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Monthly Archives: October 2016


Notice: The Pelican Free Press resumes weekly editions in November. 


Armed guard in Sam’s Club

shot during daytime robbery

By Staff
  A daring daytime robbery by a lone gunman at Sam’s Club in Playa del Carmen caught guards, shoppers and employees by surprise, the gunman shooting a guard in the thigh and escaping on a motorcycle with an estimated 100,000 pesos in receipts from the day’s business.

The guard was shot while apparently escorting an employee who was carrying the receipts. They were suddenly confronted by the thief who snatched the receipts from the employee’s grasp, shot the guard in a scuffle and ran off to the waiting motorcycle.

The guard, armed with two weapons, reportedly drew a pistol as the thief made his getaway but refrained from firing a shot so as not to accidently injure innocent bystanders that included women and children. The thief remains at large as of this writing.

Sam’s Club is one of the shopping destinations for Puerto Aventurans, some of whom have often wondered why so many guards are posted in the store’s check-out area. Now they know. The local press suggested the thief was part of an organized gang, a perception supported by another armed robbery in which a businessman was shot dead the same week in the domestic enclave of troubled  Luis Donaldo Colosio Murieta in the north end of Playa del Carmen

‘Urgent security alert’ 

An apparent statewide uptick in criminal activity coupled with gender/gay rights issues have given birth to an “urgent security alert,” as one recent headline trumpeted in Cancun.

Luis Octavio Jacobo Cortes, rector of the Cathedral of Cancun and a spokesman for the Cancun-Chetumal Prelature, was quoted as telling a congregation of citizens that gay marriage isn’t the core issue of the day. He said the overriding concern is the guarantee of “security for all people.”

“What matters most,” he said, “is the trust and confidence of all citizens to move freely anywhere in the state,” an issue that has surfaced in the wake of state and municipal government transitions following recent elections.

The advent of new leadership in some cases has been less than satisfying  and underfunded, such as the infuriating shortfall of rubbish collections affecting Solidaridad, the anemic presence of police patrols in some areas and, in Puerto Aventuras’ case, stalling of an approved creation and imminent expectation of a mayoralty for Puerto Aventuras. (see story below).

Collateral damage

Snowbirds and expats should at the least be aware that most of the municipality’s problems stem from apparent shortfalls left in the municipal treasury by the previous administration and pervasive suspicions of continuing political corruption, according to news reports. That includes the discovery of “no show” jobs and municipal payments to non-existing, or “ghost,” companies recently announced by an oversight panel.

These perceptions of municipal misfeasance are underscored by changes being proposed by the new leadership as it tries to wrap its head around myriad problems affecting public services, including those in Puerto Aventuras resort.  One such proposal – banning police at the 307 filters from randomly stopping and searching cars – was upstaged a few days later when a gang of thieves was apprehended by just such a stop at the filter north of Playa del Carmen.

Fallout from the general letdown by the previous administration discovered during the trauma of transition has a collateral effect on individual foreigners who have opted for full-or part-time residency and have invested in property here.  They are subjected to some of the general shortcomings in public services as evidenced by the ongoing inability of the government to provide solid security measures, implement an efficient rubbish collection system or complete an airport project in Puerto Aventuras.


New administration hedges

on approved plan to install

a Puerto Aventuras mayor

By Staff
   While acknowledging the state’s recent approval for creating a mayoralty in Puerto Aventuras, as reported in the last issue of the Pelican Free Press, Solidaridad’s new municipal president Cristina Torres Gomez is apparently stalling action for what she says is a  lack of municipal funds and a  ready administrative infrastructure to launch the proposal.

PA developer Roman Rivera Torres, a proponent of the mayoralty plan said, “…of course it came as a surprise to me,” when asked if the new administration’s reluctant stance was unexpected. “Her arguments are misguided,” Rivera said, “I don’t think she took the time to analyze the plan and saw it upside down.”

