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Monthly Archives: April 2017

May, 2017

Moonshine Moment…

THE DREAMS HOTEL LAGOON reflects a full moon and snowbird melancholy as high season closes and the birds fly north with lasting memories. (Staff Photo was taken from the Latitude 20 restaurant.)

As snowbirds come and go,
PA continues to grow

By Staff
As the last of the part-time residents depart in May, ending the high season, Puerto Aventuras will not roll over and fall asleep. Growth will continue as will community projects in and out of the resort.

Just in Phase 4, for example, 67 of the 120 residential lots have been sold with 12 villas under construction while 17 more are in the planning/permitting stage, according to developer Roman Rivera Torres.

FINISHING TOUCHES are applied to the former rocky hill leading onto Caleta Yalku from Bahia Chemuyil. The project is part of the Colonos road maintenance and improvement schedule for this year. (Staff Photo)

In addition, five of 10 condo lots have been sold and one condo complex, Bliss, is under construction. The permits for condo suites and a marina adjacent to the Bliss project have been approved.

Housing construction in the community’s north end has continued on Bahias Xaac, Xcacel and Chemuyil. A proposed 20-unit condo is in the planning stage on one of the few remaining lots along the Kantenha Lagoon and another condo complex is under construction adjacent to, but not linked with, the Porto Bello fractional living complex on the new marina.

But growth isn’t limited to the resort. There have been four “invasions” on the west side of Highway 307 as that compact area continues to build on its 15,000-plus population figure.  The latest  so-called invasion, just a few weeks ago, was comprised of an estimated 50 people with machetes clearing out spaces across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Adjacent to Puerto Maya. It was not known if they would eventually remain.

Improvements on way

THE FIRST 100 METERS of the twin jogging-bike paths in the new public park has been completed , marking a primary stage of development. (FPA Photo)

With growth comes the need for added infrastructure improvements. In the case of Puerto Aventuras, discussions have centered on adding lanes and other improvements to the main gate. This is being funded by the Colonos (property owners association). Some of that project was completed last year outside the gate. It is expected that two resident access lanes will be added this year along with improvements to the gate structure and security cameras, improvements that could be completed by the time the next high  season arrives.

Progress on developing a public park is advancing as are continuing improvements in lighting, walkway repairs and painting along the Dolphin Walk business outlets. Outside the gate, the Chedraui supermarket is rumored to be planning an expansion of its cramped facility.

The Pelican will endeavor to keep readers updated on these projects in our monthly and special editions from May through October, of which this is the first. As always, comment is welcome at PelicanFreePress.com .


TWO PUERTO AVENTURAS YOUTHS helped Playa del Carmen youth soccer team coached by Oscar “Cato” Ramos win the 7th annual Merida Cup this month in Merida. Parker Sandholm, son of Jeff and Tiffany Sandholm, left photo, celebrates his goal with team members. In right photo, Paulina Suarez, left, daughter of Carlos Suarez and Katia Ullman Suarez, hangs in the air after a head-shot goal (see ball at right) to help win the league title in the 10-11 year old category. They are the only two players from Puerto Aventuras on the team and both scored in a league that supports coed teams. (Jeff Sandholm Photos)

Puerto Aventuras
set to greet wounded
warriors at fish tourney

Puerto Aventuras is all set to welcome U.S. Wounded Warriors between May 19-23 as part of the annual Dave Harris Billfish Tournament coordinated by Capt. Rick’s Sportfishing Center.

SGT. STEVEN CURRY suffered traumatic brain injury and lost his left leg when his vehicle was bombed in Iraq.

The annual 4-day event attracts between 60 to 80 fishermen from various countries who share their adventure, sea stories and good times with eight recuperating wounded warriors who will be housed at Porto Bello and Aventuras Condominiums.

Glenna Uecker of Capt. Rick’s, local coordinator, said the tournament sprang from the late Dave Harris’ fondness for fishing. The tournament was cast in Puerto Aventuras in 2005 and the idea of inviting wounded warriors launched in 2014.

Welcome mat out

While Harris died of cancer, members of his family continued the tournament staged annually in Puerto Aventuras.

