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Easter on the rocks; winds blow visiting vessel ashore


  The high season is, alas, on the wane and so are many of the activities it brings. Accordingly, the Pelican Free Press moves from its weekly publication this week and into the sporadic off-season mode as pertinent news dictates. We will contact you by e-mail as usual when new editions are published and will be back in stride for the high season in November.  Stay tuned and stay informed.


Nobody injured as Cancun craft attracts curious beachgoers

    There she was, a roughly 30-foot cabin cruiser rocking gently with the surf on the stony bottom just off Villa Del Mar on Easter Sunday, greeting curious onlookers and the Federal Marines to a lazy-day diversion.

    The first call to the Pelican Free Press came from Inger Bjerre who came upon the scene during her morning walk, reporting to us the early, skimpy details of what had happened and how the Marines were on the beach evidently taking the situation in hand.
The Pelican, camera in pouch, winged quickly to the scene, first encountering armed Marine sentinels, other military personnel in blue uniforms who were surveying the scene and evidently guiding the vessel’s salvage. One of the Marines pointed out the craft’s owner as he waded a shore with a backpack in hand and rueful smile.
He identified himself as Juan Ruiz, from Cancun. He wore a blue T-shirt with large letters saying “CUBA” but declared “I’m Mexican.” As he spoke to the press, several Marines came by and high fives were exchanged along with brief conversation, then several Mexican men, also high-fivers, attracted his attention as workers and onlookers strode by.

       Ruiz said the boat had been disabled the day before as it maneuvered near the north channel entrance to the marina and evidently struck a rock, disabling the vessel’s ability to propel itself. Overnight the wind took on that task and drove the vessel nearly onto the beach broadside.
Beach walker Jim Caddey, of Quinta del Sol, said he’d seen the vessel earlier on Saturday just sitting, it seemed, outside the channel entrance to the marina. Then he saw it again at about 9:30 p.m. after watching a basketball game. She had nearly washed up on the beach broadside, he said, and  had her running lights on. He said he thought he could hear a pump and water being bailed.
Ruiz said there were four people aboard making the holiday trip from Cancun. He said nobody was injured. Beachgoers watched as burly young men carried large beams of wood out to the disabled vessel to shore up her spine, or keel, so that a personal watercraft could tow her out to deeper water undamaged and where she would not flounder.
Fortunately, the vessel grounded before reaching one of the several stone piers running out from the beach into several feet of water. She was freed from shallow water later in the day and hauled out to deeper water to await some mechanical repairs. In related news, navigation to boats under 40 feet was stopped on Isla Mujeres Tuesday because of high winds. But later in the week, the Navy had to come to the aid of two small vessels adrift at sea. There were no injuries.

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First PA dentist opens full-service office here

    Dr.Enrique Perez, a native of Mexico City and 12-year-practicing dentist in Cuernavaca, has opened what is believed to be PA’s first ever full-service dental office. It is located in a minimalist space at the junction of the steps leading up to the Colonos office.

    In addition, his wife, Sonya, is proprietor of the Sushi Mi restaurant that opened a few weeks ago in Centro C0mercial  between Tiramisu and Mangos. Though it had just opened for business,  Sushi Mi participated in the Colonos annual food fest. They have a 4-year-old son and are now living in the resort area.
Cuernavaca, for the uninitiated, is an industrial city in south central Mexico’s Cuernavaca Valley near Mexico City. It is a popular tourist and health resort destination,   indicating doctors  there have the skills to satisfy.
In addition to regular dentistry such as fillings, extractions and other purely medically required services, Dr. Perez has taken a number of courses in aesthetic dentistry and Botox application, including a dental implant course at Harvard’s Department of Restorative Dentistry.
Dr. Perez earned his degrees from Metropolitan and International Universities in Mexico City and various other specialized courses in places like Las Vegas. His services include orthodontics, the latest in computer generated crowns, caps, implants and laser whitening.
His family’s move to Puerto Aventuras from a large 120 square meter office in Cuernavaca is simply explained: “This place is so beautiful. It’s amazing. Our son even loves it here.” There are no beaches in Cuernavaca.
While he and his wife are starting their businesses here simultaneously, Dr.Perez is splitting his time between the dental office and the restaurant when he has no dental appointments.
To accommodate walk-in patients when he might not be in the office, he has a sign “OPEN” posted on the door with a phone number to call, 984-112-2561. “I come in every morning and turn everything on. If people call me,I can be there in less than five minutes,” he said.
Dr. Perez is a runner and expects to join more than 400 runners in this year’s annual PA runathon.
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OFFICICAL VISITOR HERE – An agent from INEGI, Mexico’s census and geographic agency, began on Tuesday visiting living units in PA taking the census. The agent is Jose Ramos Benumea, and is carrying identification that you may request to see before answering his census questions. The Colonos administration asks that you all cooperate
with this effort

ANOTHER TRAVEL WARNING was issued by the U.S. State  Department this week, It could be discouraging to people who drive here from the States because  all states through which one must pass are included in the warning. Again, forewarned is forearmed. Check the State Department website before making the drive. Yucatan Peninsula is not included in the warning but Highway 101 in Tamaulipas has been dubbed the “Road to Death”…LOST IN TRANSLATION – Felix,who attended the tree planting, is from Germany, not Amsterdam, according to sources and the proper spelling for chair of the event is Dulce Carillo Chabolla. The Pelican appreciates these clarifications…TULUM AIRPORT BIDS for construction are being received by the Ministry of Communications and Transport. Among bidders are Tradeco Construction Co. and a consortium comprised of Grupo Mexico and Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico. If it ever gets built, the airport would be about 15 miles from the coast in Tulum toward the Coba ruins…SEVEN ALLEGED MEMBERS of the Zetas have been

detained in Cancun and several weapons including an AK47 and super 38 and 9mm handguns along with more than 700 assorted cartridges confiscated…CONDOS ESMERALDA and Turquesa are getting a new neighbor it seems. Workers have cleared the lot just outside the main gate, on the Turquesa side, to evidently make room for constructing a home…Q. ROO’s HUMAN RIGHTScommission is investigating complaints that some civil servants and the police have been violating human rights at times of arrest of individuals for various infractions…

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