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Monthly Archives: October 2011


Concert, race welcome another year

      Snowbirds begin to arrive for the high season this week, but this time it will seem like Paradise has somehow become more heavenly.

Returnees and year-round residents will be able to usher in the new season and renew acquaintances at a concert on Friday, Nov. 4  at the cultural center that debuted last year, and, of course, the 4th annual 1, 5,10K race Nov. 13 through the resort that last year attracted more than 400 participants and a considerable number of fans.
The season-opening concert produced by Daniele Gracis, chair of the Cultural Committee, in participation with the Colonos, features the Canadian group “Bowfire” playing Celtic, bluegrass and jazz. The group includes Shane Cook, Stephanie Cadman and special guest Jake Charron, all of Canada, and Bogdan Djukic of Serbia. Tickets are 60 pesos for the 7 to 9.m. concert and available at the Colonos office and at the Bamboo eatery. Refreshments, beer and wine will be available.
More on the race in the next issue.

Municipality takes over rubbish collection

Colonos still seeks previous agreement

A notice issued by Colonos management says the municipal government was to take over the task of rubbish collection from the colonos as of Tuesday, Oct. 18. This follows failed negotiations between the colonos and municipality to return to a prior agreement. That accord concerned a deal with the previous municipal administration that allowed the colonos to collect the rubbish along with a fee modification.
Colonos general manager Armando Rincon  said the issue was raised at the Dec. 10

general assembly. Not only did the municipality reject the fee issue, it threatened the colonos with fines for the way the colonos managed the collection, Rincon said. He added that the colonos will continue to negotiate this issue with the municipal government and that his office has worked to minimize any inconvenience to residents..
He said the municipality would take over the collection process beginning at 1 a.m. Oct. 18. “The (the municipality) promised to give us punctual night-time collection service 365 days a year,” he said.
Rincon urged residents to continue with the rubbish recycling process by separating recyclable materials as they have been doing. He said the colonos will collect recyclables  every Monday.
For the uninitiated, the colonos is a volunteer organization funded by residents and local businesses to maintain and develop local infrastructure, while the municipality is a duly elected government housed at the municipal palace in Playa del Carmen.

Briefly Noted…

From Staff, contributor and media reports
SPANISH LESSONS are being offered again this year in PAContact[email protected] or [email protected] for info…HARD TIMES are blamed by Alejandro Cruz, director general of preliminary investigations in Riviera Maya, for an uptick in robberies. He specified population growth, the low season and unemployment as variants feeding the surge. Watch your stuff… CANCUN TRAVEL MART last month attracted in excess of 467 delegates from 15 countries in Europe and the Americas, seen as a sign of Quintana Roo’s pre-eminence in the tourism industry…TORRENTIAL RAINSdid a tune on some 17 boats in Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez waters, sinking some and leaving others to founder…THE NAVY has been awarded a considerable budget to construct a Sea/Air Rescue operation at the Chetumal Airport to cover the Yucatan Peninsula area and waters…HARD ROCK hotels coming to Riviera Maya next year…

New PA park to be dedicated Sunday

Come and enjoy fruits of committee’s labor


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