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Canada snowbird also CD songbird



NATIONAL SAIL CLUB REGATA coming here Jan. 31 – Feb. 2 with some 250 boats. More next week.
Cooking Class
on regional Mexican cuisine at 10 a.m. Friday at Latitude 20 Restaurant through March. More info at 984-802-9372
The Colonos office will be be open Friday, Jan. 3.
FOR CATERED party information click on Puerto Aventuras Catering logo at left to see extensive menu and prices
Library Hours post-holiday regular hours resume Jan. 7, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

WANTED TO BUY: Golf cart, aluminum frame, 4-person, good shape. Contact Carlos 984-111-1252


More than 500 runners expected

for annual road race here Jan. 19

By Staff
More than 500 runners from Maya Riviera and points north are expected to join the annual Puerto Aventuras Road Race Sunday, Jan. 19 which this year has a limit of 600 runners – 100 more than last year – due to its growing popularity in the area. Runners will be competing for a total 50,000 pesos split into various prizes in the different categories.

    There will be 1–5-10 Km courses to cover all age groups and abilities. The first gun goes off at 7 a.m. for the 10K race that includes ages 19-39, masters 40-49 years of age and veterans 50 years and older. The 5K race will step off at 7:15 for age groups 15-18; 19-39 and 40 and over. Children nine and under will begin their 400-meter race at 9 a.m. and children 9-14 will start the 1,000 meter course at 9:15. All courses are the same as last year.

    Runners may register until 6 p.m. Jan. 17 at various locations here and in Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Registration is at the Colonos office in Puerto Aventuras along with sites in Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Late registration will be accepted, at 300 pesos. Maximum time to run the 10K is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

   A number of snowbirds and gringo residents have participated in the past races along with their children. It is also a fun time for fans to congregate in the area of the post office rotunda to catch the excitement and view the start and finish of the various races and the myriad activities that go on there while runners are puffing their way along the course.

The 2011 race broke new ground in attracting more runners from some distance. It was a near-perfect morning for a road race as cooler air and low humidity greeted runners who broke at least two records, one for participation by 497 runners, up from 2010’s a little over 400,  and the other for a 10K finish of 32:19. There were more than 500 runners last year.


Not surprisingly, the 2011 record time was set by Kenyan Bernard Songoka who now lives in Cancun and was running his first race in Puerto Aventuras. In all likelihood, Songoka’s  appearance and performance lent a new level of interest to PA’s annual event by runners tempted to break Songoka’s record.

By  2003, Kenyan men and women had won five of seven New York city marathons and the men had won all but one Boston Marathon. Why is this?
A common theory – sort of a nature, nurture combo – is that the best Kenyan runners were born in mountain altitudes of 7,000 to 8,000 feet in a climate that allows year-round running.
The thinner air and year-round runs build expanded lung capacity. Another purported reason on the “nurture” side is that Kenyan victories in early Olympic marathons inspired the young of that nation to take running seriously, as Canadian youth adore their hockey players, Americans their football heroes and Mexicans their soccer teams. So Kenya keeps on producing winning runners.
Results and times of all this year’s race will be posted on the Colonos website at www.colonos.org.
Not to be forgotten are the many volunteers on the Colonos Sports and Culture Committee  who work almost all year long to make this event happen and those who show up early before the race to assure runners leave the event healthy and happy. Their efforts are much appreciated.



New mayor, delegate working

on Poblado improvements

By Staff

One of the skills we need most, said The Rev. James Hogan of Sta. Teresita del Nino Church in the Poblado shortly after Christmas Mass, is a social services volunteer. Now it seems Solidaridad Mayor Mauricio Gongola Escalante and Puerto Aventuras Delegate Olivia Zamudo Escobar might have heard the priest’s wish.
The municipal officials announced on Friday they plan to expend 153 million pesos in the Poblado for a health unit that could provide social work services by the end of 2014. In addition, some of that money will be spent on infrastructure, namely, a health unit to house the social work division and other health services people, the construction of a new park and remodeling of a baseball field.
The mayor and delegate have pledged to work together on these projects during an inauguration ceremony for Sra. Escobar.The expenditures are part of the already approved annual budget and have the blessing of public works director Eddie Flores Serrano, the mayor said.
He noted these projects will be the most important undertaken for the Poblado constituency in the new year while pledging to also convene citizen brigades if necessary to improve the schedule of rubbish collection that has left the area in a shambles during some parts of 2013. There was no mention of road repairs, particularly to the main Poblado entrance road which has been seriously damaged by the unusual amount of rain last summer.













Commerce Corner…

Pelican Hits Parade, By Counerize, for Dec. 31

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Hits 518 1185 5654 22035 52618


‘Smile’ dental makes short

move to new marina office

By Staff
Dr. Enrique Perez, the resort’s only bi-lingual on-site dentist, has moved to larger quarters just next door to his previous office in the Bamboo buildings along the new Grand Marina across from the private school on Bahia Yanten.
The new facility is considerably larger than the previous one, with more comfortable room in the tastefully decorated waiting area in addition to outdoor tables clients requested so they can wait outdoors, if perchance they need to wait, and enjoy the open air.

