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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Youth symphony concert here Dec. 5

Surprise water rate increase

to be Colonos assembly topic

Condo managers to request

funding for legal opinion

By Staff
Several months ago, the recently merged ownership of the community’s private water distribution concession unilaterally and without public warning significantly changed its water rate system, causing a substantial increase in costs for private homes and condominiums and evidently decreasing costs for high-usage businesses.

This was accomplished quietly by eliminating the five-tiered rating system that charged from 10 pesos per m3 of water for the lowest users, to 28 pesos per m3 for high-end users of over 40 m3. Now, all users will pay a flat 20-peso rate per m3.

Adding to the cost, the concessionaire, for the first time, tacked on a 20 percent surcharge for the sewage treatment system use and, on top of that, added payment of a 16 percent IVA onto the 20 percent surcharge.

The change occurred even while a group of condo association administrators had forged an informal alliance to combat a previous rate change perceived as patently unfair to condo associations. In that case, the concessionaire unilaterally ended the practice of dividing the water cost of a condo building by the number of units, pushing what had been a low-rate use charge per unit to the highest rate charge for the building as one unit.

Suarez chosen spokesman

Carlos Suarez of Batt and Suarez Associates property management company, was chosen as spokesman for the informal administrators’ group and will make a request at the Colonos annual assembly on Dec.13 to have a third party determine the legality of the water concessionaire’s latest move to considerably hike its revenue on the backs of rate-payers.

He will ask the Colonos voters to approve a 50,000-peso expenditure of Colonos funds to hire the law firm of Vela Associates, which has been involved in previous water concession interpretations, to determine if the latest action by the concessionaire is legal. ($50,000 pesos is $3,658 USD). “It’s just a tiny fraction of the Colonos budget,” Suarez said.

Suarez, who incidentally is tri-lingual and a candidate for the Colonos board this year, will present charted facts showing the nearly tripled cost the new system represents for homes and condos while high-end users such as hotels (if they in fact use the local system or have their own), busy restaurants, laundries and other high business users such as a golf course will pay the same rate, meaning less cost to them compared to previous high-use tiered charges.

Suarez will present an example 38-unit condo building whose cost rose from $3,040 pesos for 305 m3 of water under the per-unit tiered system. Then, in the summer when much rain helps preserve water, consumed only 198 m3 but paid an invoice of $5,544 pesos when the concessionaire change to the single building model, or 2,500 pesos more for 107 fewer cubic meters, nearly doubled the cost.

With the recently announced 20-peso flat rate per m3 for all users and including  the 20 percent sewerage surcharge and 16 percent IVA, that particular condo building was recently charged $10,866 pesos for 441 m3 of consumption – or roughly three times last year’s costs. (Note the usage variables in this test case)

As a point of historical information, Suarez explained that private water system concessions were awarded by the government in certain cases where the government did not have the capacity to link some developments to the then-limited municipal systems. The concessions came with government imposed rules, which is what the administrators want clarified by an independent party.

Another perception

Earlier this year, PA developer Roman Rivera Torres had announced the water concession was losing money, prompting the earlier increase of condo rates, and that the concession was for sale. Instead, he entered a merger, Fusion H2O Puerto Aventuras S.A. de C.V, and announced plans to construct a desalination plant converting free salt water to potable water and avoiding future payments to the government for using non-potable groundwater as is now the case.

He believed the plant would benefit the community and could be up and running in 2016. The presumption is that added revenue via the rate system change is  needed to fund the investment in desalination and eventually turn a profit.

But is the one-size-fits-all single rate fair and within the confines of existing law? That’s the question condo administrators in league with some homeowners want answered by an independent party so that the community has solid legal ground, either way, for whatever action might be necessary to assure and sustain community input into water costs and service in the future.

Colonos grievances

Colonos general manager Armando Rincon said the Colonos has also had its grievances over the lack of transparency and absence of prior notices by the water department, which is something they have been discussing. The water concessionaire had taken unilateral steps, such as repair of leaks along Colonos roads, without warning or approved controls for guaranteed repairs within a reasonable time frame. It is negotiating with the concessionaire for corrections and attention to letting the community know what it is doing in a timely manner.

