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Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 2016; Week 3


“Ask not what you can do for your country; Ask what’s for lunch?.”

Orson Wells

Chefs sought to participate

in March 13 PA food festival

Here is a message from the Colonos Sports and Cultural Committee to all the chefs out there who want to stand up and be counted for this year’s food festival and to area residents yearning for palate-pleasing tastes from around the world in a most sociable atmosphere. The letter:

“Hello Friends:

We are ready for the 6th Edition of The International Food Festival of Puerto Aventuras. The time is 1 to 5 p.m., the date is Sunday March 13, 2016, and the place the Colegio Puerto Aventuras (Puerto Aventuras School).

The idea it’s very simple: One country = one dish. It’s a way to know each other and to know the traditions of each country through their food.It’s not “high level cuisine”, but the traditional food, what we eat every day, or during the holidays, the Greeks, the Chinese or the Turkish. Not lobster or caviar, something more simple but characteristic from each country. México will participate by states: Puebla, Yucatán, Nuevo León, etc.

Each dish must be enough for 250/300 samples, small portions, a taste of flavor,30 grams of meat or 30 grams of pasta. Nothing big, we would like for everyone to be able to taste 10 countries before being full.

There are two ways to participate:

1) A private citizen cooks his recipe just to introduce his country, with no commercial intent. In this case, the Association of Colonos will refund the food cost

(but we need the receipts) up to a max of $2,000 pesos. Obviously the Association of Colonos provides also the installation: tables, chairs, cups, dishes for main course or soup, napkins, etc.

2) As commercial business (restaurant, hotel, foods dealer). The company makes its own publicity, in any way they want, but we need it to identify with one country: Chinese restaurant, Argentinean parrilla, French cheese import, etc. The Association of Colonos provides the installation: tables, chairs, cups, main course or soup dishes, napkins, etc., but not the food. This is the cost of publicity.

We need to know ASAP who wants to participate, name of the country and the dish that will be prepared.Invite your neighbors and friends from other countries to participate.We expect around 600 people at the event.Drinks are sold separately.

More info from Carlos Quiñones at [email protected] or tel. 984-873-5116.”

“I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food.” W.C.Fields

Man killed trying to cross 307

under Puerto Aventuras footbridge

By Staff
  Another tragic and gruesome traffic fatality occurred in Puerto Aventuras Monday morning when an unidentified male was struck by a car and then a heavy truck as he attempted to cross The 307 just under the footbridge connecting the resort with the Puerto Maya development.

Remember that last year a mother carrying a child was struck in nearly the same area. The baby died and the mother survived injuries. Every day workers and shoppers forego the footbridge placed there for their safety and attempt to beat speeding traffic across the highway, the police said.

Drivers on 307 are frequently startled by pedestrians darting out dangerously close to vehicles as they try to cross the roadway to board a waiting public transportation van or simply get to the other side. The police description of the body in Monday’s tragedy is too gruesome to be repeated here.

Police believe a Chevrolet Spark model compact car abandoned in the northbound lane near the scene was involved. Traffic was hampered for several hours.

Movie Night Tomorrow


Are you game?

Game Day – Cate Hauser tells us there is a “board game day” every Thursday at Hippo’s site in Centro. “Every Thursday at 3 p.m. we gather to play whatever games people choose to play. One can come with backgammon or cribbage board to find a like-minded person, or play a game as a group, like the popular choice of Mexican Train. Cards or board games, groups or duos, it’s free flowing and open to all!” says Cate. Trivial pursuits Sunday, Feb. 21 at 4 p.m. at Latitude 20 with Shannon Rachynski. Proceeds go to the needy.

Workshop for writers  will be held 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 20 at the library. A 1,000 pesos donation will benefit the PA Library.  More information and reservations at [email protected] … (See poster below)

The Paamul annual charity auction will be held at the Paamul restaurant on Saturday, Feb. 27. It is the main fund-raising event for the Paamul Service to Others Committee. The silent auction is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the live auction at 7 p.m. Make reservations for a table inside the restaurant to enjoy dinner and a 2 for1 (local alcoholic beverages) happy hour from 6 to 7 p.m. All menu items will be available. Restaurant reservations can be made by calling 984-134-2324 or 984-130-9670.

