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End of Mexican land trust is in sight, but…


…Its elimination may require more patience

By Staff
      If you have friends or neighbors up north itching to buy in the Riviera Maya in the event the current required land trust provisions are eliminated, tell them not to hold their breath.    

Mexico’s House of Deputies – akin to the U.S.House of Representatives and the Canadian House of Commons – passed the measure 356-119 a few months ago, as reported previously in the Pelican. Such a lopsided vote would usually indicate broad support for the reform that would loosen restrictions, advance foreign investment and create jobs…and do it relatively quickly as lawmaking goes.
But perceived support could wane. The proposal now needs a vote by the Mexican Senate, which has gone on a break, plus a majority of the country’s 32 state legislatures. This will take some time without a guarantee of success while the opposition stakes out its claims that easy access to land could lead to foreign colonization of parts of the country.
Historically, the opposition, which includes the Union of Indians and Farmers Force, a farming group, has a point and the Alamo experience proved it when Texans  on Mexican soil revolted against Mexico and ended up with the sizeable state.
The farming group says ending the trust provision for foreigners would encourage speculators to engage in excess profiteering and hold the potential for widespread fraud.
Supporters say however that the colonization and national defense reasons for instituting the trust provisions are no longer viable. To the contrary,they say the elimination of the land trust provisions would encourage investment, tourism and job creation.
Passage of the proposal by the House of Deputies was greeted in Puerto Aventuras with a mix of mild reactions. Longtime observers know this has been proposed before and gone nowhere. Several foreign owners of property in PA who have been paying for a trust for years say they would probably stick with a trust until they decide to sell even if the provision is eliminated.

evin Graham of the Costa Maya Living real estate company in Mahahual, feels the law as it is impedes the real estate market, citing cases of possible buyers who balk at the prospect of not having direct title to beach properties they want to buy and paying added costs of initial trust preparation and annual fees, the latter particularly discouraging to marginal buyers looking toward retirement.
What is obvious here is that something has propelled a rash of new-home construction in established Puerto Aventuras development phases along Bahia Chemuyil and Bahia Xaac as Phase 4 development continues to open up many more canal-front housing lots.

Residents with cat problems urged to contact
Colonos office as spaying program begins

The Colonos reports a cat spaying program will begin next week in order to maintain control over the growing feral population.

General Manager Armando Rincon said a volunteer resident will be using three humane traps for the task and will respond to residents who report a cat congregation problem to the Colonos. Also assisting will be a local veterinarian.
Animal rights groups say spaying is a smart thing to do even for house pets because it helps maintain the health of the cat population, which, as it increases,  so does the number of cats that do not have a place to call home.

Many animal rescue groups use live cat traps in their trap, neuter/(spay), and release (TNR) programs.  Contact the Colonos at [email protected] or call 984-873-5116 or 5117
Puerto sail club places five of 10 on national team


June 6 dinner here to raise funds for Bermuda trip

Five of ten young sailors chosen nationally from year-long national regattas to represent the great Mexican nation at the North American Optimist Class world championship in Bermuda are from the Puerto Aventuras Sailing Club.
This record-breaking  feat means that PA’s sailors have been outperforming their peers at regattas around the nation for the opportunity to become known as world class sailors and champions.
The invitation to participate is an opportunity for local sailors to compete with the best international sailors and put Puerto Aventuras on the world sailing map.
The Bermuda regatta requires expenditures that several of the local sailors cannot afford, so to help them, a gala dinner will be held June 6  at the Omni Hotel and Beach Club in an effort to raise $4,000 USD.
Tickets on sale at the Colonos office are 600 pesos or $55 USD and includes  sumptuous dinner choices with wine and drinks included.


Absent water-bottle seals prompt criticism

Officials temporarily close several

area bottling plants over health issues

By Staff
     Water, the earth’s most abundant and essential liquid, caused some concern just as snowbirds were about to head north in April when the E-Pura bottling company unilaterally decided to remove one safety feature – the seals under the cap – from the 5-gallon it delivers to households.

