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Help for kids’ party on Thursday



from Soñar Despierto.

SOÑAR DESPIERTO AC actively promotes activities that
help those in need in Solidaridad. We are an organization mainly formed by
Young College students with limited resourses that volunteer to help. This time
we are organizing one of our major events of the year: Our “Christmas
MACROPOSADA of 2011” for the fifth consecutive year. The date of this celabration
is December 1st, 2011 at Centro Maya shopping center in Playa del Carmen.


In order to make this event a complete success, we
are requesting the support of the entire community of Solidaridad, including
Puerto Aventuras to help on this activity, which will be of great joy for the
children of our community. Such help will be extremely important to fullfill
the goals that Soñar Despierto has set for this year’s event which are targeted
to the children that have limited resources.

The event consists of a big “Posada”
and Soñar Despierto has invited children of 8 of the elementary Schools of
Solidaridad’s public system aged 6 to 9, who  will be  greeted with lunches, games and new toys.
Every single activity and item will be donated by several organizations within

in one of our massive events of the year and its purpose is to have children aged
6 to 9 spend a joyfull day prior to the Christmas holliday.

We are requesting our community for support by donating the
following  for our Campaign “ The Best
Gifts are those that begin with a dream”:

  • New Toys worth about $ 100
    to $ 200

Our goal is to collect enough
toys for the 1,300 children we expect to have. Each toy that you can donate
will be of great joy for a child. The toy or toys don’t need to be wrapped.
Please send your donation to the Colono’s Asociation office by noon,  Wednsday November 30.


With regards:



Soñar despierto Toys Coordinator

984 1513478



OCEANSIDE PALAPA AVAILABLE – Click on “for Sale” button
DOGS RAISE DANDER – See letters below
REMINDER: Community Night is 7:30 Thursday (Dec. 1) at Latitude 20 Restaurant adjacent to the boat ramp on Bahia Xcacel. A third of proceeds go to the Park Committee. $150 pesos for dinner; children under 6 free, over 6 to 12, half-price. Come and be an active part of the community. Monday (N0v. 28) is the last day to buy tickets at the Colonos office or at Latitude 20.

Landowner seeks to alert Plano 3 neighbors:

Fideicomiso sues, claims agency’s actions illegal

Posted 11/25/11 by Pelican Paulie
     A Puerto Aventuras land owner has been granted time to speak at the Dec. 10 Colonos Assembly to address stop -work orders previously issued by a federal agency on several Plano 3 houses under construction along Bahia Yanten – and what that may bode for future construction.

Angelo Mouzouropoulos, a yacht owner who is contemplating construction of a canal-front home in that area, said he wants to alert all lot owners planning future construction in Plano 3 to be aware of a controversy over the federal agency’s jurisdiction before they begin to build.
In a conversation this week, Mouzouropoulos, of the UK and Belize and recently retired international shipping executive, said there is ongoing historical and legal debate over the federal SEMARNAT agency’s jurisdictional status in Plano 3. Contrary perceptions are impeding construction, he said, and emphasized the issue does not affect homes already built there.
SEMARNAT is the acronym for Mexico’s federal Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (Secretaria del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales).
Mouzouropoulos, multi-lingual and 2007 recipient of an award from the U.S. Coast Guard for “quality shipping” as then director general of the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE), said he has expended considerable time and currency in ascertaining the federal agency’s claim to legitimacy here in the Federal Zone. He said he would not build without conforming to its order for an environmental impact study(MIA), which he said he is doing. He believes, he said, the study should have been included with all other original permitting before land was sold.
In response, Roman Rivera Torres, PA developer and Fideicomiso, said he believes the enforcement arm of SEMARNAT erred against the law in ordering MIAs and work stoppages and, he said, has “sued them personally for large amounts.”
He said he would gladly discuss the issue in more detail preferably after Dec. 3 when “…the problem has to be resolved according to legal terms” on that date.
Meanwhile, Mouzouropoulos claims the Fideicomiso had allegedly advised owners to disregard  SEMARNAT’s jurisdictional claim, unfortunately leading to the stop-work orders and fines for several owners whose homes were under construction.
Mouzouropoulos emphasized that he scoured the Riviera coastline for a place to retire and found Puerto Aventuras to be an ideal community where he can dock his vessel “in back of the garden” and become a participant in the social life here.
But, he said, he was not willing to risk his law-abiding reputation by trying to circumvent what he believes is SEMARNAT’s legitimate mandate to enforce an environmental impact study and other rules on behalf of coastline preservation.
The debatable issue is a many-faceted one made more complex by numerous legal and jurisdictional variables. Mouzouropoulos said it reaches back to the creation of Puerto Aventuras, the competing authority of various local, state and federal permitting agencies, zoning regulations and, in the case of Plano 3, why SEMARNAT permitting had allegedly been overlooked or by-passed in the original round of  Plano 3 permitting. He said all other planos comply with SEMARNAT.