Group Spanish lessons have returned to Puerto Aventuras this year with Maestra Gloria Contreras who has been teaching informal groups here for quite a few years. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. for beginners and 12:30 p.m. for advanced and intermediate. Contact her at [email protected] or call cel 984-108-3517 for more information…Reminder to car owners that you need to register your car annually before March…


The Transformation begins

Colorful Centro vision launched;

Main gate improvements next

By Staff:

Snowbirds may not recognize the place when they return to Puerto Aventuras next fall. They will zip through the main gate quicker and maybe think they are in Martinique when they pass by a welcoming rainbow of soothing pastel-colored storefronts in Centro.

A project to brighten Centro Comercial with an array of nine pastels such as soft pink, baby blue, mauve and others – traditional Caribbean colors – was approved at this year’s Centro Comercial Assembly. A test site, complete with accoutrements such as flower baskets, decorative led lights and disposal baskets, can be viewed at the retail outlet across from Capt. Rick’s Sportsfishing and in the photo above.

The project is one of three major improvements expected to occur this year says Puerto Aventuras developer and architect Roman Rivera Torres of the Puerto Aventuras  Fideicomiso (Trust). They include the Centro area painting project and marina improvements, remodeling and expanding the main gate and continuing the beach replenishment project. He said now that Phase 4 infrastructure is complete, he is turning his attention and investment to improving the image of the existing community.

Cooperation required

The projects require some shared expenditures between the Fideicomiso and the Colonos in the main gate project and owners of property and/or businesses in Centro to make the painting vision – Mexicaribe for lack of another word – a success. Rivera Torres emphasized the Centro Comercial  project calls for the Centro HOA to fund the paint and owners to add available accessories such as lights, waste baskets and flower pots at their own cost. He said individual property owners can opt out of the project if they wish.

The idea is to transform the ground-floor commercial part of Centro buildings into a “window shopping” ambience that brings in light on activity and products while preserving the relative privacy of residential top floors. It was also agreed, he said, that building owners be allowed to install modern sliding glass doors if they wish. The painting project also includes repairs to the undersides of slanting roofs that, once scraped and rehabilitated, will be coated with white, oil-based paint for added preservation in the sub-tropical, humid climate.

Rivera Torres did not lose sight of the increase in tourists strolling the Dolphin Walk this year as he enthusiastically commented during a brief interview on the uptick of business, the influx of visitors and short-term renters apparent this high season and during the domestic high season last summer.

The main gate vision  

The major renovation of the main gate area is expected to start in April with considerable landscaping putting a new, more efficient face on what visitors first see and experience when entering the resort community.

Landscaping design will include extensive use of huge rocks embellished with verdant growth. For example, a semicircle of boulders just north of the gate will be high enough to hide a new and easily accessible taxi parking area there away from gate traffic between the gate and Pemex. Extensive landscaping will also be used to enhance the rear wall of the Europea building currently under construction along the main gate’s southern flank.

Three more resident traffic lanes – two in and one out – will be added to the existing lanes in deference to the occupation of Phase 4’s 121 house lots, several hotels and condominiums that will gradually increase the traffic flow through the gate as Phase 4 develops.

Surveillance equipment such as camera monitoring at the gate will be housed in a larger security office and an additional walk-in lane near the bicycle stands specifically for the construction workforce. The area will be illuminated by solar-powered led lights. The brick and mortar work is expected to begin in September.


Fire ravages dozen palapa huts

at popular Tulum beach hotels

Two hundred guests, workers evacuated

By Staff
   A wind-fanned blazé that began at the popular La Zebra Hotel on the Tulum beach Saturday afternoon reportedly destroyed palapa  huts at three hotels, at least four each at the Zebra and Alaya hotels and one or more at the hotel Playa Canek.

Fire officials said the blaze was caused by a short circuit. It forced the evacuation of at least 100 guests and 100 employees, although none were injured. Officials estimated extensive property damage and financial loss.

Jim and Trisha Caddey of Puerto Aventuras had arrived at the scene just as the fire broke out around 3 p.m. and began to spread on the wings of blustery wind. Their report:

“When we arrived at "La Zebra," we found pretty much of it was on fire except for a few bungalows near the water. 

We quickly left the parking lot and drove off, knowing that fire trucks would be on their way and probably close off the area.  And that’s precisely what happened.  Plus, we were afraid that with the winds, the direction of the fire could possibly shift inland to the jungle. 

We worried too about the hotels to the south of La Zebra, but only one bungalow on the empty lot next one over also burned down, as far as we knew at the time.  There were many spectators watching from the beach. We joined them after we parked a distance away. 