MARINE CPL. NICK PERALES served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before losing his right leg and left leg fractured by an IED.

“It has become a community event” Uecker said, noting the annual cooperation of Porto Bello and Aventuras condominiums, restaurants such as Latitude 20, The Pub and Hippo’s who prepare opening and closing banquets along with entertainment and special events such as a trip on the catboat Catamaya and more.

SGT. ADAM KISIELEWSKI lost his right leg and left arm when a rigged artillery shell exploded during a mission. Lt. James Cathy, who was next to Kisielewski, was killed.

The Dave Harris tourney seeks sponsors or partial donations to arrange for transport and needs of the veterans during the tournament, estimated to be $1,500 USD per wounded warrior. Donations can be sent to: Wounded Warrior in Action Foundation, 6516 Dolphin Cove Drive, Apollo Beach, FL 33572. (Please put “DHMBT sponsorship” in memo line).

Also happening in May

Trivial Pursuits coming up at 4 p.m. Sundays, May 7, and 21 at Latitude 20 Restaurant with proceeds going to the poblado Community Center…

Dates of note in May… In Mexico – Dia de trabajo (Labor Day), May 1; Cinco de Mayo, May 5, commemorates the defeat of French forces in Puebla in 1862; Miguel Hidalgo’s birthday, May 8. He initiated the Mexican Independence War in`1753: In the U.S. VE Day, 1945; Mother’s Day, May 14; Memorial Day, May 29.

Pick-up soccer games are played beginning at 9 a.m. every Sunday morning at the sports complex in Puerto Maya, just behind the Oxxo store on the Main Road. Resort residents from 15 to 50 and up invited to join in the fun and get some exercise.

The Roundup…

Park easily and eat heartily at The Patio roadside diner across from the entrance to Paamul on Highway 307. (Staff Photo)

Highway restaurant opens – The Patio diner has opened on Highway 307 in Paamul at the site of Riviera Maya Storage Co., offering hearty, down-home, truck-stop American breakfasts that include pancakes, French toast, large omelets and other traditional fare.

A lunch menu includes burgers, crispy fried chicken, fish and chips, burritos and other Mexican delights along with rotating specials like peanut butter chicken, Texas chili and enchiladas, all economically priced.

“It’s the only easily accessible roadside diner from Cancun to Tulum with more than ample off-road parking for truckers and cars,” said owner Ted Farber. “We’re looking for input and constructive criticism from customers because we want to give a good value to folks for the money they spend,” he said. The Patio is open from 7:30 to 6 p.m. and closed on Mondays.”

A fatal traffic accident was recorded last weekend near the Catalonia Hotel on Route 307 when a van driver tried to avoid a flooded area of the roadway and collided with a car in which a woman was badly injured and later died in the hospital. A third car was also involved in the crash…

Puerto Morelos City Council voted to reduce the hours that liquor can be served in an effort to reduce violence and other problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Sale of closed containers of beer, wine and liquor will be from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays. Nightclubs must be closed by 3 a.m.

At least one inmate died and more than 25 were injured in the Playa del Carmen jail last week as inmate gangs fought for control of the jail turf, according to the police. The injured filled the emergency area of the general hospital, said a patient there, who also noted that armed guards were everywhere as the inmates received treatment. The jail’s warden has been fired…

Preparatory work on long-anticipated beach replenishment in Fatima Bay stalled last week pending discussion with government environmental agencies following a complaint by an unnamed source last month that was delivered to a regional newspaper…

NO BEACH, NO BIZ – A high tide carrying sargassum reaches the Villa del Mar property line on Fatima Bay last week, speaking to the obvious need for beach replenishment to help sustain and grow the local economy. (Staff Photo)

Rules on rooftop solar power units have been eased by Mexico’s Energy Secretariat. The change will allow systems attached to roofs of homes and small businesses to be more easily connected to the nation’s electric grid to provide power and possible income from reserve energy. The move provides an incentive for consumers to invest in solar energy as some have already done in Puerto Aventuras resort…

