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Monthly Archives: June 2013

National regatta races set to sail here Feb. 1 – 3

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   An Assembly planned for Feb. 16 to debate Colonos beach reclamation funding and guaranteed beach access along Fatima Bay has been postponed to March 22. No reason was given in the Colonos announcement. The possibility of a rescheduling in the event circumstances warranted was reported in a previous issue of the Pelican Free Press . Residents will receive a notification in due time according the Association Bylaws.

Four-class regatta set for Jan. 31-Feb. 3


Championship event will attract hundreds;

Finale with concert, food, fun for all Feb. 3


     The Puerto Aventuras Sailing Club has landed the nation’s first of four national championship  sailing regattas of 2013. It will he held from the Jan. 31 registration day through the Feb. 3 final legs on two nearby off-shore courses.      

Four classes of boats are participating tallying a total of some 180 small vessels accompanied by roughly 300 sailors and their entourages helping fill hotel rooms, condos and restaurants for the duration of the regatta.
PA residents interested in competition sailing will be able to view, for a fee, the action from several of the catboats home-ported here. Residents and guests are invited to join the visiting sailors at 7 p.m. Feb. 3 in a finale concert at the Cultural Center featuring the five-piece Rhythm ‘n Blues band  “Natalie and the Foxes.”  Food and beverages will be available at the concert. Admission is 80 pesos. Tickets are available at the Colonos office or at the door.

The four classes of boats sailing include the Optimist Class for children, The Laser for youth and adults, Windsurfer class and the 420 two-man class sailed mostly by military cadets.
Daniele Gracis, commodore of the local sailing club, said the staging site where sailors will prepare their boats for launching is at the Phase Four Marina, on the western shore of the South Channel. It is something to watch.
Puerto Aventuras hosted its first national regatta last year toward the end of the high season and it was  huge success, according to Gracis and press reports in the sports-centered newspaper “El Deportivo.”
Other regattas this year will be held in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexcio State and Acapulco. Winners of the regattas will represent Mexico on the World Championship teams.
Regatta sponsors include the PA Fideicomiso, Nissan Cars, the Colonos, the Playa del Carmen municipal council, City Club, Coca Cola and the PROA Sailing Association.

Creative theater paints “The Image of Woman”

       …And slowly, darkness of night immersed the huddled bodies in sightless anticipation. Suddenly, a primordial shriek of unfettered anguish pierced the black silence as the barely perceptible “Image of Woman” emerged on stage upon a magic carpet, twisting artfully, ascending, struggling,  forever soaring…

Canadian choreographer and teacher Patricia Beatty is commended for reminding us that the upward struggle of woman began in tandem with the dark ages. The cartoons of Cave Man casually dragging the suppressed gender by the hair to his lair is anime’s testimony to woman’s long, insufferable journey to empowerment and equality.
The performance was presented with grace in the accommodating space of the Puerto Aventuras Cultural Center on Bahia Akumal last Friday for a one-night stay. It was part of the Colonos’ cultural series that began in earnest last year with well-received concerts.

To say the least, Friday’s offering was not the typical fare PA had been exposed to at previous Cultural Center outings. It was neither concert nor play. It was creative theatre harnessed to a socio-political statement of woman expressing her yearnings, her value and aspirations.
These emotions were reflected in the opening scene by vocal artist Jani Lauzon’s  high-pitched native-like chant, deftly employing stepped scales and octaves rather than flowing melody to express the gender’s social evolution. But few words were spoken, and even those were a blend of native mono-syllabic gabble devoid of verbal sense but weighted with meaningful declaration…if that’s what an artistically sensitive audience derived on its own.
A nice touch was the fast-forward treatment of time, skipping through eons from the ancient mantra to the ongoing rhythm and blues age where the vocal baton was passed on to singer Natalie Novak de Perez of Akumal, another talented voice,  to wail familiar melody and riffs in the language of the audience: “I don’t need your help, baby. I’ll do it myself or find someone elseI am your help. I am your dream.”
The finale informed us there is more work to be done by “woman” if she is to balance the scale. It cast a young Morgana Peterson of Tulum as the new generation of hope by having her lead the stage exit trailing the red carpet and uttering a curt but convincing “Follow me”  to a gilded era of woman before rising even further to the Golden Gate.
Rare is the unflawed production, and this one was no exception. There were technical difficulties, the aerial dance being barely visible and the recorded accompaniment short on quality control and volume. But in theatrical fashion, the performers did not skip a beat.
The show was choreographed by Beatty, who conceived the production with Lucia Perrotta of Puerto Aventuras. Members of the Colonos board manned the ticket booth and beverage concession for the nearly 200 members of the audience that, incidentally, expressed their appreciation of the effort with generous applause.