There were lots of suitcases on chairs with worried La Zebra guests wondering where they would go that night. Some still said their things, like passports, were still in their rooms. Neighboring hotel guests were packed up and were evacuating too. 

I kept hearing the word "la cocina" (kitchen) but when I talked to a Zebra employee, she said it wasn’t a kitchen fire, and she thought it started in the reception area.  Thatched roofs quickly ignited everywhere and gave off a large billow of black smoke.

The beautiful wooden patio quickly vanished in the flames. The kitchen was totally destroyed. Lots of destruction to clean up now. It was sad because it had been such a beautiful place that all of us have enjoyed at one time or another.”

The Tulum blaze also prompted a proposed review of an estimated 300 palapa-roofed businesses in Solidaridad to instill fire prevention awareness and the need to have proper retardants on hand among other preventive measures. A similar fire destroyed palapa huts and other buildings at the Iberostar Hotel in Playacar last October that had to close for about three months for repairs.

The Roundup…

Xpu Ha hotel plan shot down – The federal Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources (Semarnat) has denied an application to revive a hotel in the area of Xpu Ha, a popular beach with Puerto Aventurans, located at about kilometer 264 off The 307 just south of Puerto Aventuras. Built in 1988, the complex includes 10 buildings and three villas. Semarnat says the area has “high environmental and natural diversity” that should be preserved…

Taking Akumal’s measure – Authorities from two federal agencies again took measurements at Akumal Bay last week in a long-running dispute over access to the Bay. The main access road was blockaded by members of the native population several weeks ago that reportedly caused substantial financial losses to beachfront businesses catering to tourists before a tentative agreement was reached…

Mosquito-eating fish are being used by fishermen in Salvador’s San Diego area to gobble up wingless larvae of the Zika-carrying aedes aegypti mosquito in their water barrels. Meanwhile, scientists are trying to devise ways to eradicate the mosquito by zapping them with radiation to spraying them with non-toxic organic insecticides that are harmless to humans. Some families in South America are contented with keeping a voracious toad in the home to assist the ubiquitous bug-eating gecko…

Meanwhile several Puerto Aventuras businesses including Capt. Rick’s sport fishing reported cancellations from US and Canada in line with many others in Playa del Carmen because of the Zika scare and cooler weather. It is the result of warnings issued by those countries, even though Mexican officials at three levels of government say Mexico is safe to visit…

Tortilla price hike was inevitable say makers of the dough that forms a staple of the local diet. In Solidaridad, it was reported, tortillas went up to $2 a kilo. Meanwhile, the peso x-rate to one US dollar continued to hover around 1-18, forcing the increase that will be a hardship on local consumers…And if that isn’t bad enough, some 3,000 so-called Playa del Carmen slum dwellers in flimsy homes have been asking for help with clothing and blankets to keep warm during this season’s unusual cold fronts…

PRISON RIOT KILLS 52 inmates in Monterrey as nervous relatives smash through the prison gate to get information about loved ones in the geriatric and female sections of Topo Chico prison that were not involved in the battle between rival drug gangs from the Zeta and Nuevo Leon cartels. Several PA residents who have relocated to PA in the last year have told the Pelican they were distancing themselves and their families from the violence…

Nature Watch

A touch of futility,

a pinch of compassion

By Staff
We were riding our bicycles on the way back from the Phase 4 caleta late Sunday morning and on stopping at the main road that intersects with Boulevard Puerto Aventuras, we saw a young man, his bike lying on the ground along the curving sidewalk, bending over a baby squirrel then gently picking it up.

“What happened?” my wife asked in Spanish. Looking up at a tall palm tree, the man, carrying a back-pack and looking as though he was on his way home from work, said “It fell hard out of the tree.”

“Is it hurt?” she inquired further. “Yes,” he said. “It can’t walk. I’m going to take him and try to heal him,” he replied. He stood up, the squeaking squirrel firmly in his hand, as curious passersby such as ourselves stopped to look at the tiny animal.

The young man was able to pick up his bicycle one-handed, mount it and drive off.  By then, the squirrel had stopped squeaking, perhaps, we hoped, feeling safe in a well-intentioned person’s gentle grip.The next scene was heartbreaking.

What we assume was the mother squirrel was hopping frantically in circles obviously looking for her baby. It sped from one tree to another, crossed the road in the direction of the young man, then stopped and approached our bicycles for a look as though we were harboring her baby, then darted back across the road in what by now was an exercise in futility.

