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December 14, 2016

Assembly OK’s park proposal,
gate project, 5 percent fee hike

CASTING SHADOWS on a discussion of safety issues in the main gate road design are, from left, Colonos board member Daniele Gracis, developer Roman Rivera Torres, Sharon Baigle and real estate agent Sally Evans. (Staff Photo)

By Staff
Colonos voters approved a 5 percent increase in the 2017 maintenance fee at the annual Assembly held Saturday in the Dreams Hotel. The increase includes $12,000 USD each in dedicated funding for the Red Cross clinic and ambulance and for the Transformar Educando Civic Association, a teaching, social services and health counseling provider for the neediest poblado families of Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Chemuyil.

Also approved following lively debate was a special assessment of roughly $205,840 USD to complete the second and last phase of the main gate project. Work could start in April-May when the special assessments are paid in the first two quarters. The plan adds two more entrance gates for residents, a switch gate in or out to accommodate peak demand hours, new pedestrian access, increase Security office space, improve camera technology and provide a secure and staffed second-level monitoring workspace.

Residents Sally Evans and Sharon Baigle of Bahia Akumal spoke persistently from the floor advocating safety design changes that would ease residents’ access to their road. They explained in detail their transit difficulties and the potential for an accident under current circumstances. They suggested design modifications while another speaker championed use of a traffic cop as being less expensive. Colonos board chairman Jorge Kaufer said the suggestions were under serious consideration.

Resident Angelo Mouzouropoulos suggested what he saw as a better way to present financials for a project such as this to improve transparency.

The golf-to-park transition    

There was considerable discussion over developer Roman Rivera Torres’ proposal to forgo the second nine holes of the golf course in favor of a community park. Several property owners in the park area, including Eduardo Said, expressed disappointment over what they said was the expectation their property would someday front a golf course and increase their property values.

GETTING the details are residents and voters at the annual Colonos general assembly held last Saturday in the Dreams Hotel. (Staff Photo)

But even they were not so much troubled by the park idea as they were in believing the timeline for its development after waiting since 2009 for the second nine holes and not getting them. They tied their approval to having the park developed in a reasonable amount of time.

Several speakers said they could support a park but not the addition of 83 unexpected house lots along its periphery, which the developer said are needed to fund park development and provide assets for its maintenance. Several speakers said they worry about excessive growth and the traffic, parking, infrastructure and other potential problems that usually accompany growth.

Gate use up, golfing down

In presenting the park and gate plans, Rivera Torres said 2,500 vehicles use the gates on an average day, slowing the process at peak hours. The improvements should ameliorate that process. On the golf issue, less than 3 percent of residents use the existing nine holes, giving the operation a monthly deficit. He said more people use the existing course for walking dogs, jogging, and other uses more befitting to a community park that, by its nature, is less costly to maintain and gets more use by more residents.

It was also noted by the Colonos board that approval of the park plan was being sought as a courtesy and an effort to involve the community in its development. The Fideicomiso (Trust) would continue to own the land. Once completed by the developer, the park would be maintained by the Colonos for the exclusive use of residents. It would be free of commercial activity, the board said.

Legality questioned

A question from the floor asked if the change of use was legal and in keeping with the master plan. The developer said it was since the master plan describes the golf course areas as green space, rather than specific use.

The public has already been engaged in proposing park uses, suggesting a jogging/bicycle track, picnic area, pet park, children’s gym, athletic field for use by the Colegio and public, a community garden for planting vegetables, and other uses that will be under discussion. Colonos Chairman Kaufer said development could begin shortly after the house lots are approved, which he said could take about a year. Proceeds from the lot sales, up to $3 million USD, will fund park development paid by the Fideicomiso. (For more details on the above issues, scroll down to previous edition.)

Bikers register concerns

Several residents articulated concerns with the green-lined bicycle path along the community’s roads that were painted for use by children going to school and residents at large. One speaker said the two-way lane is too narrow, forcing a biker to swerve into the traffic lane when confronting another biker going in the opposite direction. Speakers on this issue also requested signage improvements.

Too narrow, but restricted by available space?

In that vein, the former owner of a Centro business last week was struck by a car while bicycling across the pedestrian walk near the confluence of Boulevard Puerto Aventuras and  Bahias Xcacel and Yanten. Minor injuries and bicycle damage were reported to Security. The driver of the rented car was  a guest in a local hotel, Security said.