…About going to the dogs…

Dear Editor:
     We have a severe issue with a tenant in the next building. The entire neighborhood is upset.  Our neighbor, who lives on Blvd. Puerto Aventuras, Building 50, Condo 202, is the issue.  She works for a realty company here in Puerto Aventuras.  The reason I am giving all this information is because we just can’t care anymore about her feelings something has to be done

Things came to a head this morning (Sunday).  She has four dogs.She let the dogs bark, which woke people out of bed this morning. People were actually standing in the street to see what was happening.  I was working on the computer and after 10 minutes of this barking couldn’t take it anymore.
The dogs bark many times during the day when she is at work. If we are sitting at the pool or visiting on the terrace, we can’t hear each other. Also, the dog owners in the  rest of our building are very vigilant about picking up after the dogs but I have never seen her pick up any poop yet.
The neighborhood is going to put a petition together that we all sign so that something can be done about this situation. She is impossible to talk to and says the dogs are not a problem.  We have called security but they don’t write anything down and most of the time don’t understand us.

Signed/Lenny Lipis

Dear Editor:
     I read your article in the Pelican Press. We own a condo in which a full-time owner has dogs which howl many times per day for various reasons. When the owner is home, she stops them but when she is away at work, they howl until they decide to stop.We have spoken with the owner and she states that they are dogs and dogs bark and howl. The other condo owners consider it a noise disturbance as well.
Puerto Aventuras should have a rule that deals with dog noise the same as loud music. The pet owners should be warned and fined and if the noise doesn’t end, the dogs should go!

Signed/Caroline Hillkirk

…on beach reclamation

Dear Editor:
     Like everyone else, I would like to see the beach reclaimed. However when you look at the sea wall by the second inlet one wonders what was the real need and purpose to build it there.
It may in fact be the cause of the erosion itself. Aside from the possible enormous savings to the developer in disposal costs, it’s purpose is questionable. It is quite possible that the new proposed cure is just an opportunistic attempt to reduce disposal costs for material excavated to build the new canals. The Colonos should hire its own professionals to evaluate any proposal for remediation from the developer and not rush to acceptance based on studies paid for by the developer.

Signed/Michael Savage


…and impotent security policy 

Dear Editor:
Seems like nearly everyone in PA is asking questions about Security.
How many residents actually know what the Security company has been hired to do and what their powers are? Why does PA legislate what no one can enforce? Why can’t Security enforce the speed limits? The speeding of not only white tourist vans and busses, as well as by residents and visitors, goes unnoticed and unpunished.
There is alleged to be a rule that prohibits minors from driving golf carts, yet careening carts with young children not only hanging off the sides, but operating  at whatever top speed they can achieve, is a common sight. Is it going to take a bloody and possibly fatal accident to wake up the powers that be? Huge amounts are spent for the Security that is important to all residents of PA, yet they do not have the power or capability to stop a boat leaving port under questionable conditions at 3 am.
With the number of robberies reported for the past year, how can PA continue to tout the unconfirmed fact that this is the safest community on the Riviera Maya? What, if any, training  has been given to our existing security force regarding robbery investigation, beyond filling out a form?
How much is spent annually for a security force that has no power? The lack of inspections performed on cars being driven by “gringos” is embarrassing.  How many of America’s Most Wanted have made their way to Mexico in recent years?
If our Security company can’t control speeders and crime, should they not be replaced by cameras and street lights? Visitors and owners have the responsibility to practice their own common sense security…even to bars on windows.