He said “the economics of the (state approved) agreement are in her favor and do not represent an increase in her obligations.”

As previously reported, longstanding grievances expressed by poblado and Puerto Maya residents include the inequitable distribution of municipal funds. Simply put, they allege they pay more in property taxes, fees, and their share of grants from federal maritime zone, than they get in return for their rapidly developing PA community of an estimated 22,000 residents.

Alderman Navarro Emilio Tamargo, who pushed for passage of the mayor plan and would represent the resort in the local administration, said Puerto Aventuras generates between 160 to 180 million pesos yearly for the municipality. (At the current exchange rate, 180 million pesos equals just over $9 million USD.)

What is important, Rivera Torres said, is that income from taxes, fees and grants generated in Puerto Aventuras “would return to us and we would be assigned an initial budget of 220 million pesos ($11 million USD).” In that way, the local community would have autonomy and control spending for the public good while freeing the municipal president to concentrate on on the burgeoning municipal population in Playa del Carmen.

Rivera said he would meet with President Torres Gomez to reintroduce the plan personally “and see what happens.” He said she is “on good terms with our community.” It should be noted there is some political opposition to the mayoral idea, despite the current system’s many shortfalls in services to accommodate the needs of the community, including  summer problems with water service that caused a blockade of The 307 and the more recent failure of rubbish collection.

A case in point: When a municipal justice from Playa last week wanted  to overcharge a father of the bride to officiate at a wedding, family and friends took to social media to criticize the new municipal government for what they felt is abnormally high cost just because the official would have had to travel from Playa to perform the ceremony in Puerto Maya, just across the highway from the Puerto Aventuras resort. This, noted the critics, when a local mayor has already been approved for Puerto Aventuras. However, implementation is being stalled by the new government. Critics said a mayoralty would have local officials nearby for such public services for a more normal cost… 


Annual assembly scheduled

Latitude 20 Restaurant and Lounge notes the resumption of live entertainment as snowbirds begin to nest for the new high-season. While the popular and charitable bi-monthly Trivial Pursuits  fund-raisers have continued on alternating Sundays through the summer season, they will be joined by BINGO games on alternate Sunday afternoons. The next Trivial Pursuit is Nov. 6 and don’t forget the Halloween Party Oct. 31… The 9th Annual Road race registrations are expected to begin this month for the race day of January 22, 2017. Dolphin Discovery is again the sponsor… The Colonos annual assembly is currently scheduled for Dec. 10 where, among other business, funds will be sought to finish the second phase of the main gate project. There is talk of a modest maintenance fee increase and a special assessment to complete the main gate project… And Jessie Gelato will again host the pumpkin carving contest for kids at 4 p.m. Oct. 29 at the front of Jessie Gelato and The Pub. Participants need to bring their own pumpkin.,, 


Authorities report area spate

of attempted extortion calls

The Attorney General is advising the Greater Playa del Carmen community of a number of 911 calls from residents reporting phone attempts at extortion and what to do to  prevent it.

The AG suggests residents with caller ID not answer calls with unfamiliar or “private” numbers. In the event of threatening phone calls purporting to have kidnapped a family member, remain calm and do not carry on a dialogue that would require divulging any personal information. Hang up and call the family to assure all members are safe.

In any case, call 911 immediately after hanging up and report the incident to authorities. Several such calls were received by snowbirds in Puerto Aventuras last year. While there was no kidnap threat, callers attempted to elicit family information.

Another sea-life attraction

swims toward Riviera Maya

Aquarium will be country’s third largest

An aquarium of note containing 4000 copies of 200 aquatic species is expected to be ready for public visits in 2017, according to CEO Alejandro Icaza Nasta of L‘Acuarium, a group with worldwide aquariums.

The aquarium will be  located in Playa del Carmen’s tourist sector just off 5th Avenue and become another attraction for residents and tourists alike. It has a 3-stage presentation, from an ocean bottom wreck, through a tunnel and then species that thrive closer to the surface. In addition to enhancing Playa’s tourist attractions, the facility and its staff of about 40 employees will serve as a learning facility for area school children and a reference point for marine research in the area.

