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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Beach replenishment delayed 6 months


Erosion could continue another season

as beach space comes at a premium

By Staff
     Snowbirds returning to Paradise in a month or so will be met with disappointment if the current effort to replenish Fatima Bay beaches is any indication.
Reports emanating from the Puerto Aventuras resort indicate little if any major construction progress in what was earlier hoped to be a completed replenishment project sometime during the 2014 high season.
A regular contributor to The Pelican Free Press who prefers anonymity, described the summer there as “…the worse rainy season we have ever seen.”  It has caused some inconvenience in Puerto and quite a bit in Playa del Carmen where businesses inundated by rain floods continue to agitate for improved infrastructure in the tourist areas. The weather is not blamed, however, for any delay in Puerto’s beach replenishment project.
Pablo Besquin, of Oceanus in Miami, the company in charge of the project, is now reporting a 6-month delay while the project goes through an environmental impact assessment required by the government.  “We’re working on authorization,” Besquin said this week.

But some work was reported by Arq. Roman Rivera Torres, developer of Puerto Aventuras, refgarding buoys and some temporary steps being taken.
He said buyos in the bay now mark two different lines.. The inner one is the location where the new protecting barrier will be placed with a depth of 1.80 meters. The outer one marks rthe path for the barge to navigate carrying the rocks without damaging any coral.
“The barge was built and had a trial run. The design and structure were not acceptable and had to be discarded. A new barge is now being built. The first trip for carrying the rocks was canceled because of the risk the barge presented and will be postponed to a later date. As soon as we have a new schedule, we will be happy to share it with our residents.”
     The heavy, sustained rainfall victimized Puerto Aventuras as well with flooded streets and electrical storms, one of which caused problems at the Main Gate. Colonos administrative coordinator Carlos Enrique Quinones Flota reported the gate was hit by lightning, causing serious damage to the security office and leaving access gates without the usual electrical devices that monitor and operate admission and departure.
The strike also disabled Telmex Internet and phone services in some resort sections including the main gate. Residents were asked by the Colonos to call Telmex and agitate for a quick return of services.
The Pelican earlier reported, from an official source, that construction of a barge to haul reef rocks to the Omni Beach was under way at a site in the Phase 4 area now under infrastructure construction. However, an excursion to that area this week failed to turn up any barge construction capable of hauling the huge rocks for the proposed underwater reefs outlined in the project plan unveiled at a Colonos meeting earlier this year.
That’s because earlier reports were erroneous, since the barge, Besquin said this week, is being built elsewhere and that its progress has been stymied by design changes necessitated by rock sizes needed to complete the task.
What was found in Puerto was a small “barge” constructed of several bright blue barrels with boards across them tied with rope to form a small floating platform.“It was leaning up against the wall at the Omni,” the contributor said. “The engine is four boys about 15 years old who push a wheelbarrow full of small rocks and put them on the barge. Then they swim/walk out to about the same depth as the Villa del Mar has its breakwater and put the rocks in a plastic sleeve, exactly as Villa del Mar built.”
Developer and Arg. Roman Rivera Torres was asked to comment on project but no reply was r3eceicved by publication deadline.

PA villagers vet street, crime, garbage woes

From Staff and News Reports

Puerto Aventuras villagers aimed a series of complaints at the outgoing municipal government for its lack of services in repairing rutted streets and inadequate trash collection. They complained about uncollected rubbish and streets that have been destroyed and not repaired, thus marring the environment in which they live and work.
    One female villager,  identified as Diana Riso Lozano,spoke to the issue of crime, noting during a tour of the village led by the town that “we are at the mercy of criminals” while police patrols in that section of Puerto Aventuras seem to have decreased, she said. It is noted that the village police station moved to the north section of the village near the Puerto Maya development last year. The Red Cross opened a clinic where the former police station was located.
An expression of abandonment was issued by resident Carlos Gutierrez Navarro who charged that the poor condition of streets has caused flooding in addition to the accumulating garbage. He said the village also needs more lighting and surveillance but that the local delegates to the municipality fail to deliver. Meanwhile, across the highway…