Futility. Sometimes, that’s what nature is. Sometimes, it is balanced by human compassion.

Workshop for Writers

PRODUCTION DEADLINES: The Pelican Free Press encourages and welcomes public announcements of events and activities. The deadline for publication in any given week is Monday at 5 p.m. for production mid-week, usually Wednesday. Thank you.

The end -  Previous issue below

February, 2016; Week 2



Assembly 4: Park ‘n bark

Colonos responding to request

to help develop ‘dog park’

Membership management of park envisioned

By Staff:

The Colonos administration was listening when resident Karla Hinton stood up at the Dec. 12 annual assembly, petition in hand, imploring the community to get behind a request to create a dog park. And, evidently, the Colonos also took notice of a Pelican news article in which resident Inger Bjerre, owner of a plush condo on Caleta Xel Ha, complained about the deplorable condition of a nearby private lot that had been used by various contractors as an unsightly  dumping ground.

Both of these requests represented responses by concerned citizens to the efforts by the Colonos administration to control dogs in the wake of several separate dog attacks last year and general dog complaints.  Bjerre’s grievance followed requests by health officials to keep surroundings free of standing water and rubbish accumulations to stifle the disease-carrying aedes aegypti mosquito. A run-by by jogger and Colonos board chairman Jorge Kaufer, resulted in clearing the lot of debris.

Planning together

Colonos GM Armando Rincon has met with Hinton to discuss Hinton’s proposal to use “common ground” for the dog park. Of several sites, one is the defunct park property between the main road in the vicinity of the skate park. In a late-breaking development this week, another site under consideration nearer to the main gate may not be available in deference to evolving plans to enlarge the main gate.

Use of common land, said Rincon, is doable,  but maintenance will be the responsibility of a planned, private membership drive by users of the park. He said the Colonos doesn’t have the budget for the improvements or maintenance responsibility inside the park.

Hinton said 100 people have signed the petition that was presented at the assembly, indicating a good measure of support for the project envisioned by Hinton and others.

Envisions site development

She envisions a lot surrounded by by a fence and a locked double-gated door accessible only to paying members with the use of a key card. Members also would have to show their pet(s) have been vaccinated and help keep the park clean by tending to their pet(s) and using provided receptacles to discard leavings.

She said evolving development includes separate park areas for small and big dogs, agility toys and other improvements the passage of time and availability of funds may allow. In that regard, there will be a membership fee in addition to possible fund raising and sponsorships, of which there are already three. Sponsor advertising will be placed in the area, Hinton said.

Trial run set for movie project

with ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

By Staff:

Remember when you were young and enjoyed family outings driving to the “outdoor theater” in your town, rolling down the window to attach the speaker, going to the snack shack for popcorn then settling in for a movie?

The “outdoor theater” – without the car – is coming to the Puerto Aventuras Cultural Center at the end of Bahia Akumal at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 18, in a trial run that will help determine whether residents of Puerto Aventuras (Akumal and Paamul also invited) will actually attend outdoor movies with family, friends and neighbors on a regular basis, enough so to make the Colonos Arts and Sports project worth doing.

Colonos GM Armando Rincon and the board of directors has been looking for social events that bring the community together in entertaining ways and the movie idea is one of them. Attendance will help the Colonos determine whether and to what degree to continue with the program, showing one or two movies a month, perhaps in different neighborhoods.

Launching the effort is a  Warner Brothers animated feature in the English language that was nominated for a Golden Globe award and features the voices of well-known actors such as James Gandolfini of “Sopranos” fame, Paul Dano, Mark Ruffalo and others. They bring voice to the myriad “wild things” discovered in the imagination of headstrong 9-year-old Max who escapes reality via the discovery of an island under his bed populated by monsters. The film was adapted from Maurice Sendak’s classic book of the same name.

Common Sense Media gave the movie four stars but also cautioned that it may not be appropriate for 4-year-olds who might enjoy the book pictures but be frightened by the sight and sounds of the animated wild things. “The movie explores mature themes of loneliness, insecurity and fear of change, both within Max’s human family and the one he finds on his imaginary island.”

The event will be presented by El Cine Club of Playa del Carmen, whose equipment has already been checked for sight and sound by Rincon. The club also has a popcorn machine. An admission charge of 30 pesos($1.63 USD) is charged to help cover expenses.