He also likened Suarez’s pending request for funds to another community problem that evolved last year when owners of waterfront property were told they had to pay an extra tax because they were encroaching on the federal zone. The Colonos paid to hire a lawyer to act for all the waterfront landowners and the situation was favorably resolved. The tax collection was not pursued by the government.

For Suarez and his committee, which includes Enrique Caballero of Fannie’s Rentals and the del Paso brothers of Club Aventuras, approval of funding for a legal interpretation of the concessionaire’s latest action would let the community know where it stands legally in future water dealings and related community input.

The funding outcome and future of cooperative negotiations concerning water will depend on voter support at the assembly, Suarez said.




Cancun youth symphony orchestra

to open PA’s holiday season Dec. 5

It isn’t every day that Puerto Aventuras gets to host an entire symphonic orchestra like this season’s first concert Dec.5 at the Cultural Center to open the holiday season and get the community in the spirit of the times.

The Puerto Aventuras Sailing Club and Colonos Sports and Cultural Committee are hosting the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Cancun to perform here to lighten and brighten the festive ambiance of the season.

Don’t miss what is likely to be the concert season’s stellar event whose proceeds are shared by the Puerto Aventuras Youth Sailing Club that has already won numerous awards in national and international competition.

Tickets are currently on sale at the Colonos office between 9 a.m. -2 and 4 to 6 p.m. weekdays and also at the Bamboo Restaurant located on the new marina across from the Colegio.

The committee says this promises to be a musically pleasing evening for residents to enjoy while ushering in the holidays with the music of the classical masters.

For an extra 20 pesos music lovers will be entered in a raffle to win a Samsung iPad. Drinks and snacks will be available. Support this community effort by getting your tickets now and joining your neighbors for a pleasant evening of music provided by talented youth. Other events:

COLEGIO CHRISTMAS BAZAAR  starts Wednesday, Dec. 3 and will continue through Friday from noon to 3 p.m. daily and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6. At the bazaar you will find a variety of items including jewelry, clothes, Xmas decorations, etc. If you are interested in selling new or old items, the booth costs of $150 pesos per day Wednesday to Friday and $200 pesos for Saturday with a special cost of $550 for the four days.For more information contact the school’s office at (984) 873 5141 or by email at: [email protected]SPECIAL ASSEMBLY for Centro Comercial Owners’ Association slated for 9 a.m. Dec. 6 at the Colonos meeting room on a proposal to recall the Vigilance Committee…COOKING CLASS at Latitude 20, now under new ownership, begins Nov. 28 at 10 a.m…COLONOS ASSEMBLY will convene at 9:30 a.m. Dec. 13 at the Dreams Hotel Theater on Xel Ha Avenue to consider a 3 percent increase in the maintenance fee among other annual financials …CENTRO COMERCIAL annual assembly is scheduled for January 10…


Give a gift for Colonos

Employees’ Yule party


It isn’t too early for residents to open their hearts and donate a gift for employees of the Colonos, which every year conducts a Christmas party for its workers and their children under the auspices of the board of directors. The party will be held Friday, Dec. 19 in the Poblado.

The Colonos is accepting the gifts during working hours, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. weekdays.

“The party is a way to thank our workers for their efforts and support during the year, but it wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of the community at large. We ask for your help in donating a gift, for an adult or a child. It can be delivered any time during working hours at the Colonos office. Our best wishes to all for the holiday season,” the board declared.


A double first-night attracts

dozens to Art/Info center

For Gladis del Carmen, it was the first art show produced by her at the Puerto Aventuras Art and information Center Saturday evening and for Jayne Halle, a three-year resident here, it was the first public showing of her photographic art.

The art center, which also has Thursday evening art displays by various artists, hopes to continue offering single shows by local artists and others from Playa del Carmen and Cancun, Sra. del Carmen said.

The event, which attracted dozens of people and included wine and cheese, was billed as “Mexico Heart and Soul” and offered an eclectic photographic view of Mexico’s people and environment in black and white and color.

A nurse practitioner in the United States and former hat designer, Ms. Halle took to photography a few years ago as she took to diving along Puerto Aventuras’ colorful reefs and made the best of both. She announced that the art colony of San Miguel de Allende, which she recently visited, held an attraction for the creative mind and would be moving there next month.