The action spurred back-fence criticism by some residents who wanted to know if the sudden lack of protective seals was a broad oversight, a narrow act of mischief or a pre-conceived move by the company for a legitimate, non-threatening reason.
Delivery employees could only say that the company was no longer using the seals.
Unfortunately, the company’s failure to notify its customers beforehand prompted dialogue on other fronts that included complaints about too many bottles that leak and the quality of the plastic from which the bottles are made. Several residents said they believe the quality of the water bottles containing a resin code number 7 is below standard for bottles containing water for human consumption.
That complaint is branded as a misguided myth by the SPI, the Society of Plastics Industry trade association. It says the numbering, from 1 to 7 stamped in a triangle, identifies plastics only for recycling purposes.
Nonetheless, in May, the Mexican Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (COFEPRIS) suspended and fined at least five purified water bottling companies, among them Water Rose, Drop Blue, Pure Evena, Silo and others, for what officials said were practices that could compromise the health of consumers, even criticizing the condition of vehicles used to deliver the water.
Felix Montes Casanova, Solidarity coordinator, said mistreatment and handling of water invites bacteria like ecoli, salmonella and typhoid. The companies are charged with operating in inadequate facilities, use of generic labels that make the water source hard to trace in the event of an outbreak, delivery vehicles in poor condition. There was no mention of the seals, leaking bottles or the quality and safety of the plastic.
Notifying customers of changes to products and packaging, and explaining in summary why the changes are occurring, could help dampen complaints.

Commerce Corner… 

‘Donna’ transitioning biz to a ‘marisqueria’

    By Staff
Tiramisu’s Donna” is one of those people who, like “Beyonce” or “Madonna” or “Peter” from Latitude 20 Restaurant does not need a surname to be instantly recognized, such is her local popularity.
The Connecticut native and owner of the now permanently closed Tiramisu Restaurant for 12 years in Puerto Aventuras’ Centro, told the Pelican Free Press that she will be opening a “marisqueria” in her building where Paparazzi Pizza is located just outside the resort’s main gate facing the Highway 307 overpass.

For the English speaking crowd, a “marisqueria” is a restaurant that specializes in fish dishes and/or raw bar. “We are designing gardens on the side of the building with a fountain and a palapa,” she said. “All of my cooks have decided to stay with me and two of my waiters.  So you may see some of the old Tiramisu favorites pop up on the new menu.”
The rumor mill started churning as soon as the closing was announced, with next-door restaurateur John Timmerman of Hippo’s mentioned as an interested party along with a Mexican restaurant owner from Cancun.
Retirement is not on Donna Carey’s agenda. Besides her continued affiliation with local charities, “Plans now are to relax and spend some time in Rio Lagartos.  I will also be practicing and teaching Reiki, sound healing and meditation in Akumal.
“An attorney friend has asked me to be a business consultant in his office for foreigners who want to open and operate businesses in Mexico.  Also, I am following my heart’s desire and organizing tours to Bhutan and other locations while I am in the process of writing a book.
“I have asked those who would like to participate to send me their stories of memories of Tiramisu, the Reiki Bakery, Caribbean Com, Full Moon Ceremonies and other Puerto events linked to me and the restaurant to be included in the book along with some of the most requested recipes.  So, you see, I still have many irons in this fire!!”


WORK IS CONTINUING on the new Omni Beach access walkway as shown in above photo contributed by Capt. Rick’s Sport Fishing next door. Note the flower boxes on both sides lending aesthetic improvement of the walkway that was sorely missed when it was temporarily closed to residents last year…SOLIDARITY MAYOR Rafael Kantun visited Puerto Aventuras Puebla to announce an investment of 1.3 million pesos to install paved streets and sidewalks for access to the secondary school Esparza Jose Antonio Tzuc. He said paving will be 10 inches thick and cover 120 meters of paving and 240 linear meters of curbing and sidewalk. The initial high school building in the Puebla was funded by Anat Kah and Charity Golf Tournament in the resort…HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS in Playa has been purchased by the real estate trust Fibra Inn for $11 million. The trust said the acquisition is part of its diversification plans…EASY ON THE BOOZE ADS – The Department of Protection Against Health Risks is banning outside advertising of happy-hour price reductions so as not to encourage excessive consumption by the public. It goes into effect this month…COMEDY FESTIVAL in Akumal has already set its date between May 1-3 in 2014. More details next year…ECONOMY MAGAZINE announces that Mexico slipped out of the top ten world tourist destinations in 2012…A WAR OF WORDS erupted the the area Business Coordinating Council over the hiring of  foreigners in Playa del Carmen’s service and hospitality industry, noting the jobs are needed for locals and protected under the law. One union leader called for action against businesses that do not obey the rules…


In Case You Want to Know…

Our Mexican state: Pronounce it Keen-TAH-Na-Roh-oh

Hurricane season forecasters
predict a worrisome year

From Staff and news Reports
    Puerto Aventuras is in the state of Quintana Roo, the easternmost state at the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula that covers an area of 42,030 square kilometers (16,228 square miles), which is a little less than half the size of the US state of Maine.