The new office has two procedure rooms, a laboratory and a second floor for expansion. It is outfitted with up-to-date instruments and chairs along with a taste of great audio-visual concerts that provide delightful  distraction while being treated.
Dr. Perez recently attended the world congress of the International Federation of Aesthetic Dentistry in Munich, Germany, and will be attending a study for new implant procedures in Switzerland in August. For a complete list of services provided by Dr. Perez, such as cleaning and whitening while you visit Puerto Aventuras, click the “Smile” icon in the sponsor column on this page to be linked to his substantial web site.
Office hours are 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, by appointment or drop-in. Call the office at 984-802-9264 or his cell phone, 984-113-5097 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

    Dr.Perez, a native of Mexico City and 12-year-practicing dentist in Cuernavaca, opened an office here in April, 2011, and was believed to be PA’s first ever full-service dental office. It was first located in a minimalist space at the junction of the steps leading up to the Colonos office.
In addition to regular dentistry such as fillings, extractions and other purely medically required services, Dr. Perez has taken a number of courses in aesthetic dentistry and Botox application, including a dental implant course at Harvard’s Department of Restorative Dentistry. He earned his degrees from Metropolitan and International Universities in Mexico City and took various other specialized courses. His services include orthodontics, the latest in computer generated crowns, caps, implants and laser whitening.
His family’s move to Puerto Aventuras from a large 120 square meter office in Cuernavaca is simply explained: “This place is so beautiful. It’s amazing. Our son loves it here.” There are no beaches in Cuernavaca.
The Biz Buzz

FORMER GRINGO’s cafe, now known as the HooHaa cafe supposedly after actor Al Pacino’s oft-repeated exclamation in the film “Scent of a Woman,” has opened after waiting for permits and missing part of the holiday season business which appeared brisk in PA Centro’s restaurants as it did in Playa del Carmen where hotel occupancy was reported at near-full and beaches packed. Even the line waiting to cash out at Oxxo’s in PA was sometimes 7 or 8 people long and local condo rentals had owners sloshing in cash…CENTRO GOSSIP has it that Donna Carey of the former Tiramisu Restaurant, has closed her pizza shop outside the main gate and planning to reopen a bakery in Centro…THE NEWS isn’t all bad for a slumping Mexico. It posted a $339 million trade surplus for November compared to a $1.28 billion deficit in the same month of 2012, reports the National Institute of Statistics and Geography. Exports for the month rose to $31.70 billion while imports fell to $31.36 billion…A VIRAL OUTBREAK killed an estimated 1,000 bottlenose dolphins on the U.S. East Coast in 2013, more than the last major viral  outbreak in 1987-8 killed 740 dolphins…SUBSTANTIAL LOSS of visitors to the Maya ruins in Tulum was recorded in 2013. Visits to the site dropped from 12,000 last year to just four thousand this year, but jumped high over this holiday season…TALKING TRASH – There was a 25 percent increase in trash collected in the two days after Christmas, reports the CEO of Public Service in Playa del Carmen, collecting 120 tons. The service had to implement two collection shifts that caused some pick-up times to vary in certain municipal areas…MEXICO has postponed planned tariff reductions on some shoes, clothing and chemicals, mostly from China to give those native industries a chance to develop more and compete…MEANWHILE there are uncorroborated reports that some goods and services such as private school tuition will be exempted from the IVA tax in an 11th hour move by the government…



Canada, PA songstress releases

first solo CD to upside reviews

By Staff
With only “One Eye on the Highway” – the title of her just released first solo CD – Alberta, Canada and Puerto Aventuras songbird Elizabeth MacInnis has steered her way to complimentary reviews and more success down the road.

Here is what Freddy Celis, editor of the Netherland’s Rootstime.be, wrote: ““Elizabeth MacInnis is performing at her best in the emotional ballads that are recorded on her album ‘One Eye On The Highway’. This Canadian soprano is offering a broad variation of music styles in her self penned songs which she vocally  enriches with her beautiful voice.”
MacInnis and her husband, Trefor Gonzalez, are 8-year owners in Puerto Aventuras and have been spending the holidays here this year, returning to Canada next week to resume her career commitments and preparing for a busy summer arranged by her Los Angeles manager. It includes tours in the United States and Europe. MacInnis also recently released a Christmas CD containing five of her own original holiday songs entitled “What Christmas Means to Me.” It was released to Canada radio and globally in mid-December.
MacInnis’ highway CD has her cruising along at number 8 in Edmonton, Canada, charts for Alt Country on Reverbnation and 34th globally. “All in all, this a fine CD, well produced in California and has excellent musicianship and sincere and powerful vocals, as well as good songs written by Elizabeth MacInnis and friends. Good work by all, take a bow!” wrote reviewer Don Graham of Cashbox. Google Elizabeth MacInnis for more about her life, work and hear her sing.
Her biography notes she is a native of Alberta, and appearing in Canadian radio and  TV  commercials.  She has made several guest appearances at Cafe Ole and the recently opened HooHaa cafe in Puerto Centro, sitting in with local groups, her husband said. They are never here long enough for extended appearances, he quipped.


Briefly Noted…

Compiled from staff, contributor and media reports

TIME YOUR TRASH – The Colonos has done its part in scheduling daytime rubbish collection, but some residents are still putting rubbish out at night, which invites animals to strew garbage all over the place. Put the refuse out in the morning, not the night before, asks the Colonos administration…NON-PAYMENT OF LEASE by Tulum restaurant “Don Coffee Tree” resulted in officials going to the restaurant and throwing furniture and appliances into the street and closing the place down…Happy New Year!


Phrase a Week… with Gloria Contreras, state certified interpreter
Where can we learn to speak Spanish?. In Spanish, you would say, “¿Dónde podemos aprender a hablar a Español? ”
Anyone interested in learning the language can please contact Ms. Contreras by email at nanigloria@hotmail.com or Cel: 984-108-3517 .

Church Services… Please click Colonos icon on right top of page.

AA and Alanon meetings…
and ALANON meetings are held at the public library at the Colegio as follows:
AA Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m; Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at noon. ALANON meeting is held Mondays at 5:30 p.m., also at the library. Meetings are “open” and non-members are welcomed to attend.

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