The 9th assassination of drug/gang related activity in Playa del Carmen this year was recorded when a 32-year-old man was shot gangland style while standing at a food cart in the city’s extreme North End. By comparison, there have been 411 homicides in Tijuana already this year challenging previous records. Meanwhile, two top drug traffickers were killed last week in a shootout with federal forces in Tamaulipas, near the US border…

Airbnb growth in Mexico is such that the company may create a local affiliate. There are now 62,000 Airbnb living units available in Mexico, a 114 percent spike over 2015. The system accommodated 974,000 people last year, up 195 percent over the previous year…

Playa del Carmen transit inspectors impounded 30 motorcycles over the Easter holiday. The vehicles were stopped at a filtro where the undocumented vehicles were checked in an effort to prevent them from being stolen while owners sought proper ownership papers…

For what it’s worth, Cozumel remains the cruise ship industry’s principal port in Latin America, capturing 16 percent of the world market. But nationally, Mexico has dropped from one of the top destinations in 2008 to 14th place because of the economic crisis, influenza outbreak and insecurity…

State robberies at businesses spike;
Solidaridad third in reported incidents
Public helps capture some perpetrators

By Staff
State authorities report an increase of 101 percent in robberies at commercial entities such as retail and convenience stores in Quintana Roo during the first two months of this year.

Total complaints filed with the Public Ministry was 358 in January and February, compared to 178 the previous year.

Benito Juarez (Greater Cancun) leads with 254 complaints, 59 of them with violence, followed by Orthon P. Blanco with 55 events, 22 of them violent and third, Soliaridad, which includes Puerto Aventuras, 34 reports, none with violence.

Public helps out

Police reports shows that in some cases, owners of businesses and/or neighbors and customers, have helped thwart robberies. One example occurred recently in Playa del Carmen when a gunman attacked a female store employee who screamed for help…and got it!

Neighbors were quick to respond, witnesses told police. When the would-be thief realized the screams foiled his plan, he tried to escape on a motorcycle – but it wouldn’t start. Neighbors then jumped on him, took his gun and held him until police arrived.

The Mail Bag…

Save a trip for car plates

Dear Editor:

For online car tax form, the website is Tenencias y Control Vehicular . You have to put your plate number and the number that appears on your registration card. The site and the form are easy to use (but only in Spanish).  Then you print the page and go to the Quintana Roo secretary of finance office at the corner one block from the playa airport on Avenida 15.  I have done it this year and last year.

Also, there is an office of Canaco, on the parallel of the Federal Highway 307, right side if you come from Puerto Aventuras, between Constituyente and Suma Casa construction material store. You can pay the tax there with no, or less, of a line than at the Quintana Roo secretary of finance. Canaco is a kind of Chamber of Commerce with a small office of the Quintana Roo secretary of finance.  I have paid there several times.

Signed/Thierry Defauw

(Ed. Note: The above is in response to a story in a recent issue of the Pelican concerning annoyed crowds getting car plates at the last minute for the discount and complaints by some who go to get the  plates twice, once to pay and once to actually get the plates.)

Making late-night noise with impunity

Dear Editor:

Why do we have a security force in Puerto? I called the office at 2:35 a.m. because my neighbors who were renting a nearby apartment were partying (music, laughing, dog barking…) and one of their guests was in my parking space.

The security person arrived and introduced himself by explaining to me that the problem must be settled by the owner of the condo. He went knocking shyly at the door (no answer from the neighbors) and he left without doing anything.

Whatever, it was 3:15 a.m. and my family still couldn’t sleep for the noise and we have to go to work at 8.30 a.m.

Signed/ Valerie Slob

(Follow up: As I had written an email to the Colonos concerning the passivity of the patrol guard , we have had a visit last Monday evening of one of the Security officers because there was no written report of that night, as though nothing had happened.

So I explained everything with the exact hour of the phone calls and what followed , so now they could make a report of what happened. The patrolman who came that night could not be bothered with what was going on.This just to let you and readers know that sending an email to Colonos can be effective.