Trivial pursuits Sunday, Feb. 21 at 4 p.m. at Latitude 20 with Shannon Rachynski. Proceeds go to the needy. Group Spanish lessons are returning to Puerto Aventuras this year with Maestra Gloria Contreras who has been teaching informal groups here for quite a few years. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. for beginners and 12:30 p.m. for advanced and intermediate. Contact her at [email protected] or call cel 984-108-3517 for more information… Workshop for writers will be held 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 20 at the library. A 1,000 pesos donation will benefit the PA Library.  More information and reservations at [email protected]  … The International Gastronomical food fest date has been set for March 13 at the Colegio grounds. The popular annual event features foods from many countries representing the cosmopolitan demographics of Puerto Aventuras. Area chefs – professional or otherwise – are asked to participate by offering appetizer portions of food native to their country. Sign up by calling Colonos coordinator Carlos Quinones at 984-873-5116 or 5117. OBSERVANCES: Today, Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016, is Ash Wednesday. Valentine Day is Sunday, February 14, 2016… 

Super socializing…

Students claim development

of Zika mosquito repellent

Citronella candles available at WeRWater

By Staff
Students at the University of Papaloapan in Oaxaca claim to have created a repellent to battle Zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya carried by the aedes aegypti mosquito.

Their formula, of natural ingredients as reported by the National Science and Technology Council, includes essential oils combined with alcohol, distilled water and glycerin that do not cause allergic reactions in the skin.

The key ingredients are orange peel, lavender flowers and lemongrass, from which the essential oils of citronella, limonene and linalool, all of which are strong-smelling, are extracted using hydrodistillation.

The students of biotechnology and chemical engineering say their product uses no toxic chemicals and works for three to six hours and will be 60 percent cheaper than current repellents.

They plan to market the product under the name CitroRepel and say they worked on the product in response to the needs of citizens in Oaxaca, where high temperatures and humidity levels contribute to the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The World Health Organization has warned of Zika’s potentially “explosive” growth in Latin America. Thirty-seven cases of Zika have been identified in Mexico.

Symptoms include mild fever and skin rash along with conjunctivitis, an eye inflammation, and muscle or joint pain, and are felt two to five days after an infected mosquito bites.

While officials in area communities are alerting residents to avoid mosquito bites, four major businesses in Playa del Carmen that reportedly carried citronella candles did not have any last week. Employees at all four were at a lost to say when they would be available. However, a limited supply was found at WeRWater here in Puerto Aventuras Centro. Outdoor diners generally place one candle under the table and two at table level.

Snorkel guide in Akumal faulted

for absence during emergency…

There were three near drownings among snorkelers in Akumal last month, one of which called attention to the lack of oversight of guides and the absence of standard operating procedures for tour companies and their employees, according to Hector Lizaragga-Cubedo, director of Centro Ecologio Akumal (CEA).

The director reported that on Jan. 20, a young British man was brought to shore and although s responsive, exhibited weakness, coughing, shortness of breath, and vomiting — symptoms of a near drowning. First response actions by the lifeguards and paramedics stabilized the patient, who later declined to be taken to the hospital.

Lifeguards say the British man was part of a group of 13 other snorkelers and one guide, who was nowhere to be found during or after the rescue.

Program Coordinator for the Coastal Management Program at CEA, Miguel Lozano Huguenin says, “Each guide that goes into the water has the responsibility for their clients’ safety. Period. The guide leading this group failed. He had no concern or awareness that his guest was in trouble, and, most likely because he wasn’t present, had no water safety or first aid experience. Lack of experience and training is a recipe for disaster.”

In two other incidents, an American male on a guided snorkel tour was brought ashore unconscious and without vital signs. Lifeguards, funded by local hotels and CEA, applied CPR and called for a defibrillator, but were able to revive the man before the defibrillator arrived. Red Cross paramedics also arrived to stabilize the patient and bring him to a hospital.

A German woman suffered a similar incident while snorkeling. She was brought ashore by her guide where lifeguards resuscitated her and Red Cross paramedics took over and transported her to a hospital.

“The efforts and quick actions by the lifeguards with the support of the Red Cross paramedics played a key role in saving these lives,” says Lizarraga-Cubedo, director of Centro Ecologico Akumal.

“It is reassuring to know that despite having specialized lifesaving equipment for situations such as these, the lifeguards are not reliant on it. They are able to apply their training and experience to immediately take action and initiate manual CPR to quickly assist the victims,” he said.

