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Centro HOA adopts online account management software

Posted 2/20/11 by Juanito

The Centr0 Comercial Marina Condo Association recently instituted the use of an account management software known as “Casandra”. It’s too early to say that it’s the “magic pill”, but early indications are encouraging.  It provides a great deal of transparency because it allows all condo owners with their own private PIN number easy access to a lot of financial and budgetary information. Users can check the status of their fees on line, make payments on-line, access account history, find out who is delinquent on their payments, access the annual annual budget and track its progress throughout the year on a monthly basis. So far, the only complaints we’ve had have come from owners who are delinquent with their fees and don’t like the fact that other condo owner’s can see their “personal business”. If you’re not already using software similar to this, you might find this of interest. The software carries a $200 monthly fee but is believed to offset costs of accounting. More infor atwww.casandra.com.mx

Heads Up: Why oversight is smart for owners everywhere

It can happen anywhere. The one-time office manager for a United States condominium HOA was sentenced to nine months in jail last week after pleading guilty in District Court to embezzling from her former employer. Rogers was also ordered to pay restitution of $7,000 to the condo community and four years’ probation.

Rogers was charged with stealing more than $46,000 from her former employer by paying herself double her agreed-upon salary, dipping into petty cash, and paying her personal bills directly from the property’s business accounts.”The sad thing about all of this is that this type of occurrence makes it very difficult for people to trust anyone who holds a position in the finance industry,” said a woman who worked as the HOA’s  office manager before Rogers and has returned to the position. “Everyone there trusted her and she was deceiving everyone from the very beginning.” A word to the wise. If $46,000 was tolen and restitution is only $7,000, qwe are looking at a #39,000 loss to the HOA.


“Thanks for the press for Paparazzi Pizza and The Reiki Bakery.  It is always nice to see your name in the paper!  However, I feel I must clarify.  The Reiki Bakery is not a restaurant.  It will be a bakery and market with food items to take away.  Only Paparazzi Pizza can be considered a restaurant.  So I guess Puerto is only going to have four new offerings. Also, just to clarify one of the photos where you note the crack in the sidewalk.  This does not belong to the Central Commercial Area.  It is a Federal Zone and won’t be covered by the improvement plan.  That crack should be covered by the Fideicomiso who has control over that area and has repaired the other cracks in the past.  The common area for the condominium ends at the sidewalk that separates the commercial spaces from the Dolphin marina.  I hope this helps.
Donna” (Carey)

Tourism takes another hit with media overkill of U.S. agent’s murder

An agent for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency was shot and killed in central Mexico this week. Another agent was wounded by the unknown gunmen according to U.S. officials. The incident is sure to raise fresh concerns about Mexico’s deteriorating security in Washington and elsewhere. Drug-related violence in Mexico has claimed at least 34,000 lives in the past four years. The agents were driving from Mexico City to Monterrey in the central state of San Luis Potosi at the time of the attack. U.S. officials condemned the attack and said they would work with Mexican counterparts to bring the assailants to justice.

But much of the U.S. media’s initial reports injected the possibility that drug cartel assassins were beginning to target foreign visitors and officials as a new tactic in the war on drugs, putting an understandable fear in potential college break visitors. But to its credit, a CNN report did go to the trouble of noting that Mexico’s major tourists attractions were relatively free of violence and considered safe for travelers.


Four flags fly above the Omni Beach Club.What do they represent? Hint: One is supposed to have “bright stars” but they have faded like the economy although you might not notice since it’s hidden behind a tree.

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