Legal affairs…

Foreign wills valid, but tough on heirs

Recent conversation around a breakfast table in a Puerto Aventuras restaurant concerned whether a U.S. or Canadian Will covers all aspects of an estate in Mexico. We asked Mexlaw of Playa del Carmen to elucidate. Here is the firm’s response:

“It is important to understand it may be difficult for your loved ones to deal with your estate if you do not have a Mexican Will. Residents of Mexico, primarily property owners, should consult a Mexican attorney regarding their estate planning.

Is a Canadian or American Will valid in Mexico if it includes my Mexican real estate and valuables?

Although your foreign Will is valid in Mexico, the time and expense it takes to have it verified and processed will cause your family undue stress and expense.

The problem is getting these documents recognized. American documents need to be apostilled and notarized in the U.S. and translated into Spanish by a court approved translator in Mexico.

Canadian Wills do not need to be apostilled, but will need to be translated by a court approved translator and submitted to the Mexican consulate in Canada and then presented to a Notario in Mexico.

In a case where there is no Will, the property may not always be automatically left to the surviving spouse. Mexico does not have survivor rights, meaning the surviving spouse does not automatically inherit the property even if the couple owned it 50/50. Without a Will, the government may decide the fate of the deceased share of the property.

If the couple has children, the court may divide the deceased spouse’s share equally amongst the surviving spouse and the children.

This may be a difficult situation in the future as the surviving spouse will require the children’s permission to sell or mortgage the property. The Will should read specifically that the surviving spouse inherits the other 50% of the property, in the event that parent also passes away, the children will then become the beneficiaries.

Does the Fideicomiso Protect my Heirs?

The idea of a Fideicomiso trust is to protect your heirs by listing them in the contract as your Substitute Beneficiary. But there have been instances where the bank trustee failed to issue a transfer of property to the benefactors and the heirs had to go to court to have the bank release the certificate.

Even if your property is held in trust, it is important to have a Mexican Will to protect your heirs and avoid any unnecessary red tape.

Last Will and Testament Considerations:

  • Your Mexican Will must be in Spanish, use a trusted attorney to prepare the Will.
  • Cross reference your Canadian or American Will with the Mexican Will.
  • State specifically the surviving spouse, or designated benefactor, who will be the sole beneficiary of the property if that is your wish.
  • Include a simultaneous death clause.
  • Include a “No Contest Clause.”
  • Include a residuary clause, if you have foreign property and only a Mexican Will.
  • Consider your executor/executrix: Do they live in Mexico, understand Mexican estate laws and speak Spanish? Preferably, your executor is a professional with integrity; This will help expedite the transfer of property.
  • Consider a Medical Directive in your estate planning.
  • List a power of attorney should a medical situation arise.

 (Click the Mexlaw logo in the sponsor column for more information.)

The rules we live by….or not !

Page 2 of 22

Purposes of the Colonos (continued)

  1. Service, procure and in its case provide its members directly or indirectly, all kinds of advice regarding the Member’s property in the Development, as well a rendering, if such is the case, the services aimed at improving the said Tourist Development ,including if possible, the general and public services rendered by the State Government of Quintana Roo and the Municipality of Cozumel or the Developer;
  2. To promote the improvement of the facilities, equipment and installation used to provide said public services.
  3. Watch the urbanization work in the Development, to make sure that it follows the Master Plan, the Building Code for the Development and the authorized land use, as well as to insure that the priorities of the majority of the Homeowners are being considered;
  4. To represent the associates, both individually and collectively, before federal. State or Municipal authorities, as well as before all kinds of private institutions, persons or business entities in regard to their properties or rights thereon, in the Puerto Aventuras Development;
  5. To strive by all means within its reach, to foster amicable relations among all dwellers of Puerto Aventuras and to always encourage honesty and good faith;
  6. To encourage all ideas, proposals, studies and projects produced by the associates, in order to carry out those which are considered beneficial for the associates, the Development and the homeowners in general;
  7. To encourage and promote among its associates and their families, all kinds of cultural, sports, artistic and humane activities;
  8. To determine and set the amount of the assessments and/or contributions that must be paid by its associate members, according to what the Associate agreed in the respective Contract or in the final Dee, as the may be, which he/she celebrated with the Developer or with the original buyer of the property or properties located in the Puerto Aventuras Development as well as in the terms of the Bylaws of the Association and its covenants, such assessments and/or contributions will be used by the Association to cover its administrative expenses, activities, rendering of services, whether these are general, special or public in that case, as well as to make the necessary investments for the attainment of its goals.
  9. To buy, sell, lease, own, manage end in general to trade in all kinds of goods and real property which are necessary or convenient to attain the Association’s goals; (To be continued).