Woman reports bizarre burglary
as condos stripped of furnishings

     The Pelican has received partial information from a resort resident that her unit and that of a neighbor were stripped of most of their furnishings, saying her prime suspect is a Canadian resident on a Royal Canadian Mounted Police “most wanted” list.
Heather and Tim Niessen said they were due to arrive at their condo on Sept. 14 but were informed their furnishings were missing and evidently sold by a suspect who was supposed to be taking care of the unit. The Niessens provided a name and the Pelican checked it out and found it on the Mountie most wanted list. The suspect is described as being a 39-year-old Caucasian male, blonde hair, green eyes, 5’9”, 201 pounds wanted for the crime of personation (or impersonation in Canada law) by Mounties in Coquitlam. (The Pelican does not use suspect names unless so informed by official sources and circumstances.)
In their note to The Pelican, the Niessens asked for help in getting “word out that we own a condo in Puerto Aventuras. The gentlemen who was ‘looking after it’ SOLD all of our furniture…It is devastating and heart-breaking, but maybe someone in Puerto Aventuras bought this furniture?
I want them to know it was stolen. Living room set, coffee table, dining room furniture (table and 4 chairs), 4 bar stools, TV, DVD player! All gone! Our condo is pretty bare and now we need to refurnish! Thought the Pelican Free Press would let the community to know to watch out for white male, Canadian, who goes by the name xxxx xxxxxx. We are not the only victims. He cleaned out our neighbors as well. It’s been horrible. We are all trying to figure out how this could have happened! Any publicity to try and get our furniture back would be greatly appreciated.”
Contact: Heather Niessen [email protected]  …

     AG says state ranks 10th
nationally in theft cases

      Simultaneously, the state of Quintana Roh is ranked 10th nationally in number of robberies, QR Atty. Gen. Gaspar Armando Garcia Torres noted as he also announced that his office received 20,000 formal complaints in the last year, of which 12,000, or 60 percent, involved burglary and theft. He said official are committed to reducing that number so fewer citizens.are victimized by losing assets, with some cases also involving violence.
       He pointed out that the northern. or tourist, part of the state is particularly vulnerable since tourist pocketbooks and believed to carry dollars and valuables and are a good target. He said the actual number of burglaries and robberies is probably closer to 39,000 because many incidences aren’t reported.

The year the rains came, came, and came

      By Staff

Multiple reports from Puerto Aventuras summer residents leave no doubt that rain has been heavier this year than many of them can remember. And more rain, said one, meant “more mosquitoes” and that means more possible exposure to dengue fever, and that calls for liberal use of repellants, particularly for children.
The Colonos administration said it also calls for heightened alert from all residents to avoid leaving any bottles and various open containers filled with rainwater. the Colonos also reported it was working with the municipal government to apply non-toxic pesticides to area pools.
Dengue fever is believed since 2010  to annually infect 50 to 100 million people worldwide. Caused by the dengue virus, symptoms are fever, headache, muscle and joint pain and skin rash similar to measles.
Playa Rotary Club slates charity golf event
1st annual tourney Oct. 26 to aid children

By Michelle Kinnon,
Seaside Rotary media contact

     Playa del Carmen –  The new Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside will host its first annual Charity Golf Tournament – The Rotary Seaside Classic – beginning at 8 a.m. October 26 at the Grand Coral Golf Course. The tournament will be a “Texas Scramble” ending with a gala prize ceremony and luncheon. Proceeds will benefit the Seaside Rotary Chapter’s ongoing programs and initiatives.
LOGO SEASIDE ROTARY GOLF 2013-01 (2)In its brief existence, “Seaside” has partnered with and supported KKiS – Keeping Kids in School, Casa Yoliguani, a facility for young unwed mothers and mothers-to-be, and Christmas Dreams, an organization that provides Christmas gifts for children who would otherwise do without. The club has also partnered with the municipal government to spruce up a local park and recreation space.
“While our countries of origin may differ, our common bond is a desire to ‘give back’ to the community we’ve chosen to call home.” said Seaside Rotary Club President Doug Morgan “The Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside is all about helping kids. The proceeds from this event will help us to improve the lives of many local children.”
A spokesman for the organizing committee said the panel is making available a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Individuals and local businesses are encouraged to support this charitable event with cash and prizes for the longest putt, longest drive, straightest drive and closest to the pin contests. Sponsors will receive maximum publicity throughout the Riviera Maya in print publications, social media and at the tournament. The committee aims for an exciting event with high attendance providing excellent exposure for participating businesses. For further information and to register as a player, visit the event website http://www.seasiderotarygolfclassic.com.

     Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside is the city’s newest Rotary Club and welcomes men and women. Chartered by Rotary International in September 2012, “Seaside” is an English-speaking Club with 34 members representing North and South America and each dedicated to upholding the Rotary ideal of “Service Over Self”.
     Rotary International is the world’s oldest and largest non-profit service organization, with 34,000 Rotary Clubs and 1 .2 million Rotarians worldwde. The Rotary Foundation supports grass roots level community projects sponsored by local clubs and, since 1985, has led the effort to eradicate Polio.

Briefly Noted…

A TRIAL BALLOON has been floated by tourism officials who believe a reducrion in passenger rates for trips to Cozumel would encourafge more tourists dfrom the mainland to visit…THERE IS TALK that a major Hollywood movie wiwll be shot in Cozumel next year…THE DRAGON MART SYNDROME continues to play out in Cancun as the latest announcement is that the gigantic project will put shovel to ground later this fall since a building permit has been received…

NOTE: We encountered some technical difficulties preparing this edition and thank you for your understanding and patience. Another edition will follow soon.


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