Another issue resurfaced concerning zoning and a two-unit residence in a one-family zone, which earlier prompted a speaker from the floor to comment that with 83 new house lots coming with the park, enforcement of zoning rules will be paramount to avoid overpopulation.

Attendance was average with most seats occupied. The Colonos board and vigilance committee and staff were applauded for their reports and handling of the association treasury. The meeting lasted about four hours and ended as the cookie tin was found to be empty.

Tax discounts still available

The property tax discount of 25 percent is still available in the Colonos meeting room the rest of this week, ending Dec. 16. Make payment with your bill or last year’s receipt between 9:30 and 4:30…The Colonos employee Christmas party will be held Dec. 16. Bring gifts to the Colonos office until the morning of Dec. 16 if you haven’t already done so… Trivial pursuits will be played at Latitude 20 Restaurant at 4 p.m. Sunday. Proceeds help fund assistance to the children in the poblado… The annual road race is scheduled for January 22. Register at the Colonos office. The event is being sponsored again by Dolphin Discovery…

Commerce Corner
John Klug: The answer-man
to medical evacuation questions

Where do I go? What do I do? I‘m so nervous! Dear God! Who will help me? Who do I call?

John Klug

Call John Klug at 984-169-2600. He is right here in Puerto Aventuras and says he is ready to answer those questions before you are confronted with the critical need for an immediate medical evacuation of a family member to a hospital in the US or Canada for specialty life-saving care.

Mr. Klug is the Riviera Maya’s senior consultant for Travel MedEvac, a membership organization that has the specially equipped and configured MedEvac jet planes always at the ready with experienced pilots and staff to transport an emergency patient and a family member to a destination hospital without causing added distress.

Travel MedEvac flights are efficient, less stressful “and for as little as $250 a year per person (depending on age and time spent in Mexico) you can be protected against upwards of $50,000 in costs for an ordinary medical evacuation flight,” Klug said.

Leaving the details to the experts.

Travel MedEvac membership handles all the necessary steps such as ground ambulance, navigating the legal international aspects of emergency travel and many more adjunct services that allow family members to concentrate on supporting the patient.

Klug, who is assisted by his wife, Bernice, was a publishing executive in Denver, Colorado, for many years before purchasing property in Puerto Aventuras and making it their second home. Bernice worked at the Children’s Hospital of Denver for 30 years as a nurse practitioner in oncology.

Their affiliation with Travel MedEvac membership began while the semi-retired couple investigated how they would protect themselves in a medical emergency while traveling or living in Puerto Aventuras. “Far and away, Travel MedEvac membership offered us the most practical and comprehensive service we could find and an array of affordable membership prices,” Klug said. “I was so impressed I offered to represent them in the Riviera Maya.”

Klug has been involved during his business life with the International Rotary and is now a member of the Seaside Rotary in Playa del Carmen, which is involved in funding a program that employs law firms to obtain birth certificates for children of families arriving from inland villages `in order for the children to attend school. (The government does not educate children lacking a birth certificate.)

Klug and several other residents of Puerto Aventuras also worked quietly through Rotary to acquire thousands of dollars in medical equipment for the new Red Cross station in Playa del Carmen and re-establishing the Red Cross clinic and ambulance service in the Puerto Aventuras poblado that also services resort residents.

“Families living or visiting here who might have health concerns or fears that could someday require medical evacuation, are invited to investigate the comprehensive services provided by a Travel MedEvac membership plan and call me with questions they may have.” Klug said. “I’m here to help.”  (Readers can click on the Travel MedEvac logo in the sponsor column to reach the web site and pertinent facts.)

Puerto Aventuras included
in huge new biosphere area

By Staff
The Mexican government last week announced the creation of the nation’s largest biosphere reserve of 5.7 million hectares, and Puerto Aventuras is included.

The Mexican Caribbean Biosphere Reserve, on and offshore, includes the Quintana Roo coast including Isla Mujeres, Benita Juarez (Cancun), Puerto Morelos, Solidaridad (that’s us), Cozumel, Tulum, Bacalar and Orthon P. Blanco.

The announcement came last Monday from Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto during the opening of the global biodiversity summit in Cancun.  Nearly 1,900 species of flora and fauna, 500 species of fish and 86 species of coral are in the biosphere’s parameters.

The state’s Caribbean waters and coast contain various habitats and ecosystems. Inland are different types of rain forests, while he shoreline is host to dunes, lagoons, flood plains and mangrove swamps. Seagrass meadows and coral reef dominate the state’s sea waters.