The art and information center is sponsored by the Porto Bello organization of fractional living.


Commerce Corner…

New Tulum hotel made of metal,

plastic, efficiency and simplicity

It’s been said that simplicity is the mark of true elegance. Owners of the new, 34-suite Gaia Hotel opening Dec. 1 on Tulum’s main road near the Aguachiles Restaurant agree.

Owner-realtor Georgina Lara of Puerto Aventuras said the hotel differs from the usual block and brick buildings because it is pre-fabricated of metal and plastic, has smaller, efficient rooms with all amenities including , room service, ample parking just outside the door and a 25-meter lap pool.

The rooms have showers with a forceful water flow, a garden for lounging near the pool, on-site bicycle rentals and concierge arrangements for transportation to and from airports and the numerous area parks, ruins and other sites of interest.

She said the no-fuss, easy to handle rooms offer the comforts of a major hotel in an unpretentious atmosphere and undemanding size for on-the-go guests and individuals who want an exciting vacation nicely topped off by a sound night’s sleep.

The hotel is a mile from the center of Tulum, a 5-minute drive to the sprawling beach and 15 minutes to the Xel Ha water park. It is on the main street where public transportation comes by every 15 minutes to Tulum center and other towns along the Riviera Maya. In Greek mythology, Gaia is the goddess of the earth, giving rise to a subsequent hypothesis that organisms interact with their  inorganic surroundings to achieve simplicity in a complex system.

Click on the Gaia logo at left for more information.

Buy 10 containers of chemicals

At WeRWater and get one free

WeRWater Co., the only local business offering full service on water needs, from chemicals to construction and repairs of pools and household water systems, is currently offering one free container of any chemical for every 10 similar containers purchased.

The company, founded by Liliet Duschkin and Lucie Wedge, both bi-lingual, has established itself in a retail stall along the Dolphin Walk across from the Omni Hotel. Everything needed to maintain and repair pools and household water systems – from top grade chemicals to tile and water pumps – is available at WeRWater.

“We invite condo administrators and homeowners to stop for any information they might need about water problems and solutions without having to travel anywhere. We want to be the connecting point for all things water, from supplies, pool toys,  tiles, lights, pumps and other equipment for the purification and softening of household water to arranging, when requested, for construction, repairs and  maintenance of pools and Jacuzzis through our network of qualified and tested tradesmen and technicians,” they said. Click on the logo at left for more information on products and services.

Briefly Noted…

The sidewalk on Chemuyil next to the fence and highway has been completed, utilizing both sides of the roadway. The Colonos urges pedestrians to use them and remain out of the street for safety’s sake…Jerry and Gloria Fastrup have purchased a home in San Miguel de Allende, a city of 70,000 located an average of 1,907 meters above sea level. Jerry, a piano player and entertainer at Latitude 20 for several years and quite a dancer with his wife, Gloria, have been active in the Puerto Aventuras community. For the moment they will be splitting their time between San Miguel and Puerto Aventuras and will sell one of their two condos here in Puerto…Acapulco no – The U.S. Embassy in Mexico is advising U.S. tourists to steer clear of Acapulco and Guerrero State because of the violent demonstrations provoked by the case of the 43 kidnapped students in the city of Iguala who are missing and presumed dead…U.S. participation in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels was revealed by the Wall Street Journal, which reported that U.S. Marshal Service regularly and covertly accompany the Mexican Navy in actual raids…Mexican President Pena Nieto says President Obama’s latest immigration action to legalize an estimated 5 million Mexicans took into consideration the contributions Mexicans make in the U.S. …Also, Pena Nieto said the case of the 43 missing students underscores that Mexican society is “sick of feeling vulnerable” in the wake of violent demonstrations… Quick action by authorities prevented an outbreak of the chikungunya virus in Quintana Roo. Only two cases were reported in the state, much less than in other states, said officials…Canadian beef is finding a ready market on the Riviera Maya, reports Canadian Beef Co. officials. The firm has begun an educational program on meat quality and handling to involve Mexican chefs…The conservative PAN party in Mexico is urging the sitting federal lawmakers to quickly implement a national anti-corruption system because the Missing 43 has caused the corruption problem to rise to an alarming level…It is estimated that 30,000 Mexican youths leave school to cooperate with criminal gangs in Mexico…President Pena Nieto was expected to make an important announcement this week regarding Mexican justice in the wake of the 43 missing students of Iguala…meanwhile, he also attended the official dedication yesterday of the new roadway Playa del Carmen-El Tintal cutting about an hour from the trip to Merida…The director of the trust for tourism and promotion of the Riviera Maya said this week that the case of the missing 43 students and other such events may undermine tourist reservations next year because these events produce a negative image of Mexico abroad…