PRODUCTION DEADLINES: The Pelican Free Press encourages and welcomes announcements of public events and activities. The deadline for publication during our weekly high-season schedule is 10 a.m. on Mondays and by the 25th of each month during the summer schedule May-October. Thank you. Disclaimer: The Pelican Free Press is not responsible for content and/or claims made on sponsor web sites or social media links.

The end – Previous edition below


April 12, 2017

The rules we live by…..or not !
English translation of Colonos by-laws
being presented over next 22 issues 

By Staff
The Pelican Free Press is pleased to present, over the next 22 editions, an English translation of the complete Colonos by-laws, unedited to maintain the document’s original intent in a translated version.

…OR NOT – Parking rules ignored by some – no parking, at left, and cart parked in space reserved for cars, at right. (Staff Photo}

Our goal in parceling the somewhat lengthy narrative into a series of 22 segments is to help readers familiarize themselves with the “rules we live by…..or not” as one might savor a 5-course meal – a little bit at a time.

This series is in response to intermittent requests from English speaking stakeholders. They seek a basic understanding of how Puerto Aventuras is administered and how it, along with the Puerto Aventuras Trust, provides for maintenance of its infrastructure and security in accordance with municipal, state and federal laws and agreements.

We suggest readers copy and paste each week’s segment to build their own full copy of the by-laws they are expected to embrace in a “society by agreement.”

The series will be found at the end of each edition under the tagline “Rules to live by….. or not.”

The Pelican reminds readers the “Mail Bag” section is available for commentary limited to 400 words and free of personal attacks on neighbors and/or officials. Hopefully, we can disagree without being disagreeable, particularly in such a pleasant setting. The Pelican reserves the right to edit and/or discard comments that do not conform to its policy.

Book look…
Akumalian Rhett Schober co-authors
Yucatan fly-fishing book for the ages

DOING, THEN SHOWING others how to land the beauties on the Yucatan is guide Rhett Schober with an envied catch in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere.

Adds highlights of Peninsula’s
captivating history and geography

By Staff
Akumal resident Rhett Schober, a fly-fishing guru and guide along the generous Mexican Caribbean, has co-authored a new bible for the fly-fishermen who religiously practice the sport in Maya country.

A first look at the 208-page manuscript “Fly Fishing the Yucatan” reveals you are in for a treat if you’re hooked on history and street-smart traveling as well as fishing.

It’s a nuts and bolts compendium of details on what specific rods, lines, reels and flies will serve you best, of tested “how-to” plans for walking a flat, to the particulars of  landing prize fish in complex situations.

With comfort, and ease

The book doesn’t stop at fishing. A successful trip for any reason is one that is preceded by the accumulation of useful information about new surroundings, culture, currency exchange, licenses, seasons, safety, housing, transportation and communication, areas in which Schober, owner of Akumal Villas rentals and Akumal Fly Fishing, is well versed.

This easy-reading text on fly-fishing the Yucatan’s ample larder of snook, bonefish, permit, and small tarpon to name a few, is also a jeweled  primer on Yucatan history and geography that makes good reading after a day’s exciting fishing.

It digs back 400 million years to the formative cradle of bonefish, to the meteor strike in the Gulf some 60 million years ago that may have exterminated the dinosaurs. Fast forward to the lonely island just 70 years ago that harbored only three humans caring for coconut groves and is now Cancun’s popular Hotel Zone.

Then down to the border with Belize for excellent fishing in the embrace of Mayan history there and along the waters of the entire peninsula.  It is fascinating reading for its fishing lessons and for its Yucatan and Mayan history and travelogue of practical needs,tips and what to see.