The National Protected Areas Commission (Conamp) will administer preservation efforts that will be enforced by the Navy. The attempt will be to protect what the Environmental Secretariat (Semarnat) lists as damage from the intense traffic of cruise and cargo ships, inexpert reef divers, fuel spills and illegal settlements ashore threatening the ecosystems.

The Round-Up…

Underscoring the need for educational improvement as noted at the Colonos Assembly last week by Transformar Educando, were results of international testing by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development showing Mexican students near the bottom, scoring 416 against the average of 492 in the OECD’s member countries…

Election of delegates in the poblado is scheduled for Dec. 18. Press reports note that dissatisfaction with the lack of services to the community there has created much interest in changing representation…

The Navy and environment authorities stopped three companies from illegally doing business in Akumal. The companies were found to be allowing too many people into the water to swim with turtles, contributing to damage of corals and the turtles…

A big-truck rollover on  Highway 307 recently that stalled traffic for up to four hours prompted renewed talk about constructing alternative routes to the airport to avoid gridlock in such emergencies. Four hour delays translate into a lot of missed flights…

A teen-age girl has given birth to triplet boys at Playa del Carmen’s general hospital, where mother and newborns remained under observation last week. The single mother, 18, lives in Cozumel…

State authorities have filed charges against members of various boards, including some in Playa del Carmen. They say the officials were complicit in the questionable property dispossessions that occurred last year in Tulum…

Increased thefts from cars in Playa del Carmen’s mall parking lots has prompted a reminder from authorities regarding laws requiring liability insurance to cover losses and damages not only from theft but poor maintenance of the lots that could cause accidents. In the first months of 2016, there were some 200 reported incidents of theft from parked cars, officials said…

Nature Watch…
Snowbirds missed the chance
to see locust swarm in action


By Staff
We were disappointed when we returned to our condo here in late October. Ours is a second-level  unit and we had grown fond of the two flourishing palm trees that gave us the softly swaying beauty of fronds we could almost reach from our balcony. They added to our privacy and our supply of afternoon shade.

We noted on arrival the lower fronds had been surgically removed with machetes by maintenance staff despite our plea to spare them in the absence of a pressing reason. Evidently there was one.

We were told by condo management that swarms of locusts had hitched a ride into the Yucatan on the outer winds of Hurricane Matthew and feasted in a frenzy of gluttony upon the local flora that, to our chagrin, included our palms, leaving the lower fronds in a limp, moth-eaten condition .

Here’s looking at chew. (Staff Photo)

We wouldn’t have mentioned this were it not for a sluggish hanger-on we encountered on our staircase recently.  It was hanging over the edge of a step looking down at the hard tile some six feet below as though it were contemplating suicide.

By itself there, appearing to be in a serious funk, it seemed inconceivable it could do the damage that was escribed to us by condo management…were it not for their size and numbers. This fellow was no ordinary northern Yankee grasshopper. He (or she) was a good 4-inch plus bruiser that apparently had been left behind by his army, perhaps as a rear-guard.

We are told the locusts could have come from northern Africa – desert locusts – riding the fringe winds of a hurricane. The hordes are known to work up an appetite crossing the Atlantic at the speed of the winds at about 2000 meters above the water. It has been reported that swarms crossed from Africa to the Caribbean that way in 10 days during a 1987 plague.

One swarm contains  as many as 50 to 100 billion locusts weighing approximately 100 to 200,000 tons.

Some residents here reported their windows were covered with them during the roughly one week they were here feasting on Puerto Aventuras cuisine. Some say they could have been Central American locusts, about which we know nothing.

We don’t know what happened to the leftover locust on our staircase. But we  see the damage.

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The end…Previous edition below


November 23, 2016

Colonos board backs idea
of a community park


HOLE IN NONE – The existing fairway 10 will remain part of the golf course to be used for practice.

By Staff
Imagine a two-mile jogging and biking track, a doggie park, a pastoral picnic area by a cool cenote, a children’s play-gym area, perhaps a small soccer field, maybe a miniature golf area,  sufficient parking places and more – all contained in and around a 42-acre park within walking distance of most homes.

These are the visions being explored by the Colonos Board of Directors and PA developer Roman Rivera Torres in a bid to replace the proposed construction of the second nine holes of the golf course with a public park.

The initiative, said Jorge Kaufer, chairman of the Colonos board, has the board’s full support. The proposal will be presented to voters at the Dec. 10 General Assembly convening at 9:30 a.m. at the Dreams Hotel where the public gets its chance to hear details and weigh in on the idea.