Time to gift Colonos workers



Mosquito spraying draws

Complaint, quick response

   The Colonos has responded to complaints from residents Mary and Bernie Strojny concerning mosquito spraying. The couple reported that as they were walking at 5:30 one evening along Privada Xel Ha they were sprayed with a chemical fog by a passing truck that began the process too early, they said.

“It would be very helpful if you would post information on the website to tell us about the spraying schedule.  It would be even better if the spraying took place after midnight and before early morning when no one is out walking and breathing these chemicals,” the couple suggested in a note to the Colonos.

Mrs. Strojny said that after the incident she developed a sore throat and headache and decided to contact the Colonos to “let us know when dangerous chemicals are being used.”

In a timely reply, Colonos GM Armando Rincon thanked the Stronys for the alert and said the Colonos was sorry for the inconvenience.

“The schedule is normally Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays beginning at 6:00 p.m. “…but we will reduce this practice to two days which will be Tuesdays and Fridays.

“The reason we spray at these hours is because we have been told by the authorities it is when the best results are achieved. I am also considering canceling spraying for a while. We now have lower temperatures and no rain at all, meaning mosquitoes will tend to disappear naturally,” Rincon wrote.

“I will post our schedule on the Colonos web page for the following weeks. I am also investigating the use of friendlier methods that may be available on the market for future programs.”



FUND-RAISER for café Ole from 6-9 p.m. Nov. 21 at Latitude 20 Restaurant…ART SHOW Gladis del Carmen, art director of the Puerto Aventuras Arts Gallery, welcomes the photographic work of Jayne A. Halle of Puerto Aventuras in a show entitled “Mexico Heart and Soul” opening Nov. 22 at 6 to 9 p.m. at the center…ASSEMBLY for Centro Comercial Owners’ Association slated at 9 a.m. Dec. 6 at the Colonos meeting room on a proposal to recall the Vigilance Committee…COOKING CLASS at Latitude 20, now under new ownership, begins Nov. 28 at 10 a.m…FIRST CONCERT OF THE SEASON at the cultural center from 7-9 p.m. Dec. 5 will feature the juvenile symphonic orchestra from Cancun. It is sponsored by the award-winning PA Youth Sailing Club. Cost is 80 pesos for adults and 40 for children. Tickets available at the Colonos office and at Bamboo. Soft drinks, snacks, beer and wine will be available. An iPad will be auctioned…A COLONOS ASSEMBLY will convene at 9;30 a.m. Dec. 13 at the Dreams Hotel Theater on Xel Ha Avenue to consider a 3 percent increase in the fee among other financial topics…CENTRO COMERCIAL annual assembly is scheduled for January 10…


Colonos seeks employee

gifts for the holiday party


There is plenty of time for residents to open their hearts and donate a gift for employees of the Colonos, which every year conducts a Christmas party for its 40 workers and their children under the auspices of the board of directors.

“The party is a way to thank our employees for their efforts and support during the year, but it wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of the community at large. We ask for your help in donating a gift, for an adult or a child. It can be delivered any time beginning now during working hours – 9 to 2 p.m. and 3 to 6 p.m. weekdays at the Colonos office. Our best wishes to all for the holiday season,” the board declared.



Two sources offer Spanish

classes for all adult levels

   Several good opportunities to learn Spanish have arisen this year, giving potential students a choice of beginning with some basic grammar and verb conjunctions to a purely conversational approach. Both classes are taught by certified teachers familiar to Puerto Aventurans.

