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Gifts sought for Colonos workers’ yule party Saturday

Posted 12/15 by Colonos

Dear Residents:

First of all we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011, also because it is a time to share and a good moment to express our gratitude to those people who work day by day in our Puerto Aventuras to keep it clean, safe, with the green areas full of flowers, even when there is bad weather, they always continue doing their job.

Due to all the above reasons, we want to invite all of you to donate any kind of present to be raffled at their Christmas party which will be held next Saturday 18 at the Colonos facilities located in the poblado.

On behalf of all the Board of Directors members we thank you in advance for your cooperation no matter what kind or size of the present might be.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted 12/15/10 by Pelican Paulie

The Pelican has been experiencing trouble with the on-again, off-again internet access via TelMex, an organization whose billionaire owner ought to be able to provide the Yucatan area with staff that knows what it is doing to service paying customers in a reasonable amount of time and reasonably dependable service, barring natural disasters, of course. As a result, the volunteer Pelican has become unwilling to shag its computer all over town bothering others for internet access and has instead been forced to surrender to the storied national mindset of manana, that is, not really caring or being conscious of when or if ever a job gets done by deadline no matter how many people it affects or how frustrating it is. We have some delightful Christmas spirit stories to tell but if their news value shrinks because of missed deadlines, remember that TelMex will be in this case the new Grinch who Stole Christmas. The thought strikes us that if TelMex was responsible for delivering Christmas, it probably wouldn’t arrive until mid-February.

The Pelican thanks all those who offered to provide internet access, two of which were accepted and used to produce this quick post in an effort to help the Colonos have a merry Christmas party for its employees this Saturday. Anyone wishing to express their gratitude with a gift to the men who labor to keep the resort neat and flowery and particularly those in Security who help keep the peace, may deliver their offering to the Colonos office before Saturday.

.     Happy holidays to all our readers from the Pelican Staff, and, swallowing our frustration, we wish joy to TelMex in a New Year that we all hope becomes a more efficient one with more durable action and fewer choreographed apologies.

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