CEO Icaza Nasta said the facility has the most advanced pumping system available to provide life support for the various marine species on display. He said the system filters 7 million liters of water 18 times daily to replicate the natural water environment.

Estimated cost of the project is 300 million pesos, Icaza Nasta said, adding that it will be the third largest aquarium in Mexico, the largest being in Mexico City and second largest in Veracruz. He added that there are 200 aquariums in Europe, 116 in the US and 85 in Japan. 



Second Canadian murdered – Another Canadian woman was found murdered on the Yucatan Peninsula this year. The latest victim was identified as Merida art gallery owner and photojournalist Barbara McClatchie, 74, of Vancouver. Her beaten and strangled body was found on the side of the Cancun-Merida highway this month. Earlier this year, a Montreal-area woman’s dismembered remains were discovered in abandoned luggage at a Playa del Carmen bus stop. There has been an arrest in that case.

Many have tried but few have succeeded in blocking sargassum offshore before it invades the Riviera’s beaches. The latest failed attempt, according to fishermen and others in Playa del Carmen, is a string of buoys and nets anchored offshore. Fishermen and others say the buoys have been dragged from their original location and failed to confine the sargassum. They suggested removing the rig because it doesn’t work and interferes with their business…

Beach erosion is another recurring problem vexing city officials in Playa amid reports that the public beach in the 12th Street area has all but disappeared as the water has reached the buildings… A judge who once was involved in a decision involving the drug thug “El Chapo” was shot to death earlier this month as he left his home near Mexico City… Meanwhile, another judge has rejected an appeal to block “El Chapo’s” extradition to the US to face criminal charges…

Canada has tweaked its visa policy so that Mexican nationals no longer need a visa to enter the country beginning in December. Instead, visitors will need to obtain electronic travel authority (ETA)from the nearest Canadian embassy outpost.


Nature Watch…

A burning question of 2016:

Will we see monkeys this year?

By Staff
If anything animates residents inside the Puerto Aventuras resort, it’s the sight of one of more spider monkeys leaping from tree to tree on the peripheries of Centro and the golf course, or sipping water from a condo pool or making an unannounced visit to someone’s villa.

Reports of sightings were few and far between last high season and those of us returning soon to spend the winter are hopeful that area monkey families have delivered new young able to colonize the Colonos, so to speak, to remind us we are not alone on the planet.

Residents of our condo complex are somewhat familiar with the spider monkey’s tell-tale sound coming from the tree line. The first person to hear it usually grabs a camera, skips outdoors and alerts neighbors by shouting “Monos! Monos!” (monkey in Spanish) who stop what they’re doing or not doing to watch the show. Truth be known, there is as much comedy observing a spider family carrying on in the in the canopy of trees without a language as there is on Saturday Night Live.

There hasn’t been much local reporting concerning the spider population this summer, but we do recall that several groups and agencies are doing what they can to preserve and grow the population in some Solidaridad land reserves.

We know from reading that capuchin monkeys in Brazil know how to make tools from stones, but not how to use them after they are accidently forged and that orangutans mimic human voice sounds and somehow share travel plans.

We also know that the Yucatan spider monkey’s uninhibited antics stimulate our curiosity and tickle our funny bone. Those of us returning from the US presidential election campaign could use a laugh.

PRODUCTION DEADLINES: The Pelican Free Press encourages and welcomes public announcements of events and activities. The deadline for publication during our upcoming weekly schedule beginning in November is noon on Tuesdays. Thank you.

The end– -Previous edition below


Puerto Aventuras to get a mayor,

a budget, and fiscal autonomy

Residents look forward to better services

By Staff
Solidaridad’s municipal council, after nine years of negotiations and during its final meeting of the outgoing administration, has approved the elevation of the Puerto Aventuras political “delegation” to a “mayoralty” with a budget and spending control.