Signed/ Judith Labrozzi


The Pelican PulpitStaff opinion

The Pelican has received two messages, one from recent theft victims who understandably criticize the Colonos security system’s apparent lack of enforcement (refer to full letter above) and another from an interested individual who believes the Pelican Free Press “does not accurately portray the true PA.”
Theft victims Judy and Bob Labrozzi, Linda Brestar and Paul Bussoli who lost in the aggregate $100,000 in jewelry and cash when thieves took two safes from the Brestar-Bussoli condo on New Year’s Eve, have lashed out at the Colonos’ seemingly impotent rule enforcement.
Mrs. Labrozzi writes: “Why does PA legislate what no one can enforce?” It is a good question and one that Colonos General Manager Armando Rincon agrees has a modicum of merit despite being somewhat misdirected.
Rincon infers lax enforcement has less to do with security personnel  per se than with the desires of the general community to tolerate so-called misdemeanors via General Assembly policy, and by residents who refuse to abide by simple rules designed to improve safety, security and the human condition here.
One good example cited by Mrs. Labrozzi is the general rule that prohibits unlicensed children to operate golf carts. The rule is clear but is regularly ignored by parents who are complicit in this particular infraction that is obviously tolerated by the general community. In brief, we live in a society by agreement to the rules…but some agree more than others.
The aggrieved and frustrated victims might be better served raising these matters where the heart of policy-making beats…at the Colonos General Assembly.
In another message,  passed on to us by the Colonos management, Lee Knudtson, who lives here two months a year and rents his condo the rest of the time we are told, has an issue evidently with the Pelican Free Press publishing crime stories. He offered a handful of crime reports as evidence among the hundreds of stories published about many good things and events.  It’s another case of shooting the messenger.
The Pelican news blog insists on fair presentation of events that impact this community. It isn’t about to change that approach only to help create the illusion of Paradise for the profit of the rental industry.
We agree with Mr. Knudtson on two points however: This community probably is one of, if not the safest, comparatively speaking, on the Riviera Maya. And if he wants to create the illusion of Paradise for profiteers by censoring legitimate but unfortunately negative news reports, he correctly should bring his appeal to any other organization – except the Pelican Free Press.

Phrase a week … By Gloria Contreras, state certified interpreter

It has been colder than usual here.  “Está frío de lo habitual aquí ” Anyone interested in learning the language can please contact Ms. Contreras by email at Gloria Contreras[email protected] or Cel: 984-108-3517 so she can prepare materials in advance.
(Classes are from 2;30 to 3;30 4 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tiramisu Restaurant and all are welcomed to attend. The fee is $150 pesos per session.

What’s Playing…

See for yourself what’s showing at the local movie houses in Playa del Carmen at the links below.
Centro Maya: http://cinemex.com/

Las Americas: http://www.cinepolis.com/_CARTELERA/cartelera.aspx?ic=70#Cine215

Briefly noted…

Compiled from staff, contributor and media reports
DENTIST MOVING – Puerto’s only dentist, now located on the ground floor of the Colonos office, will be moving to the Bamboo building across from the Colegio in the near future. Stay tuned…PUERTO MAYA just across the highway is one of four developments receiving approval from the Solidaridad city council in Playa to build more housing….FOUR MONKEYS, no see, no hear, no say and no kidding were spotted by Dory Poritz on Bahia Yalku while on a late afternoon walk. “I couldn’t believe seeing four of them. Three were babies, I think. I was in total bliss.”…PA’s OWN JOHNNY APPLESEED is back and he’s planting more trees along the south beach of Fatima Bay. If condo residents there see light-haired Jan Oliszewicz quietly helping mother nature, say “thank you” for being a “greengo” (You can find a full story about Jan in our last August issue in the archives at right) … RESIDENT ROBERT ROADWAY is back to his digs on Bahia Chemuyil and relating his experiences with the 3-month-long Colorado forest fires that kept him sniffing smoke most of the summer…TWO DEAD IN PLANE CRASH last week on the island of Cozumel. It was a small acrobatics type aircraft that had just finished a tour of the island before crashing near a private air base and reportedly killing the American acrobatic pilot…SLAYING THE DRAGON – The Mexican Center for Environmental Law has filed a suit against the state’s (Q. Roo) Institute of Environmental Impact for allegedly violating rights of public information and participation in approving the Dragon Mart project. This comes just a few days after mart officials said construction would begin next year… A ROUTINE PATROL of an isolated area south of Tulum and near Punta Allen discovered a stash of cocaine believed left there by drug runners using fast boats for routine deliveries there from Colombia. Is that why boats were stolen from Puerto Aventuras?…BEACHGOERS in Playa showed up with jackets to fight off the cold wave that came by over the weekend…

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