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JULY, 2017

The young beat the heat…

…BY TAKING A SEAT on mom’s paddle board for a cooling cruise on Fatima Bay just off the Omni Beach Hotel. (Staff moPhoto)

Two killed in fiery crash
outside Lapis store on 307

Two people burned to death Thursday and several more injured, one seriously, as the result of a collision outside the Lapis Jewelry Outlet on Highway 307 in Puerto Aventuras. Smoke and flames could be seen rising from the PA main gate to the Hard Rock Hotel as the vehicles burned.

Police said in an early report that a car with two people inside evidently tried to exit a park lot to beat an oncoming passenger van. The van driver tried to stop, showing five meters of brake lines but struck the car, both vehicles bursting into flames.

By the time firefighters arrived, occupants of the car were already burned and lifeless, police said. Several passengers in the van carrying seven people suffered burns. They were transported to a hospital. Other passengers escaped through the driver-side door, police reported in a preliminary assesment.

Main gate project falters;
Colonos may pull funding

By Staff
The Colonos board has postponed the main gate project until it can negotiate an agreement with the Fideicomiso over gate control, noted a recent email sent from the Colonos to residents on its mailing list. 

The main gate a bone of contention. (Pelican File Photo)

If an agreement has not been reached by the fourth fiscal quarter, therefore essentially canceled, the funds of property owners who have paid the special  assessment will be credited to their 4th quarter maintenance fee, the email noted.

The PA developer and trustee (the Fideicomiso) said this week he believes the Colonos  is “…making a mistake in postponing an Assembly decision  (that was) based on a well-studied community security need, more so when the funds have been allocated and the need still there.”

Voters at the December Assembly approved a $205,000 special assessment for improvements to the gate, which is owned by the Fideicomiso, not the Colonos. The Colonos is the  property owners assssociation. It funds the operation of the gate, general security and public works among other tasks.

It was learned last week from a knowledgeable source that the Fideicomiso notified the Colonos on or around April 20 that it intended to take over control of the main gate and was giving the contractually required 12-month notice.

As background, the Fideicomiso has regularly ceded operational control of the gate to the  Colonos. In return, the Colonos operates, administers and funds the gate Security force under an agreement that currently requires a 12-month notice to end the arrangement.

Because of the considerable public investment in the gate’s proposed Phase 2 improvements,  Colonos sources say, it has proposed a new 10-year agreement, details of which have not been made public, to guarantee gate control by the Colonos and protect the public’s investment. Negotiations have been ongoing since January, said a Colonos official.

As concerns some $80,000 in Colonos funds already expended for the gate project’s first phase completed last year, a Colonos official believed that amount appears lost to a possible refund.

A Colonos board meeting is reportedly  scheduled to be held next week.

Project to start…

An artist’s rendering of the 19-unit condo building (bottom center) was worked into an aerial photo showing its position on the Kantenah Lagoon.

Commerce Corner…
Kantenha getting condo hotel

A development offering  a beachside condo/hotel concept in vacation/investment opportunities in Puerto Aventuras is about to launch construction on the shore of the Kantenha Lagoon in the community’s north end.

Rendering of waterfront pool with palapa.

Construction of the 19-unit project known as Villas Aqua Boutique Hotel and Residences is set to begin next month, said a spokesman for the group. The company plans to offer units to individual buyers as investment and vacation property and will be operated and maintained by the company, the spokesman said.

“The units will be sold as condos but operated with the services of a boutique hotel that, for example, includes concierge, restaurant/bar and transportation to and from the airport,” the spokesman said.

He said the concept is geared toward people looking for an investment and a vacation home, and is less designed for consumers seeking immediate long-term residency.

“Unlike fractional models, “said the spokesman, “these units have single rather than multiple owners. Owners are not obligated or limited to use the unit. They can use it whenever they want as many times as they like. But the times and dates they use it are linked to the actual return on investment”  from rentals, the spokesman said.

Starting at $295,000, the units include eight 2-bed and 2-bath units of various sizes, nine 2-bed and 2.5 bath units, one 3-bed and 3-bath unit and one 3-bed and 3.5 bath unit.

The site offers a private lagoon beach embellished by amenities such as a beachfront swimming pool, a children’s pool adjacent to the beach, a swim-up refreshment palapa, beach chairs, hammocks, sun lounges, beach palapas, outdoor shower, drive-up reception and shuttle service.