The Round Up…

A waterspout, which is a tornado over water, struck off Cancun last weekend. The event put Playa del Carmen marine businesses and officials on alert to monitor the clouds, although waterspouts here are somewhat uncommon, say officials. The port was also shut down for a while during brisk winds to protect water craft under 40 feet…

High-flying talk, thus far uncorroborated, is making the rounds that the new Puerto Aventuras aerodrome replacing the one in Playa del Carmen has a long-enough runway to handle private jets and that a new bridged retorno a bit north of the current one will replace the one now used by resort residents to get to Chedraui. The airport road, just a few meters out of sync with the current retorno, begs the question of why a bridge?

Two new food businesses are opening up in the Chedraui Plaza across the highway, one called Pollo Boom offering soups, veggies, potatoes, macaroni and cheese and chicken meals to go or eat in. The other business under construction will offer a wide variety of ice cream products. Pollo Boom opened its doors Saturday…

The new trial system that holds an accused person innocent until proven guilty went into effect in Solidaridad last week. The system is also expected to reduce the time waiting for trials down from years to months in handling criminal complaints…

Some Puerto Aventurans were delayed on Highway 307 last Wednesday when a cement mixer truck toppled over in the middle of the northbound lane. The truck driver said he was trying to avoid a motorcyclist who darted out in front of the truck. There were no serious injuries although major gridlock ensued when northbound drivers crossed the dividing island without police help and occupied half the southbound lane. One Aventuran said he missed an appointment after deciding to turn back and avoid the risk of a head-on collision, while some others were delayed by four hours arriving in Cancun. The incident has raised calls for designing alternate routes and hastening police presence to break the gridlock safely …

Quality beaches – Two beaches in Quintana Roo have applied for the first time for a Blue Flag certification and will undergo inspection by a number of federal agencies for water quality, environmental education and management, safety and services. The beaches are Kantenha Bay in Playa del Carmen and Cancun’s Coral Beach…


Does state of Quintana Roo

rhyme with snow or zoo?

By Staff:

What or who is Quintana Roo and Solidaridad?

Every year there are freshly arrived visitors and long-term renters here from elsewhere in the world who ask us about Quintana Roo. Is it some exotic plant, Mayan ruin or ceremony? Or is it somebody’s name?

To begin, Quintana Roo, with a population of about 1.6 million, is the newest of Mexico’s 31 states (plus a federal district in transition to statehood), achieving statehood in 1974. It happens to be the state we live in while in Mexico. Cancun is the state’s largest city approaching an estimated 800,000 population.
Chetumal, 181 driving miles to our south, is the state capital with a population of nearly 220,000. To the north of Puerto Aventuras is Playa del Carmen, the municipal seat of our village/resort, which is part of the municipality of Solidaridad.

Solidaridad was once the mainland section of the island of Cozumel. The two were separated in 1993 to form Solidaridad on the mainland, becoming Q. Roo’s 10th municipality.

Playa del Carmen, 15 miles to the north of Puerto Aventuras on Federal Highway 307, is the rapidly growing seat of Solidaridad’s municipal government. Playa has grown since 1970 from a small fishing village to a sunny vacationland of around 140,000-plus-residents and growing. Puerto Aventuras, has an estimated population of roughly 15,000, including both sides of the highway.

It has three distinct quarters. One is the popular marina/ golf resort community on the east side of the highway along the Caribbean shore. The others are the Poblado, which is the older section on the west side of the highway, and the newer housing development known as Puerto Maya.

In 2008, Solidaridad was detached from the new municipality of Tulum, home to a spectacular and largely undeveloped beach and Mayan ruins.
As to Quintana Roo (pronounced Row), the name belongs to Mexican patriot Andres Quintana Roo, nee Nov. 30, 1787, a native of Merida in the next-door state of Yucatan. He was foremost a man of letters studying early at the Seminary San Lldefonso in Merida then in Mexico City’s Royal and Pontifical University.

His father established the first printing press that produced newspapers on the Yucatan Peninsula so it was not surprising that aside from Andres’ considerable curriculum vitae as poet, lawyer, politician, insurgent in search of independence for Mexico and participant in defining the Mexican declaration of independence, that he was also a journalist.

His forbears settled in Merida from the Canary Islands, which may explain the name. The Canaries, south of Spain in the Atlantic, were named after the large dogs (canes) found there. A sports arena in Cancun is also named after Quintana Roo as is a town in Yucatan state.

Sweet sunset solace…

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