The land area under discussion contains a total of 74 acres. Besides the park, 12 acres would be reserved for 60 single-family house lots on the extension road of Bahia Akumal beginning at the Cultural Center south to the Barcelo Hotel and 20 lots along Puerto Aventuras Blvd. in Phase 4, Kaufer said. Seven acres would be reserved for parking and streets and a 12 acres for greenery.

Kaufer said about $3 million US from the sale of house lots would pay for development of the park by the developer, after which time it would be turned over to and be maintained by the Colonos.

Kaufer said permitting for the house lots could take a year and perhaps anther year for proceeds from sales to become available to develop the park. He said the community could see a park shortly thereafter.

He said the proposal is not a “done deal.” The Assembly offers an opportunity for public discourse of the vision.

National championship sailing
races slated here this weekend

A national sailing competition of some 100 sailors and boats is being held this weekend off the Puerto Aventuras shore. The event is hosted by the Puerto Aventuras Sailing Club located in Phase 4 and is the last major national competition of the season, reports club Commodore Daniele Gracis.

A national championship in the Laser class boat will be determined by this weekend’s races and a team will be selected from the Optimist Class to compete in the National Sailing Federation championship.

Sailors from such distant places as Germany, Spain, Guatemala, Costa Rica and various Mexican states have already been arriving and preparing their boats for the event.  The races will be visible from beachfront vantage points. As usual, events hosted by the club bring added business to the community during the preparation and duration of the races.

 Taverna’s Akumal thanksgiving…

whats3Thanksgiving feast  is planned at Akumal’s newest restaurant, Taverna, adjacent to the Turtle Bay Restaurant, starting at 6 p.m. on Nov. 24. Choice of dinners includes oven-roasted turkey breast with baked yams, green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy and stuffing preceded by choice of pumpkin soup with shredded coconut or mixed greens with orange,carrots, raisins, goat cheese, toasted almonds and mixed berry vinaigrette. Other dinner choices include Risotto alla Pecatora, or grilled grouper filet or pumpkin ravioli.  Reservations, price and more information by calling 984-875-9009.

Hippo’s Restaurant is conducting a raffle for a deluxe meal for 20 people aboard a Fat Cat catamaran cruise. Buy a ticket for 250 pesos and win this day on the water with a deluxe meal for 20 of your family and friends. All proceeds going o help children served by the volunteer social agency Transforma Educando in the poblados of Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Chemuyil. Stop by Hippo’s for your ticket(s) soon because there are only 25 left.

The first concert of the season sponsored by the Colonos to fund other entertainment events throughout the season will be held at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 2 at the Cultural Center on Bahia Akumal. It will feature “Rocksimus Maxximus” rock and circus group. Entrance fee $100 pesos…Latitude 20 Restaurant and Lounge notes the resumption of live entertainment as snowbirds begin to nest for the new high-season. While the popular and charitable bi-monthly Trivial Pursuits  fund-raisers continued on alternating Sundays through the summer season, they will be joined by BINGO games on the remaining alternate Sunday afternoons. The first Bingo game will get under way on Nov. 27 .… The 9th Annual Road race registrations have begun for the race day of January 22, 2017. Dolphin Discovery is again the sponsor… The Colonos annual assembly is currently scheduled for Dec. 10 where, among other business, funds will be sought to finish the second phase of the main gate project. There is talk of a modest maintenance fee hike. rocksimus

For the record…
Noise, sleeplessness, can bring
out the worst in the aggrieved

MB900402101.pngBy Staff
Revolutions are not only fought between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Neither are their post-war patriotic celebrations. That point was driven home last Friday night as a tsunami of ultra-loud sound waves crashed over the resort from the poblado until around 4 a.m. in the observance of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

The excessive volume of music piped through powerful speakers trumpeted calls to Security at the resort’s main gate. Guards could only say that people were “dancing in the streets” across the highway and there was nothing they could do. Resort Security has no official standing in the poblado.

So loud was the amplification that it penetrated the usual noise defenses of shutting windows, doors and even hurricane shutters, this time all to no avail. Colonos GM said the music was carried across the highway by cold-front  wind from the north.

Provoking tension

We have read in the past that excessive noise and sleeplessness can provoke rather unpleasant responses in some people. A possible case in point is the recent mysterious torching of a lounge in Centro that has long been accused by neighbors of excessive noise into the wee morning hours, causing sleep deprivation.

