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Posted 7/01/10 by WacoKid

JUST A BREEZE – Those of you who weren’t in PA to catch the season’s first tropical storm didn’t miss any action. From a local vantage point, it wasn’t much of a storm at all, just strong winds and rain. A few tree limbs were blown down and some small signs were turned over, but nothing major. I did go to Playa last week and I can report that they have been blacktopping some portion of the new elevated highway. The highway, we are told, is in line for completion in the fall, allowing us to reconfigure our ETA’s. Should be quicker now.

Posted 7/01/10 by Linda

TURNING THE PAGE – The library begins summer hours July 7 and will be open every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We have literally hundreds of new books in fiction and non-fiction categories, in English and Spanish. We have screenplays, scripts of plays, and many books of classic plays, thanks to a contribution from one of our long-time patrons. If you’re spending the summer in Puerto Aventuras, stop by some Wednesday to see what we have to offer for your summer entertainment. As always, we have many interesting books for sale in the library at 10 pesos per book. Some are new hardcovers that sold for over $25 a few months ago. Membership for life still costs only 100 pesos.We are always looking for donations to help us with supply and carpentry costs. Donations in any amount are very much appreciated and go 100% to the library. Donations may be made in person, or contact gosslindl@yahoo.com for information on sending donations by mail.

Posted 7/02/10 by Staff

THE MEXCONOMY is outpacing the U.S. and Europe, as are the conomies in Brazil and a few other Latin American countries. Those of us living in two worlds – Mexico and elsewhere – can be happy for our friends and neighbors under the Mayan sun as the Mexican government reports economic growth of 4.3 percent in the first quarter and says it could reach 5 percent this year, better perhaps than the U.S. economy. Of course, this particular rebound in economic growth is tempered by a serious contraction last year and, in a sense, is smaking up for lost time. So, MBA Martin from Harvard, what’s your comparative view? How will this impact our community?

Happy Fourth of July to our American neighbors.

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