANCUN TRAVEL MART last month attracted in excess of 467 delegates from 15 countries in Europe and the Americas, seen as a sign of Quintana Roo’s pre-eminence in the tourism industry…TORRENTIAL RAINS did a tune on some 17 boats in Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez waters, sinking some and leaving others to founder…

TheMartini glassEnd


To all Colonos and residents:

We want to inform you that according to The National Hurricane centerhttp://www.nhc.noaa.gov Hurricane Rina will be passing through Puerto Aventuras Thursday or Friday, please take all the preventive measures possible.

You have to secure or put inside everything you have in your gardens, terraces and roof tops, like furniture, lamps, flower pots, decorations or anything else that could become a projectile.

We recommend you should have candles, flashlights, water and food. Also fill up your car gas tank.

The Colonos office is designated as a Hurricane shelter, so if you don´t feel safe at home you are welcome to use the shelter. Our security and operations personnel will be taking care of all the areas.


Also we inform you that tomorrow Wednesday we will be collecting branches from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, therefore if you have some branches left please put them in a safe place, as this will be the only schedule.



So far we do not know if Public services will be collecting garbage from Thursday 1:00 AM and over night, so please keep your garbage inside your home one more night, until the contingency has passed.


Colonos Association

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