It borders the Mexican states of Yucatán to the northwest, Campeche to the west, the Central American countries of Belize and Guatemala to the south, and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east and north. The state has eight municipalities. Its capital is Chetumal.
Quintana Roo is situated on the Yucatán Peninsula, which is low and flat. The southwestern region of the peninsula is the highest, reaching an altitude of more than 200 meters (660 feet) above sea level. The Caribbean coastline is long and beautiful, with fine beaches. One important feature of this coastline is the coral reef.
The most important river is the Hondo River, which forms the border with Belize. The state also has many lagoons. There are also underground caves filled with water that has filtered through the porous rocks. These caves are known as cenotés.

Weatherwise, the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea contribute to the climate, which is generally warm and humid. The average temperature range is 25.5°c to 26.5°c (78°f to 80°f), with maximum high temperatures between 36°c and 38°c (97°f and 100°f) and low temperatures ranging from 12°c to 14°c (54°f to 57°f).
The highest monthly average rainfall, 17 centimeters (6.7 inches), occurs in September. Annual rainfall ranges from 1,100 to 1,500 millimeters (43 to 59 inches), with the average being 1,200 millimeters (47 inches). The region is also frequently affected by tropical storms and hurricanes. In September 1989 Hurricane Hugo struck Cancún with 320-kilometer-per-hour (200-mile-per-hour) winds, causing major damage to the resort hotels there.
In that vein, the latest forecast of this coming hurricane season from NOAA predicts above normal and highly active storms with 13 to 20 named storms of which seven to 11 could turn into hurricanes and three to six as major hurricanes. Forecasters define hurricanes as Category 3 storms churning 110-mph winds and above. Forecasters do not routinely predict location of possible landfalls.

Briefly noted…


SIGNS POSTED along the elevated highway through Playa del Carmen ban bikes, other two-wheeled transportation and vehicles with trailers from using the overpasses…CANADIAN TOURIST DROWNS – Samarin Martin, 57, drowned May 17 in the Puerto Aventuras cenote Chac Mool. A guide said the tourist had been told not to enter the water because of his physical condition and pressure problems…A 12-YEAR-OLD BOY who was part of a school group was killed when he climbed the roof of a glass domed museum at the Xcaret Park and fell through the skylight in what park owners termed a very unfortunate accident…A DUTCH VISITOR drowned off the Punta Venado reef as he tried to swim to shore after feeling some discomfort while snorkeling with a group…HOT! HOT!HOT! Weather observers in Q Roo say more cars and deforestation are contributing to hotter weather in the central and southern parts of the state as temperatures reached 34 and 36 degrees Celsius, up from 30 degrees 10 years ago in the same areas…ILLEGAL INVASION of Electric Department and ejido lands in Playa del Carmen led to violence last month with fisticuffs, death threats, three arrests and a torched palapa. No wonder we are seeing guards on duty in their makeshift towers along Highway 307…Q. ROO STATE is moving toward criminalizing vehicular manslaughter cases where a guilty driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs will face four to 12 years in prison and minimum-wage fines from 31,000 to 93,000. Insurers have already boosted social insurance coverage for vehicular deaths to a maximum of $300,000USD. Driver sober, drive carefully…A DRAMATIC GUN BATTLE between police and alleged extortionists in the Colosio Luis Donaldo in Playa’s north end injured one suspect and a  2-year-old child who happened to be near the chase and shootout as the suspects, whose car rammed a chain link fence, were arrested to end the May 25 spree. The suspects had attempted to extort 50,000 pesos from a Playa business. In all, five suspects from Tabasco were arrested…NINE ACTIVE WILDFIRES were being reported in Q. Roo as the Pelican went to press this week. Some 2,783 hectares were involved…HURRICANE SHELTER preparations begin this month in the various municipalities…


Phrase a week … By Gloria Contreras, state certified interpreter

We are never too old to learn.  “Nunca estamos demasiado viejos para aprender.”
Anyone interested in learning the language can please contact Ms. Contreras by email at [email protected] or Cel: 984-108-3517.

Church Services… Please click Colonos icon on top right hand of page.

AA and Alanon meetings…

AA and ALANON meetings are held at the public library at the Colegio as follows:
AA Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m; Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at noon. ALANON meeting is held Mondays at 6 p.m., also at the library. Meetings are “open” and non-members are welcomed to attend.


                                       Thank you for Reading!

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