How much of an effect this will have on the gated  resort community will depend on the evolving implementation of the change, the leadership and the ability of the various neighborhoods, including the resort to work together for common purposes.

PA  developer Roman Rivera Torres said last Sunday the administrative upgrade essentially means greater independence for Puerto Aventuras while still remaining part of and answering to the municipality.  It’s a governing model being adopted throughout Mexico. While it gives smaller communities more control over their needs, it allows the parent municipality to concentrate on its larger population center.

Some fifty residents from the poblado and Puerto Maya attended the meeting last week and applauded the unanimous council approval with gusto. The recent outcries for more autonomy was fanned by lagging services to the community in health care, police protection, schools and, most recently, the deplorable and health-threatening failure of rubbish collection for lack of funds in the outgoing municipal administration’s budget.

Underscoring this problem last week was an accident in Playa that saw a rubbish collection truck veer off the road and crash into a fence because of worn brakes that should have been replaced long ago.

Longstanding grievances expressed by the poblado and Puerto Maya residents include the inequitable distribution of municipal funds. Simply put, they allege they pay more in property taxes, fees, and their share of grants from federal maritime zone, than they get in return for their rapidly developing community of an estimated 22,000 residents.

The area to be governed under the mayor model comprises 2,427 hectares (9.3 sq. miles or 5,997 acres) and includes the resort. And as in any political movement anywhere, the mayor model is being questioned by some in the delegation as a political move suspected to benefit the few versus the many.

Alderman Navarro Emilio Tamargo, who pushed for passage and will represent the resort in the local administration, said Puerto Aventuras generates between 160 to 180 million pesos yearly for the municipality. (At the current exchange rate, 180 million pesos equals just over $9 million USD.) “Among the important parts is that income from taxes, fees and grants generated in Puerto Aventuras will return to us and we will be assigned an initial budget of 220 million pesos ($11 million USD),” Rivera Torres said.

Residents without transportation also say their needs have not been met for local education and health care. They express that hardships abound for those who cannot afford to transport their children to the detached municipal core of Playa del Carmen for education and/or general health care because it is 16 kilometers (ten miles) away.

Rivera Torres characterized the change as vindication for previously  holding off on “municipalizing”, noting that the change to mayor is a better deal for Puerto Aventuras. “ Next year, services including garbage collection will depend on us. By then we should have our own trucks,”  once a mayor and 10-member advisory council is elected from the poblado, he said..



Around Town…

Gateway to PA’s good life gets

a  facelift, more upgrades coming

But progress on new airport at a standstill

By Staff
The first phase of the main gate landscaping and roadwork project is completed, the Hoo Haa lounge  has re-opened with an 11 p.m. scheduled closing time according to Security. The usual musical chairs of restaurant ownership has or is taking place, the sargassum is being held in check here so far and the proposed airport in Puerto Aventuras remains grounded as the high-season return of the snowbirds nears.

Returnees will find an improved  look just outside the main gate and on both flanks of the entrance. There is a new stone wall on the left side of the gate and improvements and business changes along the right side with  larger roof, more pumps and new sign for the Pemex station and business outlets adding activity to the gate area.

A second phase of work will expand the number of gates by two and improve the Security facility that is part of the gate structure.  Security enhancements will include electronic surveillance and camera updating.  Funding for the second phase will be discussed at the next General Assembly, currently scheduled for Dec. 10, reports Colonos GM Armando Rincon.

*Flights in waiting

– The usual winter crowd will remember it was just a few years ago that optimism reigned for a proposed rail service from here to Merida and Cancun and a new international airport planned for the Tulum area. Both projects were relegated to the federal back-burner as the oil slump and other fiscal disappointments undermined the Mexican economy, prompting the country’s new finance secretary to recently announce a USD $12.7 billion cut in federal spending for 2017.

