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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Second border crossing successful


We are currently replacing some of our worn out equipment in preparation for resumption of our weekly publication beginning in November. We are also struggling to adapt to the Windows 8 operating system, which requires a learning curve, plus the sensitivity of a new computer.This necessitates that

we keep it brief this month. Thank you for your understanding and for your moral support of the volunteer Pelican Free Press.
We look forward to our weekly editions beginning in mid-November and running through to the end of the high season. Remember that we love letters and offering residents a forum for their views. 

Returning snowbirds may find that the summer’s heavy rain may have caused a leak somewhere in the casa;  or the TV won’t turn on or the computer has a glitch or the pool has a water problem. Check the list of Pelican sponsors at left, and you’ll find local companies able to fulfill your needs even if that need is to salve a toothache developed on the flight down. Check the list of Pelican sponsors at left, click on any one of them that has a service you might need and tell them the Pelican sent you. One of those sponsors, the popular Latitude 20 Restaurant invites all to its fun Halloween costume party from 7 to 10 p.m. Oct. 31.

Jesus’ helps resident cross border

without plate or visa problems

     Readers will remember in a previous edition (find it below this edition) a few months ago that resident Robert Roadway drove his U.S.-plated car back to Colorado without official incident. Now we have another resident who can corroborate Roadway’s experience in getting a U.S plated car across the border without difficulty despite dire warnings of despair emanating from the country’s West Coast about cars being impounded on their way to the States.
    Andy Pittman, a professor at Texas A&M and his wife, Pat, have this to say about their trip: “Pat and I and the pets finally crossed the border in Nuevo Laredo last month. It was quite a trip. The weather was terrible. It rained the entire way. We had a flat in a small town near Villahermosa. Thank goodness a guy named Jesus helped us change the flat, get a buddy to fix the flat, take us to a gas station and show us the way back to the main road.
     “He didn’t charge us anything for his services. He was a true guardian angel. On the other hand in Puebla, a traffic cop waived me over because he said that I ran a red light. Pat and I never saw a light. I had to pay him 1350 pesos so we could continue our trip without a day’s delay.
     “All along the way no one – military or government officials – asked us for anything other than our passport. We had our permanent visas, copies of auto insurance, the safe passage letter we had gotten from the “Banjercito” in Cancun, paperwork on our pets, and drivers’ licenses but they weren’t interested in any of that. As a matter of fact long after we crossed the border, we realized that our passports had not been stamped at the border crossing in Nuevo Laredo.”
    So for those of you biting your nails over this supposedly contentious and complicated issue, remember the words of a wise man: “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

More on stolen furniture:
Have you seen any of it?

     Last month, Tim Wood and Heather Niessen reported that several households including theirs in the PA resort were stripped of furniture allegedly by a man who was hired by a woman as a caregiver to her son and was living in her unit while she was in Canada. “The man became quite a fixture around our complex, and appeared very trustworthy etc. Since he lived right next door, it was suggested to me that maybe he could keep an eye on our place…water plants, check in etc. We agreed, hired him and gave him a key.
  stolen furniture 5   “We left the end of April and emails ensued between himself and me over the period of May – September (up until about Friday the 6th). He responded to our questions, informed us of any issues. We had a power outage and all food in the fridge was ruined)…he communicated everything to us, on a very regular basis (about 2-3 times/week).
     “The week of Aug. 26th, we were informed our CFE bill was due and I wired him an amount to cover CFE and gave him extra, just for thanking him for looking after our condo so well (wired him $250.00). On Sunday our administrator emailed our neighbor informing her that the man (name omitted) was selling a lot of her belongings over the course of a few weeks, and since he lived there, he thought nothing of it, until Sunday when a moving truck was at our place (8PA) to load up all of our furniture. (See photo)
    “The movers took major stuff and I guess the intention was to come back and get the rest. Thank God it was stopped before that happened.
Our condo is located at #28, Marina Soto vento – Apartment 8PA (on Puerto Aventuras Blvd.) Items taken were an L shaped rattan woven couch, with beige cushions. Kind of a sectional with two independent sections – couch that seats (3 people) and an extension with a lounger for one. It is a material similar to rattan (however more durable) – coffee table matches couch.
      “It’s a square coffee table with glass top. T.V. 32" on the wall with bracket. Cannot remember the name. The dining room set was the same material as living room furniture as it was all purchased together and matched. Dining room table is round with glass top, 4 chairs to match with beige cushions. 4 bar stools were also taken, light covered wood with beige leather-like cushions.We do not rent out our condo, and it is no doubt that it was the man we hired who planned this as we have heard he has done this to our neighbors as well. He was ‘looking after a boat and an SUV’ of someone else’s that he also sold.We are certain he has left the Puerto Aventuras area, and likely will not return as he is wanted- wanted by several of us…
We have figured we have lost about $8,200 so far. Hate to think what it was sold for. All furniture was purchased in October 2011, and was custom made in Cozumel.”.
     And Andy Pittman writes, “I noticed in the Pelican Free Press that you had an article about a Canadian who has stolen furniture. A family in our development – Randy and Rosina Widmer who are Canadians – had their furniture stolen by a Canadian who fits that description. I think Carlos knows his name. The folks in the Colonos office need to be alerted to keep him out. Pat and I have the house managed by Playa Paradise while we are gone and I have alerted them to the situation. If I can find out the guy’s name I am going to give it to them.”
(Ed. Note: The name of the likely suspect is already known, not only by locals here but the Canadian Mounted Police. We are told it is highly improbable that he is still in these parts.)