There is a voluntary agreement in the resort’s Centro Comercial association to reduce noise by 11 p.m. For that, residents who retire at traditional hours are grateful. The Hard Rock Hotel next door opened with a bang several years ago but toned it down considerably after negotiations with Colonos GM Rincon and a small delegation of concerned residents. Again, the community is grateful.

Unfortunately, another musical disturbance Saturday night began at 11 p.m. on a residential street, forcing immediate neighbors to slam windows shut and regrettably forgo the paradisal Caribbean breezes in their bedrooms. “I don’t see why private parties aren’t made to follow the Centro Comercial model and bring their loud parties indoors at 11 p.m. so the rest of us can sleep,” said one of the aggrieved neighbors. “There ought to be a law,” he yawned.

Puerto Aventuras mayor issue
reported back on front burner

By Staff
The political struggle to elevate the Puerto Aventuras municipal delegation to a “mayoralty” of sorts with its own budget and spending priorities was apparently on the verge of heading to the courts for a resolution if the newly elected president (mayor) of Solidaridad continued to stall implementation.

Proponents were reportedly threatening to sue municipal President Cristina Torres for impeding progress on the initiative following its unanimous approval by the previous city council in September. Torres countered the municipality doesn’t have the funds and that the initiative lacks constitutional prerequisites and the bureaucracy to handle the transition.

But PA developer and mayoralty proponent Roman Rivera Torres reported meeting with President Cristina Torres to go over the process and logic of the plan and was assured by her the initiative approved by the previous municipal council will go forward with her blessing.

Proponents have been lobbying for a mayoralty for six years, spurred on by recurring shortfalls in public services and spending by previous Solidaridad administrations. A disgraceful and health-threatening lack of rubbish collection for days on end this summer provoked a protest that blocked Highway 307 for several hours, some property damage and personal injury.

Alderman Navarro Emilio Tamargo, who pushed for passage of the mayor plan and would represent the resort in the local administration, said Puerto Aventuras generates between 160 to 180 million pesos yearly for the municipality. (At the current exchange rate, 180 million pesos equals just over $9 million USD.)

Rivera Torres, who supports the transition, said income from taxes, fees and grants generated in Puerto Aventuras would return to the community an estimated 220 million pesos ($11 million USD). In that way, the Puerto Aventuras community would handle its own affairs while freeing the municipal president to concentrate on the burgeoning population in Playa del Carmen.

It is noted that Puerto Aventuras is not seeking to become a full-fledged municipality with a constitutional mayor, but rather a sort of deputy mayor working under the administration of Playa del Carmen, but with more fiscal autonomy than the current delegation model of governance. It is also noted that some influential resort residents oppose the move for fear of opening the resort gates to possible municipal interference.

Commerce Corner
Taverna in Akumal merges
flavors of Italy and Mexico
into fine dining experience

CHEF LEO slides a pizza into the oven. (Staff Photo)

CHEF LEO slides a pizza into the oven. (Staff Photo)

By Staff
Akumal’s newer restaurant is literally steps above the norm in the busy village. It is a second-story, palapa  plateau of plenty where Italian flavors of home-made sauces and pastas blend effortlessly with gracious service under the welcoming eyes of  manager Alejandra Ruiz Perez and collegial chef  Leonardo Leonetti, who are, incidentally, husband and wife.
Just beginning their second year at the Taverna in Akumal, the bi-lingual Alejandra and tri-lingual Leo have already formed a bond with repeat customers pleasing their palates with the flavorful fruits of  Leo’s culinary education at Italy’s “Albergherio School” specializing in all phase of hotel and restaurant management. Leo is a native of Bari, located in the heel of Italy, while Alejandra is from Mexico City where she received a degree in business management at the city’s Panamericana University.

Taverna's open kitchen.

Taverna’s open kitchen.

Pelican staff was given a tour of the expansive 70-seat dining area, the spotless open kitchen where diners can see what’s cooking, the smaller and more private “prep” kitchen with state-of-the-art stainless steel oven and other gleaming appliances used in producing the homemade pastas and sauces, the storage freezer and room where a selection of beers, including Akumal ale and selected wines are kept at proper temperatures.

DINERS read menus on landing to Taverna's dining area.

DINERS read menus on landing to Taverna’s dining area.