Do-it-yourself help

Lead author Rod Hamilton, who also wrote the critically acclaimed “Do It Yourself Bonefishing” and runs the DIYFishing.com website, notes “One example of a successful fly-fishing vacation is Akumal Fly Fishing operated by resident expert Rhett Schober. He cut his baby teeth in the flowing waters of Colorado and sharpened them along the Riviera Maya coastline for more than two decades perfecting his skills and helping fishing vacationers land some prizes.” The experiences of guides Schober and Nick Denbow contributed heavily to the book’s content.

Hamilton writes that Schober arrived on the Maya Riviera as a college student to study the Mayan culture but spent much of his time pursuing his passions of fly-tying and fishing while exploring the shoreline wilderness teeming with the sea’s gifts. and making note of the hot spots. Read the book, available at Amazon, at your leisure then get more information at www.Akumalflyfishing.com

Akumal swim-with-turtles activity
reopens in time for holiday week

By Staff
Swimming with the turtles in Akumal Bay has resumed per orders of several federal and state authorities who had ordered the area closed to swimming earlier this year to address access difficulties.

Enjoy, but please do not disturb.

The bay, a certified refuge, is now open under new regulations designed to protect the green, hawksbill and loggerhed turtles that inhabit the area from excessive exploitation by humans.

New rules include limiting service providers to 12 swimmers each, use  of biodegradable sunscreen only, time limits of about an hour, quiet entrance and exit from the water and proper snorkeling equipment that includes short fins only and no waist or arm floating devices among other rules to be explained by providers.

Ballet Finale…

SWAN SONG – Cast of Copelia Ballet Co.’s production of “Swan Lake” in its finale at the Puerto Aventuras Golf Course outdoor venue March 31. Several lead dancers are from Puerto Aventuras. The event attracted an estimated 200 viewers. (Gayle Sandholm Photo)

The departure of snowbirds for the summer has led to the end of Bingo games held every other week at the Latitude 20 Restaurant, says owner Jim Stubbs. There won’t be any games on Easter Sunday but, Stubbs said, Trivial Pursuits  will resume the following Sunday, April 23, at 4 p.m. Stubbs also announced the Sunday events that began last year have raised 102,400 pesos for various charities in the Poblado, or about $5,500 USD…

ALSO HAPPENING – Crepes and Gelato at Jessie’s on the Centro Walk. Stop by and try.

Dates of note in April… In Mexico – Heroic defense of Veracruz against US occupation, April 21; Children’s Day, April 30;   In the US – Persian Gulf War ends, 1991, April 6; Religious: Palm Sunday, April 9; Passover, April 10; Good Friday, April 14, Easter, April 16.



Come and gone…

…IN QUICK ORDER – Strong southeast winds early last week deposited substantial sargassum along Fatima Bay just as snowbirds began exiting Puerto Aventuras for the season, leaving empty beach chairs behind. Northerly winds by Friday and hard-working crews cleared Omni Beach for Easter week vacationers. Deposits were worse in Playa del Carmen where the sargassum fouled some boat lines. (Staff Photo)

Crowd complains over lack
of information about car plates 

Move afoot for 4-year replacement, not 3

By Staff
In its March 22 edition, the Pelican Free Press notified its more than 1200 free subscribers of the March 31 deadline for getting the discount on car plate re-registrations and, also, that the actual plates had arrived for distribution.

Evidently, readers took heed for there were no complaints addressed to the Pelican like there were on March 31 when hundreds of people formed several lines outside the registry of Motor Vehicles located on Calle 1 Sur and Avenida 15 in Playa del Carmen Centro.

One major complaint heard there was that the Secretariat of Finance and Planning did not prepare sufficient news advisories to alert drivers of the pending deadline and the receipt of plates.

Guard was misinformed

Instead, there had earlier been misinformation by a guard at the registry who told some people there intending to make payments that the actual plates would not arrive until April, which is when the higher price kicks in.