Bancomer closes Playa office,

reportedly curtails services

     In the process of conducting some banking business, residents Mary and Bernie Strojny learned that the familiar Bancomer bank that used to send representatives to Puerto to explain the bank’s services has undergone some changes. Here is the Strojny report:
     “In the past, many of us have had our foreign trusts (fideicomiso) with Alma Cordova Vazquez and have done a lot of our banking with Sandra Alvarez (senior segment at the Bancomer office in the Plaza Tendenza Col. Centro (Av. 10 and calle 14 (near CocoBongo) but no more.You may remember Sandra and her team coming to our P.A. Colonos offices and giving presentations on Bancomer’s scope of services. To many of us, Sandra became more of a trusted and helpful friend who assisted us in so many ways with any number of banking problems.
     “Three months ago, that office was closed completely. Sandra is now in Merida (still with Bancomer) and Alma has left Bancomer. I wrote Sandra an email, asking where we can go to make trust payments and she wrote: "Regarding for the trust you can go on tendenza avenue between 14 and 14 bis in the Hipotecaria Bancomer Office, ask for Mauricio Hernandez."
     “’If you don’t mind going through the Bancomer service number (that term "service" here is used loosely), you should be able to do this through 01-800-228-2728 (toll free in Mexico) or 52 (55) 50023539 (direct long distance to Mexico). Also try their website
www.bancomer.com/pcu. Lots of luck with that,” Alvarez wrote.
      So, it seems the bank still does have a "preferred customers unit" but their service is greatly reduced; saddening all of us who got comfortable with familiar faces and a predictable routine. Such is life in Mexico! “

Tune in to Mayan ‘soap opera’

     If you’ve ever had a yen to hear Mayans converse at length in their language, a TV show launched in August should do.
    Called “Baktun,” it made its debut on Quintana Roo state public television in August and, we presume,, is still running. We don’t know the details of tuning it in but will endeavor to discover them when The Pelican returns in November to its weekly schedule.
    The “tele-novela,” as soap operas are called in Mexico, offers insight of current Mayan thought and sensibilities by avoiding the usual overt passion scenes of “soaps” to more modest expressions.
    Snowbirds are already familiar with some basic Mayan language such as Bahia Xaac and names of other streets, cities and villages, and may be interested to hear how the language is pulled together in conversation.
    For the time being, ask a Mayan you know if they can guide you to connect with the show.

The Mail Bag …

Anybody want to play golf?

Dear Editor:
     We really enjoy catching up with the news while we are here in the north country.  Thank you.  I’m interested in trying to get a women’s foursome together for the winter season and have experienced a bit of a challenge in the word of mouth experience.  I wonder if you have or, if not, would you consider a notice board for residents.Please emailLMAUREEN,
[email protected] if you’re interested or know someone that is.

Car questions easy, answers illusive

Dear Editor:

Is there any more news about keeping a U. S. titled vehicle in Mexico? Also how hard is it to change it over to a Mexican titled vehicle? Does the age of the vehicle make any difference? Is there a Customs Broker at the Calica Port? If you talk to five people you get five (different?) answers.

From: Jerry Sutherland <[email protected]>


Compiled from staff, media and resident reports

SCHOOL REFORM ironically is keeping children out of school nationally and the Riviera Maya is not exempt. It was reported that 65 percent of area children go to school but aren’t receiving an education because striking teachers are absent…MAJOR PROJECTS such as Dragon Mart and the vision of a cross-peninsula train with a terminal in Calica remain mired in the muck of indecision…FIXING PLAYA remains on the minds of municipal officials and various business entities such as the Hotel Association. Together they plan formation of committees to work on completing the improvement of 10th Avenue and abate noise and irritation to tourists by so-called “pullers” on 5th Avenue, among other improvements…THE ARREST of an Italian national in the U.S. revealed a drug operation linking the Mafia and Riviera Maya operations…LEGAL AID is lacking in Solidarity, opening opportunities for so-called “coyotes” who offer to represent detainees but do not have the necessary credentials to provide bona fide legal advice. An effort is under way to work with the Bar Association to provide some pro bono (free) or sliding scale representation…PROTECTION against dengue fever took a hit in Solidarity as lack of funds caused a disruption of  larval spraying…. GO WITH THE FLOW – Foul odors emanating from some cenotes around 5th Avenue in Playa that bothered tourists are being blamed on the capping of free-flowing waters, which officials are now saying they are correcting for the long term…EVALUATION of traffic police in Solidarity is 95 percent complete, assuring that personnel have taken necessary tests to combat corruption and protect the public…

Phrase a WeekBy Gloria Contreras, state certified interpreter
If you go to an art show, you might ask: “I wonder who painted that?” In Spanish, you would say, “Quien pintaria eso?”

Anyone interested in learning the language can please contact Ms. Contreras by email at
[email protected] or Cel: 984-108-3517 .

Church Services… Please click Colonos icon on right top of page.

AA and Alanon meetings…
AA and ALANON meetings are held at the public library at the Colegio as follows:
AA Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m; Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at noon. ALANON meeting is held Mondays at 5:30 p.m., also at the library. Meetings are “open” and non-members are welcomed to attend.

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