Nonetheless, the notion of progress was bolstered by the prospect of a new aerodrome in Puerto Aventuras to replace the one in Playa del Carmen, stoking hope it would attract private biz jets to the area, perhaps provide travelers with a shuttle service to the Cancun airport and thereby lend a hand with local property sales, ease of access and local business growth.

Now we learn there have been repeated false starts, legal issues over land ownership and a depleted treasury in the outgoing state-municipal administrations to complete the task with some sense of urgency.

Recent reports in the local press note that reporters accessing the site were met by private guards when they traveled the long, unfinished road to the airstrip only to find “minimal progress and activity” of what the press termed a “white elephant.” It will evidently be left to the new municipal and state administrations to complete the construction and close the existing airport in Playa, which has been termed a safety hazard for the heavily populated tourist area there.

*Taxi operators clash, one driver shot in leg …

An incident with violence erupted in the Puerto Aventuras poblado around Sept. 19 over a continuing battle between the taxi union and a fairly new tricycle taxi business that the traditional taxi union claims is unauthorized and harming profits. The clash has placed several unions and government agencies at odds over which agencies have control over the permitting process.  The violence also included the burning of two of the motor tricycles. One person was detained for questioning in the shooting and the victim transported to the hospital. Both sides later called for calm.

*The garbage collection issue…

… is vexing much of Solidaridad including the Puerto Aventuras poblado, the PA resort and Playa del Carmen. Lack of garbage collection resulted in some 50 families in Puerto Aventuras West to deposit their garbage in front of the political delegation building in the poblado and setting fire to some of the rubbish in protest. The municipal government claims it has run out of money to repair a dozen or so broken collection trucks.

A business and community group coalition is calling on the new municipal government taking over this month  to provide more transparency concerning the municipal budget and expenditures. The Colonos continued to pay for private hauling and is asking for cooperation from residents during this inconvenience. Colonos GM Armando Rincon, who described the problem in the poblado as a “nightmare”,  said municipal trucks frequently missed their rounds which is why the Colonos paid for extra private collections. ‘‘I hope things will improve as the new government takes over,” Rincon said.

*Halloween hoopla

Jim Stubbs, owner of Latitude 20 Restaurant and Lounge says he’s gearing up for the high season starting with the annual Halloween costume party Oct. 31 and the resumption of live entertainment. While the popular and charitable bimonthly Trivial Pursuits  fund-raisers have continued through the summer season and will continue, they will be joined by BINGO games on alternate Sunday afternoons. The next Trivial Pursuit is Oct. 9 … And Jessie Gelato will again host the pumpkin carving contest for kids at 4 p.m. Oct. 29 at the front of Jessie Gelato and The Pub. Participants need to bring their own pumpkin. Jessie’s will be closed until Oct. 10 …  Longtime restaurateur Peter Metrick will be sharing space with The Divot breakfast/lunch restaurant on the golf course that closes at 4 p.m.. He’ll be serving a 4 to 10 p.m dinner menu at the same site as manager of “The Clubhouse” beginning Oct. 24…..The 9th Annual Road race registrations are expected to begin this month for the race day of January 22, 2017. Dolphin Discovery is again the sponsor…


Workman fatally electrocuted;

first responder flaws bared

By Staff
A workman was fatally electrocuted in the resort last week while working on a project in the vicinity of Oxxo and the Colonos office, reported Colonos GM Armando Rincon. The worker was identified as Juan Manuel Ovalle.

Rincon said the circumstances reported to him were that the worker, whose clothing and boots were wet from rainfall,  picked up a soaked extension cord that was plugged into a live outlet, causing the fatal charge. Rincon said a witness was on the scene when a forensics agent declared that the man died instantly. A call was immediately placed for the Red Cross ambulance which could not respond, the caller was told, because it was on its way with a patient to Playa del Carmen. The Barcelo ambulance was then called and responded. ( The Playa Red Cross station also dispatched an ambulance from Playa.)