While some people pay early in the year and return later to get the plates, others prefer to wait until the plates arrive to make payment and receive the plates in one visit. Why plates arrive so late mystifies observers.

Now there is a proposal before authorities to extend the plate life to four years instead of three. The plates, incidentally, are manufactured by a private company that bids for the work, debunking the notion they might be made by prisoners.

Nature Watch…
Vote against dolphinariums
blocked by federal legislators
Another vote attempt expected next week

By Staff
A  movement to close dolphinariums in Mexico morphed into a political zoo last week during heated debates and parliamentary procdedures  among federal legislators in Mexico City representing various parties, causes and opinions.

REMEMBER THIS, a kiss isn’t just a kiss. It’s a playful link to understanding different kinds of life found at Dolphin Discovery. (File Photo)

The fracas has fed into a rumor circulating here for a while that the dolphin pools would eventually be closed and replaced by a marina and that reproduction of the specie in captivity had already been stopped.

“That’s not correct,” said veterinarian Dr. Roberto Sanchez  Okrucky of Dolphin Discovery and a resident of Puerto Aventuras.

Dr. Okrucky witnessed the debate between the country’s Green Ecologist Party (PVEM), which supports a bill phasing out dolphinariums on behalf of  animal rights groups, and several other parties in opposition including PRI and PAN.

Dr. Roberto Sanchez Okrucky is optimistic the dolphin pools here will remain for many years.

Last week’s thrust for a vote was stymied by a mass walkout of those in opposition, denying a quorum for a majority needed to pass in the 500-member legislative chamber. “Another vote will be attempted next week,” Dr. Okrucky said, noting that he would be returning to Mexico City to lobby against the measure.

“This isn’t about the animals,” he said this week after returning from Mexico City. “It’s about politics.”

He would not venture a prediction of next week’s vote but noted that in any event, closing the dolphinariums could take 20 years under the possible rule of “last generation”, meaning all current 300-plus aquarium animals in Mexico – 22 here – would have to die in captivity to make way for closure. He also raised the probability of  the issue going before the courts if necessary.

The rumor here  of imminent closure is misinformed, the doctor said. Other issues besides the fate of the animals are also being considered, including the loss of 2000 nationwide jobs and 13,000 indirect jobs. Dolphin Discovery in Puerto Aventuras directly employs 100.

LEARNING about manatees while feeding them lettuce in a clean environment under strict federal rules.

The dolphinariums are tightly regulated by  federal law known as NOM 135, Dr. Okrucky explained. General manager Guillermo Lobo said federal operating rules are many and strict concerning animal health and welfare, to the point the dolphins generally live longer than those in the wild.

Puerto Aventuras developer and Arq. Roman Rivera Torres, asked about the rumor this week, said, “I am aware of the facts  and don’t believe it (closure) will go that far.” However, he conceded that “the topic is in a different sphere,” referring to the national political arena.

While the Green Ecologist Party (PEVM) wants to free all aquatic mammals, the National Action Party (PAN) says the proposal would expose the animals born in captivity to near-certain death in the wild, eliminate thousands of dolphinarium jobs nationwide, stall research beneficial to the animals and end an iconic tourist attraction that delivers positive economic results  for a questionable cause they feel requires more analysis. 

The Roundup…

Early hurricane forecast  by Conagua, Mexico’s water commission, estimates the formation of 13 Atlantic tropical storms, six of them of hurricane force for the 2017 hurricane season June 1 to November 30….  

A battalion of 600 Mexican Army soldiers has arrived in northern Quintana Roo to help put a lid on the rising crime rates in Cancun and, to a lesser degree, in Playa del Carmen. Expect to see them riding in their trucks or stationed at gasoline stations and other lookout points such as the south 307 filtro they manned last week.

