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Embattled HOA president shackles freedom of speech

Denies editor, critics access to Pelican Press pages;

Forces impromptu creation of new, PELICAN FREE PRESS

Dear Readers:

If any of you have sent comments to the Pelican Press concerning the balcony construction issue at Condominium Torre Esmeralda, please be advised that the writer/editor has been locked out of the Pelican Press site that controls the approval of comments that may have been sent since last Monday or Tuesday. The editor, Paul Gauvin, has also been blocked from publishing another edition of the Pelican Press. In addition, the report appearing in the last issue that gave balanced voice to all concerned parties in the balcony controversy was suddenly expunged without notice by the technical site administrator, Don Papa , who is also the president of the Esmeralda HOA and complicit in the balcony affair. If you have been inconvenienced, the editor apologizes on behalf of the editorial staff, its contributors and welcomes you to the new PELICAN FREE PRESS where unwarranted censorship will never be permitted. Continue reading →

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