Christi Crawford, a resident living above the Colonos office and witness to the event, had called the main gate security office immediately for a defibrillator. She was asked if she knew how to operate the machine, replying in the negative. The security agent said he could not let the machine go in that case. (Two consistent donors to the Red Cross met the same answer earlier this year when they wanted to check out the newly donated equipment.The denials, then and now, were contrary to agreed upon protocols worked out by the donors and Colonos.)

Rincon reported that Crawford then offered to go to the gate in her car and pick up a security agent with the machine. By the time that was accomplished, 20 minutes had elapsed. “The protocols for using the defibrillator discussed by the Colonos board were not followed in this case,” Rincon said. News of the incident has worried some regular donors who live  in the resort.

Ironically, Rincon said the chief of Security had made arrangements with Costa Med the week before the incident for a  course to train the staff in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Colonos authorities are expected to discuss the response shortfalls later this month.

There was a similar response concern several years ago when a boat crewman was badly burned and had to wait some 35 minutes for an ambulance to arrive while local residents treated him. That incident later became a rallying point for raising funds to return the Red Cross clinic and ambulance, which had moved out of Puerto Aventuras for lack of Red Cross funds, back to the poblado.


Phase 4 condo project approved

With federal approvals in hand, developer and Arq. Roman Rivera Torres has begun the pre-sale phase of 44 terraced,two bedroom, two-bath units in four separate buildings that will be constructed over the next 40 months just left of the Phase 4 entrance on Puerto Aventuras Blvd.

The development, “Bliss Point,” will offer units in a price range under $299,000. The site will also feature a marina with pier, two pools and covered parking among other amenities. More information available at the Puerto Aventuras sales office next to the Omni Hotel.


Federal beach recovery budget

overlooks needs of Riviera Maya

By Staff
A federal budget for beach replenishment will be shared by Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Holbox in the state of Quintana Roo. Not a peso has been allocated in the Programs and Investment Projects grants for the Riviera Maya, which includes Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Paamul, Akumal, Tulum and a score of independent all-inclusive hotel sites in between.

Businesses that depend in part on beaches as an attraction expressed disappointment, particularly in Playa del Carmen, noting that Playa has the longest stretch of beach that has been badly eroded. One hotel spokesman said not allocating funds to help in Playa’s recovery effort constitutes a major failure of the federal program.

Meanwhile, work has continued, but at a slower pace, on the replenishment project of Omni Beach in Puerto Aventuras, said Colonos GM Armando
Rincon. He noted that cash flow and a work stoppage by authorities who saw men working on the beach caused a lull in progress. “The beach looks good though,” Rincon said.


Two Catholic priests murdered

in gang-embattled Veracruz


Two Catholic priests were murdered in Veracruz State and their bullet-riddled bodies found along the side of a road in Coatzacoalcos where they were taken after being kidnapped from their church. A sacristan who was with them was injured but escaped the gunmen. And later in the same week, a third priest was found murdered on a roadside in Michoacan state. Police say they  were victims of thieves.

This brought to 15 the number of priests murdered nationwide since 2012, along with a seminarian and a sacristan, during the administration of President Enrique Pena Nieto. A church group that keeps a tally of these events reported that 40 priests have been murdered nationwide in the last decade .

Two of those priests were beaten to death by thieves in 2013 in a Ixhuatlan church, again in oil-rich Veracruz state, which, according to press reports, is overrun by crime and violence of bloody turf wars between competing drug cartels.

Pain and outrage over the deaths was voiced by the Mexican Episcopal Conference. Mexico is the world’s second largest Roman Catholic country after Brazil. A coalition of organizations marched on Mexico City recently demanding Pena Nieto’s resignation in the face of perceived widespread corruption in government and drug violence.

Parishioners filled the church to stranding room only in Paso Blanco as others stood outside in the rain looking in windows as a Mass was said. The  Rev. Jose Alfredo Suarez de la Cruz, had served the parish for only one month with the other victim, Rev. Alejo Abor Jiminez, before being murdered.

