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First PA charity golf tourney scores high on fundraising

Event in waning season earns $7,500 for Poblado school

     The first annual Puerto Aventuras Charity Golf Tournament may have been a day late, but it most assuredly did not come up a dollar short as 27 golfers, 10 volunteer support personnel, 21 cash donors, 13 businesses offering 16 auction prizes and other gratis services blended bountifully to raise $7,500 to help finish accessory construction of the Poblado High School.

      Committee members Jim Jamieson, chairman; Bob Uecker, Gordon Jumonville and Dick Dawson had hoped to raise at least $2,500 with 36 golfers. Instead, they were overwhelmed by the generous response of the community raising $7,500 even though many snowbird and expat golfers had already headed north and the full count of golfers unattainable on short notice. “We’ll aim for an earlier date next year,” Jamieson said, indicating an annual event with more players to help local charities.
Golfers paying $100 USD each to participate included Gary Adams, Kyle Applefield, Gary Barness, Don and Diana Black, Tom Bry, Oscar Calderon, Francisco Cervantes, (the other) Cindy Crawford, Dick Dawson, Mike Duty, Marina Grass, Jim Jamieson, David Jenkins, Penny and Gordon Jumonville, Alfredo Martinez, Bob Roadway, John Schwandke, Gustavo Seagrove, Matthew Shelly, Dennis Shwed, Bob Uecker, Todd Vershaw, Jason and Mike White and Martin Wohlich.Thumbs up
The weather could not have been better as Mother Nature smiled on the effort with blue skies, gentle breezes and diminished humidity, allowing the golfers to see exactly where their balls landed, sometimes to their chagrin. But attesting to their aim, not one ball landed in the pools of nearby condominiums and homes, where tenants wear bicycle helmets to swim their laps in safety.


     VOLUNTEERS were also important to the tourney’s financial success and for making golf’s proverbial 19th hole a jolly good ending to a fun day with hot dogs and cheeseburgers grilled to perfection  and an assortment of beverages kept refreshingly cool and at the ready.
The volunteer effort and then some was headed by Jeannette Jamieson, the other half of the day’s dynamic duo, with the help of  John and Darlene Schwandke, Doe Stowell, Leroy and Anita Blanks, Dorothy Gauvin, Hal Harper, Inger Bjerre, Tom and Diane Bry and Don Black, all of whom did yeoman’s work soliciting and cleaning chairs and tables and, like a group of rough and ready “rubes” from a traveling circus, raising a tent to shade hard-working golfersFingers crossed at the 19th hole and during a most successful post-play auction.
The $7,500 amount that will go to help finish the school could not have been raised, either, were it not for a fee-free use of the golf course donated by Roman Rivera Torres and donated use of golf carts by Edgar Giffenig and several of the golfers, committee members and Bruno’s golf cart repair.

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SIGNING UP was a pleasure with volunteers Darlene Schwandke, left, and Doe Stowell. Ready to roll in center photo are Dick Dawson, left, and Gary Barness. ALREADY LOST? Hunters emerge from the woods without their prey.Steaming mad

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THE TRANSFORMATION – Volunteers in left photo, from left, Inger Bjerre, Jeanette Jamieson and Dorothy Gauvin wash chairs as, in center photo, Gringo Cantina owners Donnie Young and Kristin Iwan begin to erect tent they donated, along with tables and chairs, all of which resulted in – Voila! – an oasis of fine diningMartini glass awaiting  the famished fairway crowd.

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THEY ATE, in left photo, what Jim McClure grilled to perfection as, after any good time, the clean-up crew  lugged the litter of the day to  disposal.

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BIG HEARTS – Oscar Calderon, right in left photo, returns cash winnings, as did all cash winners, to, from left, Leroy and Anita Blanks while Darlene Schwandke handles the paperwork. Obviously happy are, in center photo, Jeannette Jamieson after counting the proceeds of the event, and, at right, an unidentified woman whose bid won her an auction item. Also returning cash awards were Todd Vershaw, Jason and Mike White and Gary Barness, 1st prize winners; Calderon, Alfredo Martinez, Gustavo Seagrove and Marina Grass, second prize winners.
SPECIAL THANKS went out businesses that donated items or services for the auction—and to Gordeon Jumonville for agreeing to be the auctioneer and doing a good job of it raising $2,250 even if he did have to use sweet talk and, sometimes, a cattle prod.

     Donnie Young and Kristen Iwan, owners of Gringo’s Cantina, hardly broke a sweat despite a lot of work they did donating and hauling tables, chairs, coolers, beverages and a canopy tent on a large trailer, with help from volunteers, then agreeing to also haul the large grille back to its owner.
Putting that grille to good use was Jim McClure and Rolf Sletton, for purchasing, donating and grilling the dogs ‘n ‘burgers so welcome after a hard day on the links, with nary a hole in one and the only birdies being the ones frolicking in the trees taunting the golfers.
And for those who couldn’t wait for the burgers, thanks to Penny Jumonville for supplying snack cookies; to Gaylita Dunaway for being on the back end of the “official” tournament camera; Javier Viruega for creating all signs and posters including the one above and the Pelican Free Press for helping promote the event.
Of the $7,500 collected, $2,250 came from cash donations,some from  golfers who had already departed for home but wished they had been here; $2,700 ($100 from each golfer) from golf receipts; $300 selling closest-to-pin mulligans and $2,250 from the auction.






The Pelican Free Press gold Star goes to golfers, donors and volunteers

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