One class in conversational {coffee klatch) Spanish is taught by Alberto Andres de la Fuentes at the Colegio Learning Center from 5 to 6 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays. The other class, tentatively slated to begin in January, is taught by Gloria Contreras, a certified instructor and translator who teaches at UNID, a private university in Playa del Carmen,

Contreras said her course is for beginners and intermediates who seek a review. Part of the class will be in situational conversation, such as dealing with employees at gasoline stations and restaurants, basic expressions and useful vocabulary along with emphasis on grammar and verbs.

Classes will be held at the Latitude 20 Restaurant, tentatively from 11:30 to 12:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays for five-week periods, or 10 classes in each 5-week section. Fee is $100 pesos per class payable in advance for the 10 classes, or $1000 pesos ($73.71 USD). Contreras can be reached at Cel: 984-108-3517.

The conversational class taught by De la Fuentes will begin when a minimum of four students register for the course. “We can meet at the school (Colegio) to agree on a schedule,” de la Fuentes said. This course is generally for people who have a basic knowledge of Spanish but not enough to attempt to actually use it in conversation. The course goal is to help people begin overcome fear of using the language in general conversation.

If a minimum of four people sign up, the cost would be 150 pesos per class. If more than four , 100 pesos. Contact de la Fuentes at 984-140-3976.


Briefly Noted…

A group of people was spotted checking out and measuring the aluminum rubbish bin at Condos Esmeralda last week after the Pelican published a photo of it along with an appeal by the Colonos for folks to take steps to prevent overnight scavenging by raccoons and other pests…Mall Road is pothole hell at Las Americas Mall where the brick roadway surrounding the mall has evidently taken a beating from the weather. If you go there, pay close attention to your driving…A horse was killed when it was hit by a van on Highway 307 near Punta Venado (Calica) last week. Police blamed the “irresponsible handling” of the horses that escaped from a nearby ranch. Two horses were crossing the highway at night when the accident occurred. Nobody was injured…Expect a hike in local taxi fares sometime soon. The state has approved an “adjustment” for local drivers who haven’t raised fares in five years despite higher petrol prices and cost of repair parts because of the increased IVA tax to 16 percent. The state says the increase will be “minimal” in order to accommodate workers who need the taxis…The Playa airport move to Puerto Aventuras West is being done with close attention to preserving conservation lands, even at the current site in Playa. Officials want to ensure the keeping of the green regardless of what building projects are ultimately planned at the old airport… Life expectancy in the Yucatan just beats the national average of 74.7 years. Here it is 75.3 years, with women generally living longer than men…Holiday tourism is headed for success since 90 percent of hotel rooms reportedly are already under reservation…The fastest growing national sector for new tourists is the Russian market, according to reports on air travel…


Case of 43 missing Mexican

students gets world attention

Press in this area chronicles crime increase 


Editor’s note:  Mexico has suffered a world-wide blow to its image with the apparent murder of 43 missing students six weeks ago at the hands of a mayor, his police force and local criminal elements in the city of Iguala, Guerrero State, about 1,000 miles from Puerto Aventuras.

The matter was confronted at the G20 Summit in Australia attended by Mexican President Enrique Pina Nieto last week, also in a searing New York Times editorial and in sympathy demonstrations by students and adults in other countries.

In Australia, hundreds of marchers, some carrying Mexican flags emblazoned with the numerals 43 at their center, gathered at the summit while others protested Pina Nieto’s presence. And in Mexico, the government exhibited growing impatience this week as it moved to separate violent groups from the peaceful demonstrators and deal with them.

The local press in Playa del Carmen has been chronicling this area’s spreading incidences of gang crime such as extortion, drugs, kidnapping and, reportedly, seven gang assassinations this year, indications that rapid growth in a tourism destination is generally accompanied by challenging, unintended consequences.

As crime and corruption expands nationally with apparent impunity, Mexico’s reputation and ability to govern, as viewed by the foreign press, is questioned and was summed up by the following editorial from the Nov. 11 New York Times Editorial Board and published verbatim here:

The New York Times editorial:

“The disappearance, and presumed murder, of 43 college students six weeks ago has brought parts of Mexico to a tense point. On Monday, thousands of protesters blocked access to the airport in Acapulco, and last week tens of thousands more filled the streets of Mexico City.