And in the United States, the city of Chicago reported 90 murders, 384 shootings and 472 total shooting victims in the month of August, 2016, alone and mostly on the city’s south and west sides. So far this year, the city’s murder rate of children 13 and under is 27. Much of the violence there is blamed on gangs. This while the shootings of two Afro-American men by police in Oklahoma and North Carolina, fostered protests.


The Roundup

A hit and run fatality was reported Sept. 15 when a Hotel Barcelo employee tried to cross Highway 307 after drinking with friends at a Puerto Aventuras bar, leaving behind a wife and two children, the police reported..

Aggrieved taxi drivers corralled two separate Uber units in and around Playa de Carmen recently for operating without the authority of a recent state law requiring registration. The units were carrying tourists at the time. Unionized taxi drivers view Uber more as “pirates” taking their profits than business competition. protests by several thousand drivers between Cancun and Playa del Carmen have been held…

Two tanker truck accidents along Highway 307 between Playa de Carmen and Cancun blocked traffic for hours in separate accidents and prompted the area Trust for Tourism Promotion to urge the development of strategies to keep traffic moving on alternate arteries around major accidents…

National pushbacks – Thousands of marchers protested in Mexico City to demand the resignation of President Enrique Pena Nieto for his administration’s perceived mishandling of drug violence and pervasive corruption in the system of government. Criticism has also emerged over Pena Nieto’s promotion of the nation’s chief criminal investigator who some accuse of an investigative cover-up of the 43 missing and presumed dead students of Ayotzinapa… And, thousands of marchers from the National Front for the Family, a coalition of religious groups, protested en masse against the Pena Nieto administration’s intent to legalize gay marriage…

While sargassum is a cross that the Caribbean shores of Mexico must bear, the Mexican state of Tamaulipas is contending with the “red tide,” a condition caused by elevated temperatures (global warming?) and excess concentrations of nutrients. As a result, a ban on shellfishing was mandated for the seashore in the northern part of the state. The red tide has intermittently closed some shorelines to shellfishing along the US eastern seaboard for years…

Two taxi drivers were murdered and one severely beaten by thieves in separate incidents overnight on Wednesday, Sept. 29. In addition, a house of ill repute was shot up by unknown assailants and unknown motive but nobody was injured, the police in Cancun reported…


Nature Watch…

Animal welfare congress slated


image From Dolphin Discovery – Cancun, Q. Roo, Sept. 21, 2016. For the second consecutive year, the Mexican Association of Habitats for the Interaction and Protection of Marine Mammals (AMHMAR) and the American Humane Association (AHA), will present the Second Multidisciplinary Animal Wellness Congress Mexico 2016. It is a forum whose first edition was held in October 2015, and proved to be a forum for reflection and respectful discussion, diverse and inclusive in regards to the wellness of all types of animals, a topic that has gained significant relevance in contemporary society.

In the second edition of this Congress to be held on October 5 and 6 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, the planners have brought together national and international experts including scientists, academics, technicians and activists offering a broad and well-informed spectrum on trends and ideologies in speeches aimed at the growing public interested in the wellness of animals under the care and influence of mankind.

Constan Rodrigo, president of AMHMAR , said, “The Second Multidisciplinary Congress of Animal Wellness 2016 is a gathering that seeks to expand knowledge and dialogue related to the wellness of all types of animals in Mexico, starting with parents, students, zoo technicians, professionals in animal health as well as decision makers such as legislators and public officials.”

“This is a topic of complete relevance that can generate heated discussions, and that is why this is an inclusive and plural gathering, where opinions can be heard on dissimilar views on animal wellness discussed within a framework of respect and tolerance, which should ultimately contribute to the animals’ quality of life,” he said.

For more information about the program and to get registered,  visit the website www.congresobienestaranimal.org or call: (01998) 800-75-51.


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