The development also makes use of other amenities inside the gated and secure Puerto Aventuras community and is offering condo owners discounted use of nearby spas, restaurants and beach club, said the spokesman.

Get more information and contact guide by clicking on the Villas Aqua logo in the sponsor column at left to view the company web site.

Dawn breaks over the Kantenha Lagoon. (Staff File Photo)


Arrest warrant for ex-governor
results in his Panama capture
Q. Roo clique also faces charges

By Staff
Arrest warrants for former Quintana Roo governor Roberto Borges Angulo and several associates/family members were issued in June by a State of Mexico judge on charges of money laundering.

Roberto Borge Angula

The warrants were activated just in time as cooperation between the Mexican attorney general’s office and Panama Interpol agents resulted in detaining the ex-governor at a Panamanian airport where he was about to embark for Paris, France.

Specifically, the complaints allege Borges and associates conspired to acquire state property including 24 buildings in Cancun and Cozumel at 6 percent of their commercial value, estimated at 5 billion pesos.

The government also alleges that two members of the Borges clique invested millions in a ferry service company operating between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. The government contends the pair lacked the financial means to invest millions of dollars, in essence,  making a case of money laundering.

The Mexican pubic has clamored for an end to the impunity enjoyed by political and government figures involved in corrupt practices. Some former governors from other states are also facing charges on various complaints.

Borges spent his 11 Panama days in the 70-story Trump Tower, which boasts the most expensive hotel rooms in Panama. Mexican authorities began preparing extradition requests immediately after Borges was detained in Panama.

Stalled municipal airport plan
upstaged by private PA option

By Staff
Riviera Maya didn’t get an international airport in Tulum or a cross-peninsula train from Cancun down to nearby Punta Venada or the stalled, half-built government aerodrome in Puerto Aventuras to replace the one in Playa del Carmen.

Small jets like this one could become part of Puerto Aventuras life on the high side. (Pelican File Photo)

But it appears  Puerto Aventuras is getting a long-rumored,  privately funded airstrip capable of handling business-class jets and flanked by high-end housing, forming a package commonly referred to as an “airport park”.

A spokesman for the developer, Etos Group, said the 600 million peso airstrip project entered the site-preparation phase last week and should be completed in August, followed by a second stage estimated to be completed by the end of the year, said the spokesman.

Quintana Roo joins states
with growing murder rates

By Staff
There have been numerous stories in the local press concerning the growing grip of criminal elements in Quintana Roo, including the drug-gang murders of nearly a dozen taxi drivers in the municipality of  Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) this year alone.

Mexico’s Interior Ministry has taken note of statistics like these on a national scale and announced last week that so far this year there were 9,916 killings, or a 30 percent increase over last year’s 7,638 homicides.

Surprisingly, the Riviera Maya state of Quintana Roo figures prominently in the rankings by registering an 89 percent increase in homicides in the first five months of 2017, just below the dangerous state of Vera Cruz, which registered a 93 percent hike, and just above the infamous state of Sinaloa at 76 percent.

In May alone, 2,186 homicides were reported nationwide, a slight increase over last year’s 2,131.

The local figures bear witness to warnings carried in local newspapers for the past year that crime is rising in the area long with growing population and investment.

Adding to the area’s roughly 26 homicides reported so far this year was the discovery of an unidentified body on the west side of 307 at Xpu Ha last week that had been tortured then shot gangland style, according to police.

As rapid growth continues,
so does specter of waste piles

By Staff
Reading a modern version of Dicken’s “Tale of Two Cities” is less a waste of time than it is a time of waste.

It is estimated that metropolitan Cancun  (Benito Juarez) with its estimated population of around 900,000, generates an average 1,100 tons of rubbish a day while the municipality of Solidaridad (Greater Playa del Carmen) with only a quarter of Cancun’s population, is predicted to reach about 600 tons daily by the end  of the year.

The figures were compiled by Alfonso Gomez, manager of the concession that operates the Solidaridad landfill. He said that Solidaridad has doubled the amount of daily rubbish collection since 2011, from 200 to nearly 600 tons a day and growing.

He said about 60 percent of the total daily refuse collection is biodegradable matter such as food wastes and the remaining 40 percent comprised of plastics, glass, cans and cardboard. A 2015 federal survey noted 50 percent of the daily garbage collection comes from hotels.