A dinner later with congenial friends Chris Landahl and Kay Strange of Puerto Aventuras elicited oohs and ahhs as waiters, almost too attentive to our wants and needs, delivered ample selections of Risotto al frutti di mare , a saffron risotto with seasoned seafood whose delightful flavors wafted and mingled about the table as did essences of ravioli maremmani stuffed with ricotta and spinach. Other risotto dishes were caressed with parmesan cheese, truffle sauce and lemon confit.
We shared some antipasti of avocado fries that were breaded and fried with lemon cilantro and some bruschetta garnished with fresh tomato, garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil.
And the spiced grand margarita came with a dash of Grand Marnier for color and added zest, fresh lime, agave nectar, jalapeno and chile blended into a glass large enough to last the meal for one who sips, rather than gulps. The bar sits at the opposite end of the room from the kitchen were one can also order food while watching one of the two television screens tucked into the corners of the palapa.
Taverna’s ambience is open and tropical with low lighting, most of it with candles accompanied by potted plants that line the steps and airy dining area. There is enough room between tables to afford a cozy privacy. The Tavern of Akumal, part of the Lombardi Family chain, is offering a Thanksgiving meal from 6 p.m. to closing Thursday, Nov. 24. Reservations recommended by calling 984-875-9009. Click on the Taverna logo in the sponsor column for more information.

The Round Up…

roundup.pngThe Great Maya Aquifer of underground water on the Yucatan Peninsula is being threatened by urban development, say researchers from National Geographic and INAH, Mexico’s cultural and archeological agency. Guillermo De Anda, an archeologist on special projects for INAH, says the most endangered area is from Cancun to Tulum where underwater Mayan artifacts and sustainability are most threatened. The researchers call for more legislative control over sites and cenotes served by the aquifer…

The earth-moving Calica Co. just north of Puerto Aventuras has received a Clean Industry Certification from the federal attorney for environmental protection to underline Calica’a compliance with legal matters involving the environment. Critics however say the company is threatening the Jaguar’s habitat with its earth removal operations west of Highway 307…

New bedfellows are the US Chamber of Commerce and Mexican government as they joined in a vow to defend trade between the two countries embodied in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) worth $500 billion a year in trade. US president-elect Donald Trump has boasted of amending or abandoning trade pacts during the recent political campaign…

Special treatment for immigrants highly-skilled in technology is being sought by the US Internet Association in the wake of president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric about closing US borders to newcomers…

Chichen Itza has turned up a new discovery of a third structure inside the Kukulkan pyramid that was built similar to a Russian nesting doll, say experts. They found a 10-meter tall pyramid inside a 20-meter tall one which was inside a 30-meter tall outer pyramid…

The local hotel association is fighting a move by the municipal government to add a 20-peso per room surtax that would, says the association, overlook 50 percent of the rooms being rented and cause financial hardship to the industry. They also contend it would be more equitable to collect regular room taxes from the multitude of private homes and condos being rented without paying any fees into the system…

The 911 (formerly 066) emergencyl line has received double the calls for burglaries since 2013, most of them from Playa del Carmen’s mushrooming colonies and the tourist zone. In the last six months, 1,311 calls were directly related to burglaries in living units, cars and on the streets…

Health Watch…
Mosquito, nature’s cargo plane,
now carrying ‘Mayaro’ fever

By Staff
Quintana Roo’s director of health, Arturo Lopez, is alerting county residents of the possible arrival of the “Mayaro” virus disease borne by the infamous Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which also carries dengue and chikungunya fevers and Zika virus.

Lopez said that while no Mayaro fever cases have been reported thus far on the Yucatan, he is urging residents to take precautions such as routine cleaning of flower pots on patios and rooftops and any standing-water containers to prevent mosquito proliferation.

Dra. Carolina Guzman (File Photo)

Dra. Carolina Guzman (File Photo)

Other general preventive steps include spraying and fogging by government and private agencies and the liberal use of personal and home repellents, such as sprays and citronella candles.

Mayaro symptoms are similar to infections from dengue, and acute symptoms usually last for three to five days. They include headache, myalgia (body pain), particularly in large joints, fever and rash.  Mayaro can be confirmed by laboratory testing.  Human exposure is affiliated with humid tropical weather usually found in forests.

Local house-call Dra. Carolina Guzman said she has been dealing with some patients exhibiting mild symptoms of flu-like infections and that the several cases she had laboratory tested came out negative for the fevers. Most cases had mild dengue- or flu-like symptoms minus the itch, she said. Recommended treatment is rest, avoiding too much sun, drinking plenty of liquids and taking analgesics like Tylenol. Cases where respiratory problems exist are treated with medications to prevent bacterial infection, she said.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization said the Zika virus is no longer a global emergency, but emphasized the crisis isn’t over.

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