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Colonos responds to beach access and reconstruction issues


Clean out your apartment and/or yard of unwanted stuff! The Colonos administration reports that for this time only its recycling program schedule for Friday, Nov. 5 and supported by City Hall, will include electronics, abandoned cars, junk, printers, microwave ovens, old bikes and nearly all household items of that nature. Take advantage of this opportunity and keep Puerto Aventuras clean and clear of the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life that can spoil a street or neighborhood. Do your part!….Please. Call the Colonos if you need help moving hevy objects.


Published 10/30/2010 by Pelican Press staff

The Colonos board is pointing to a lack of funds and absent guarantees and understandings over the longstanding beach access issue and also to suggestions from some quarters to link that issue to more recent talk about beach replenishment cost-sharing suggestions. Here’s what the Colonos has to say in its own words:

“THE TRUTH ABOUT MEXICAN STANDOFFS”Picture of Path to the beach - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com


1.- Beaches are federal and no one can own a beach. Everyone is allowed on a Mexican beach.The problem is getting access to the beach.


2.- The Puerto Aventuras Master Plan authorized by the government more than 20 years ago does not have one single public access path to the bay.

3.- (A viewpoint) “When we bought (not beach front) properties we were made to believe that we had full access through the beach club, now the Omni Hotel, but they never told us that some day it wasn’t going to be free. So now, depending on the hotel occupancy and events, they let you walk through or not.

4.- There is a service corridor, property of the Omni Hotel, at the end of the hotel lot that gives access to the dive shop and the beach.

5.- The Colonos has been demanding from Fideicomiso, directly from Roman Rivera Torres, for more than 2 years that this service corridor should be guaranteed in writing as a permanent access to the beach, and that they should invest in this corridor to change it from a service entrance to a dignified resident’s entrance. Arq. Rivera Torres’ response is that they will invest in that corridor when the Fideicomiso has money to do it but we (the Colonos) still has no date. We are still waiting for the written guarantee of access.

6.- Rivera Torres has asked the Colonos Association for help in funding beach replenishment, but no specific amount has been mentioned and no definite budget or permit has been presented by the Fideicomiso.

THE COLONOS OPINION: The board of directors’ opinion is that the only bargaining tool we have to obtain a decent and guaranteed access to the beach is not giving any money to Fideicomiso until we have this access guaranteed and only then the general assembly (not the board) will vote how much, when and how, if any money should be used for the beach reconstruction.

The board also is of the opinion that until there are serious budgets presented to us along with all the many necessary permits, the Colonos stakeholders are wasting time talking about this matter because we think that our limited funds cannot be committed to do something that is not in black and white and ready to be presented to the General Assembly.

For now we are using all the Association’s fees to cover the budget expenses authorized by the Assembly and to build our streets.”

Simple path to the beach less complicated than a guaranteed solution


On the virtue of cross-border giving

Posted 10/30/10 by Pelican Paulie

This story has to be told. I was at the gym on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a week ago responding to a fellow grunt’s inquiries about life in Puerto Aventuras, nearly 1,800 flight miles away. In my subsequent soliloquy I happened to mention the funding drive for $35,000 US to build a new high school in the Poblado and comparing that with the $20 million US it cost for a high school on Cape Cod a few years ago. A short while later as I was leaving the gym, the retired gentleman, Robert Berry is his name, followed me outside and asked if I would wait a minute while he went to his car. He came back, and saying this was all he had brought with him, thrust $70 in my hand. “What’s this for?” I said in surprise. “It’s for the high school in your Mexican town,” he said. “The story moved me,” he added and then walked away. The gift will be delivered on my imminent return to PA. Like the song says, “It’s A Wonderful World.”

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