Mouzouropoulos further specified that “ …according to the documentation which I and my biologist have examined and as shown on SEMARNAT’s website, Fideicomiso Puerto Aventuras had submitted a MIA to SEMANAT for the construction of Phase 2 which includes Plano 3 but had only obtained their approval for the construction of Marina 2 ,its two “brazos” -canals etc but did not obtain their approval for the construction of “residencias unifamiliares” (single family residences) in Plano 3.
“This is in sharp contrast with Phase 1 which includes Planos 1 & 2 and where after submission of a MIA, Fideicomiso Puerto Aventuras had obtained SEMARNAT’s approval for the construction of Marina 1, hotels , golf course, condos etc as well as the construction of “residencias unifamiliares”.That is at the core of the problem in Plano 3.”

Registration set for Colonos Assembly

Property, house and condo owners who want to represent their own vote at the Dec. 10 Colonos General Assembly must register at the Colonos office on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Dec. 5, 6 and 7 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Proxy documents must be presented with a valid assembly date, I.D. documents of the grantor and proxy and signed by two witnesses.
Hotel and condo managers will register Thursday, Dec. 8, at the same place and hours.
The assembly will he held at the Salones Playa  of the Dreams Hotel with first call at 9:30 a.m. for a quorum and if no quorum then, the meeting will begin at 10 a.m. to consider budget items, fiscal and board reports, construction bylaw updates  and general matters and presentations.

Phrase a week… By Gloria Contreras, state certified interpreter

Useful when a waiter is forgetful: “Necesito uno cuchara, y un tenedor, y un cuchillo,” which means, “I need a spoon, a fork and a knife.”
(Ms. Contreras teaches Spanish classes from 3 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tiramisu Restaurant and all are welcomed to attend. The fee is $150 pesos.)


Writer offended by dogs in restaurants

While the Pelican Free Press prefers to publish the names of letter writers, it also understands that in a small community it is perhaps best that some observations remain anonymous so as not to risk personal animosity or offense, albeit we do have the names on file. Herewith, then, is such a slightly edited letter followed by an editorial suggestion for what it’s worth: The letter:
“I am wondering if there aren’t any strict health regulations in Puerto Aventuras regarding dogs at the restaurants. We have already stopped frequenting one of the restaurants as either the owner, or one of the staff members, has their dog there.
Once, while eating there, another couple brought their two dogs with them and had them sitting on two chairs at their table. Other restaurants also suffer dogs and cats.
Some people are allergic to dog dander and it is also not healthy to have dog dander floating around food and drink. I am assuming that people feel that because the restaurants are outdoors that dogs are allowed. It is disgusting and unsanitary.
We like dogs, but not in/at restaurants (the exception would be a seeing-eye dog, but even that is gross)…not to mention that the dogs are supposed to be on a leash throughout our community. Just my thoughts and disappointment at the discourtesy of others.”
(Ed. Note:  When restaurant patrons in the U.S. began complaining about cigarette smoke, many restaurants compromised and sectioned off an area for smokers so that both points of view could at least be partially satisfied.  Perhaps requiring leashes and “no-animals” sections in restaurants here could appease those affected by dander and increase business.)

Briefly Noted…

Compiled from staff, contributor and media reports

THERE WAS AN ACCIDENT last week at the retorno to Chadraui’s Market. A truck was overturned in a ditch and a car or two appeared damaged while police and fire vehicles stood by. Consider it a warning that patience is indeed a virtue when making the “retorno” turn to get to Chedraui’s. There is no tope to slow down traffic, so gauge speed accordingly and please be careful…FAVORITE DESTINATION –The Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) reports Cancun has been chosen by respondents to a Recommend Magazine poll in the U.S. and Canada as the leading Mexican tourist destination …SALES WERE UP as much as 50 percent in electronics and department stores during the 4-day “Good End” days this month offering sales opportunities for buyers on the Yucatan, what retailers hope is a positive sign for the coming high season…SPEAKING OF THAT summer tourism was up in the United States, from Seattle and Cape Cod, signs that could mean and uptick in business here this high season. As the good pastor might say, let us pray…

End Email Post

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