“They are understandably outraged at a government that has failed to provide security, respect the rule of law, hold criminals accountable and ensure justice for victims and their families. In short, when gang members, security forces and others kill, they know there is a good chance they can get away with it.

“The 43 students from a rural teachers college disappeared on Sept. 26 in Iguala, 120 miles south of Mexico City. They had traveled there to collect money and steal buses for transportation to a demonstration. According to authorities, the town’s mayor feared the students would disrupt a speech by his wife, so he told the police to stop them. The police ambushed them, engaged in a shootout that left six people dead, and then turned the students over to members of a drug gang who killed them, burned their bodies and erased much of the evidence.

“Although the attorney general, Jesús Murillo Karam, announced on Friday that authorities had arrested at least 72 people, including the mayor and his wife, questions remain, including whether some students may still be alive. The government has said it will send some incinerated remains to a lab in Austria for identification. There may have been more to work with if the federal authorities had not delayed in taking over the investigation.

“Tragically, this is merely the latest example of a breakdown of law and order. In June, military personnel in Tlatlaya killed 22 people inside an empty warehouse; later, according to the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico, state prosecutors detained two of three surviving witnesses, beating and threatening them into saying the military was not responsible for the killings.

“The two incidents are “the worst atrocities we’ve seen in Mexico in years,” said José Miguel Vivanco, the Americas director at Human Rights Watch. But they are part of a pattern. Some 22,000 people have gone missing since a wave of drug violence began in 2006, and 100,000 people have died since 2007 in violence linked to organized crime. A 2013 investigation by Human Rights Watch found that in 149 of 250 disappearance cases, there was “compelling evidence” that state agents were involved.

“Two years ago, when he took office, President Enrique Peña Nieto pledged to revise the penal code, give more attention to crime victims and focus on Mexico’s economic growth as a means of reducing drug-related violence. What limited progress has been made still has not repaired a criminal justice system unable to properly investigate crimes, end the corruption or stop the killings.”

(A version of this editorial appeared in print on November 12, 2014, on page A26 of the New York edition with the headline: Law and Order in Mexico.)

The Mail Bag…

PA golf fees lowered

Dear Editor:

   A “tip of the hat” to Golf Course manager Jose Luis Ortega and staff of 22 for what they have accomplished thus far this year including lowered resident fees that should please local golfers.

Current resident rates: Weekends: Two golfers for the price of one for only 500 Pesos including a golf cart; Weekdays: $50 U.S. Dollars per round; Monthly Membership: Unlimited Golf for $350 U.S.D with no cart (Cart Rent $20 additional). These prices are good until further notice.

As play moves forward, we realize physical improvements too. The fairways have been made wider by clearing back rubble. Tree branches have been trimmed, flowers have been planted; areas around ponds, xenotes and water holes have been cleared of underbrush, making it much easier to find stray golf balls.

Fish and turtles have been added to at least one of the ponds, which results in cleaner water and an overall improved appearance around the course.  Ortega explains that it is still a “work in progress” with much remaining to be done. But, here is a “tip of the hat” to Luis and staff for what they have accomplished thus far.

In addition to these improvements, Ortega instituted the Puerto Aventuras Golf Academy to provide Golf Lessons for every level of play. Instruction begins with a detailed “swing analysis” incorporating specialized computer software. Following “swing analysis”, lessons from licensed professional golfer Andres Mejia Range begin. Andres encourages participants to come with an open mind, relax… and be prepared for positive change.

If you are a new golfer, Andres truly enjoys teaching newbies how to play the game. A 60 minute session costs $40 USD (2 people for $70) and a 90 minute session is $50 (two people together for $85). There is also a longer term Seasonal Academy for boys and girls. Smaller children play using “Soft Clubs” and time spent includes other fun games to provide entertainment while they learn the game of golf.

For reservations you can email the Pro Shop at [email protected]  or telephone 984-873-5004.

Signed/John Schwandke

Where are the other holes?

Dear Editor:

   When will the second part of the golf course be completed? We were told in 2008 that it would be completed in 2010. Then in 2013 that it would be done in 2014. The only progress has been the dumping of the rocks that were dug out for the new development. Anyone else concerned about this? Thank you.

Signed/ David Perry

(Ed. Note: It’s safe to say the developer is working on it.)

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