The presence of the well-trained soldiers is expected to help local police forces turn the tide on warring drug gangs that have gotten out of control, say local authorities. They also expressed gratitude for the federal help over the busy Easter holiday season…

Several businesses were sanctioned by the Puerto Aventuras Property Owners Association board (Colonos) last week reportedly for their part in a main gate incident on March 29 that resulted in several blocked resort entrance lanes for about two hours…

The Logo Shop   and activity center formerly housed across from the Omni Hotel has moved to the Information Center building on Bahia Xcacel …

Dark soil and tire tracks from dump trucks along with unpleasant odors are tainting some community streets, reports an observer who wished the Colonos would do something about it…

The newspaper “Norte” in Ciudad Juarez closed its doors last week after 30 years of publishing following the murder of three journalists there in March. The ownership said reporting the news had become a high-risk profession. The publication, as are many others internationally, was aslo having financial problems…

Coming in May

Thirty canoes manned by 300 people will cross from Xcaret park off Highway 307 to Cozumel on May 26 to commemorate the sacred Maya crossings. The canoes will depart at 5:30 a.m. There will be free admission to watch the spectacle at the park. Spectators for the free event will not be allowed to remain in the park after the event, but tickets will be available for those who wish to remain…

US firms will continue building
in Mexico despite Trump threats

American manufacturers will continue to build plants and jobs in Mexico despite Trump threats of high tariffs on their products. The reason, noted in the International Business Times two weeks ago, is that pressure to cut costs via cheap labor is greater than Trump’s tax threat.

While Trump took credit for an $850 million jobs and plant investment in the US by Ford, that decision was made in 2015, before he became president.

Scores of firms are heading south to Mexico including Illinois Tool Works going to Ciudad Juarez, Rexnard Corp. moving 350 jobs from Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico. Also, Caterpillar from Joliet, IL. to Monterrey, Mexico, among others.

US manufacturing jobs dropped 0.3 percent in January from the year before while similar jobs in Mexico rose 3.2 percent at the same time. Observers have noted that automation is also replacing manufacturing jobs.

The Mail Bag…

Virtuoso’s gift appreciated

Dear Editor:

I and many other fortunate neighbors in this beautiful community wish to thank musician extraordinaire Arlindo Silva for his generosity in providing an incredible evening of music in support of our local Red Cross.

His enormous energy and talent, along with his fellow artists, provided not only a memorable evening but extended the vital services of our local Red Cross for another year through donations to the event.  Bravo!I certainly hope he will give us another “excuse” in the very near future to enjoy his music together! Many thanks.

Signed/Hannah Friedman


The rules we live by…..or not!”

First consideration:”What’s in a name? 

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ARTICLE 1.- The Civil Association is called Association of Dwellers, Owners and Beneficiaries of Puerto Aventuras, Civil Association.
ARTICLE 2.– The Association’s address is at the Puerto Aventuras Dovelopment, in the Municipality of Cozumel, State of Quintana Roo, however it may designate conventional addresses as it seems convenient and may open branch offices anywhere in the Mexican Republic.


ARTICLE 3.– The Association of Dwellers, Owners and Beneficiaries of Puerto Aventuras A.C., is Mexican and is subject to the Mexican Laws and Courts. Every foreigner who at the time of its incorporation or at any later time, acquires an interest or participation in the Association, is considered by this very fact as a Mexican in regard to the same, and it shall be understood that he/she agrees not to invoke the protection of his/her Government, or else, in case of default to this agreement, forfeit said interest or participation in favor the Mexican Nation.


ARTICLE 4.– The term of the Association shall be of ninety-nine years, counted from the date of signature of the Constitutive Deed. A fiscal year for the Association will be a calendar year, counted from January lst. to December 3lst.
                                           CHAPTER IV 


ARTICLE 5.– The Association of Dwellers, Owners and Beneficiaries of Puerto Aventuras, A.C., is a non-profit organization and shall remain out of any religious or political problem or  issue, and shall not allow within it any religious, social or racial discrimination.

ARTICLE 6.– The purpose of the Association is to group the Dwellers, Beneficiaries and Promissor Beneficiaries of real properties located in the Puerto Aventuras Development with no distinction of race, nationality or creed, in order to pursue the following objectives:
(To be ontinued)

(Ed. Note: When founded, Puerto Aventuras was in the municipality of Cozumel and, with Playa del Carmen, became the municipality of Solidaridad in 1993.)

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