These reports are accompanied by a call for government-led strategies such as recycling programs to avoid collection problems that often plague the area to the chagrin of the population.

The Roundup…

Cement cost rising –  The cost of cement will increase by 12 percent beginning next week. It is estimated it will increase the cost of building a home by 2 percent…

A federal police chief and two colleagues were gunned down in a State of Veracruz restaurant last week and eight other people, including four children and several women, similarly murdered in separate incidents. The killings were attributed to cartel gangs vying for control of drug routes. Governor Miguel Angel Yunes, referring to the shooters as “beasts,” said the state “will not allow organized crime to rule Veracruz.”

The Lions Club of Playa del Carmen arranged for more than 40 people, including some elderly, to be fitted for eyeglasses free of charge during a clinic held recently in the city…

Drive with caution – Municipal authorities are asking federal authorities to do a better job of maintaining the Playa del Carmen overpass on 307 to prevent accidents. They say the bridge joints and surface are in disrepair and that lack of drainage has caused wet weather crashes…

Parking meters coming? Municipal officials are considering a test run of parking meters in Playa del Carmen’s busiest areas to promote pedestrian safety and the use of bicycles…

Drugs keep floating ashore along the Riviera Maya now and then with the last find being a container of 20 kilo-sized packages of cocaine along the southerly portion of beach in Akumal…

Childen’s summer camp announced

Summer camp for children
aged 4-8 begins July 10 at the Colegio. The four sessions will be held July 10 to 14; July 17 to 21; July 24-28 and July 31-August 4 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Camp includes sports, games, beach time, creative arts and cooking.  Cost per week is 1,200 pesos.  Bring lunch and sufficient water. Contact Miss Lety at cel 998-282-7891 or email [email protected]     At workshops including drawing and painting are continuing at the Cultural Center on Bahia Akumal from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.and 4 to 7 p.m. on Wednesdays under he direction of Maestro Eduardo Stein.

Trivial Pursuits coming up at 4 p.m. Sundays, July 2, 16 and 30 at Latitude 20 Restaurant with proceeds going to the Poblado Community Center. Owner Jim Stubbs welcomes new players to join in the fun and chance to win prizes…

Dates of note in July… In the U.S. – Independence Day, July 4; Americans With Disabilities Act, July 26, signed in 1990; Korean War ends, July 27, 1953.


The rules we live by…or not!

(Page 4 of 22) 

Duties of associate members (continued)

ARTICLE 10.– The associate members will have the following obligations:

  1. Make timely payment of all amounts due for assessments and/or contributions, as well as any moratory interest set by the President or the Board of Directors and approved by The Association’s General Assembly, taking into account what is set forth in its Bylaws, the assessments and contributions have as their purpose to cover and pay for, both its own administrative expenses, and the total cost of providing the general and special services, and for it’s own activities, which the Association requires in orther to reach its goals and corporate objectives and for the normal carry out of its activities to the benefit of its membership.
  2. The associates shall also pay, in addition to the assessment mentioned in the foregoing item, those fees and/or contributions of an extraordinary nature proposed by either the President or the Board of Directors and which are approved by the general Assembly. The relevant section of the Minutes of the Assembly where the payment of ordinary or extraordinary assessments is approved, bearing the signatures of either the President or the Board’s President, attached to the statement of the outstanding balances of principal and interest, signed by the same officers and together with the pending receipts, is all that is required in order to file a collection lawsuit against the tardy associate, if he/she is behind by four or more monthly payments.  Debts arising from the afore indicated concepts are guaranteed by the real properties they refer to and shall burden the same even if assigned to third parties. These liens may be recorded in the Public Registry of the Property, even if the relative proceeding has not been filed, through the certification before a Notary Public of the documents indicated in the foregoing paragraph;
  • The associate shall pay the amount of the assessments and/or contributions mentioned above, precisely at the office of the same association, located within the Development and/or at the office indicated by the President or the Board of Directors and in the form and on the dates which shall be notified to the associate.
  1. The associate is bound by and must observe the Association’s articles incorporation as well as its bylaws which includes certain regulations which must be observed by all the associates. Breach of any obligation or default to comply with any rule, by any associate, shall give the Association the power and legal avenues to demand the fulfillment of the defaulted obligation or the application of penalties in the terms of its By-laws .Either the President or the Board of Directors may order the suspension of the services provided to the delinquent member until he/she fulfils his/her obligations. (to be continued)

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