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JUNE 2014: Cameras get another thief

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Quinceanera block party

enlivens a Poblado night

By Staff

   While Jon Bon Jovi wowed fans bearing high-priced tickets May 2 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Puerto Aventuras, one of his recordings was simultaneously and quite incidentally filling the street with music at a free “block party” in the Poblado across Highway 307 celebrating the “quinceanera” (15th birthday) of Berta Lucile Moo Kanul..

In Mexico, the birthday girl, or quinceañera, is traditionally adorned with her first makeup, but in the 21st Century, many girls are already familiar with it. On this evening, the quinceañera wore a long, formal, deep pink ball gown and was escorted by the traditional seven damas  and chambelanes (dames and chamberlains) throughout the celebration that began with a solemn Mass of thanks at Sta. Teresita Catholic Church in the Poblado..

The Pelican can say from first-hand knowledge that a rewarding transformation was witnessed on this particular night when a previously awkward and shy 14-year-old emerged as a poised and enchanting young woman. Along with her escorts, she entertained the more than 100 guests and neighbors with a series of traditional,

well-choreographed celebratory dances under minimal lighting on a blacktopped street. washed fresh by a brief drizzle just prior to the event..

This she did as friends, relatives, neighbors and family, who had set up tables and chairs, decorated the short street with an arch of balloons above the head table. Many worked quietly providing traditional morsels of food, delivering  large bottles of Coke and spice containers to each table and offering small bottles of beer at each table.,

And so it was that Berta’s extended family, her grandmother and aunts and cousins from a Mayan village near Merida arrived at the modest home of her parents, Primitivo Moo Kanul, a well-regarded maintenance man at a condo in the resort, and his wife, Berta.


In the Mexico tradition, the quinceanera arrives to the celebration Mass accompanied by her parents, godparents and court of honor,. the dames and chambelanes of her chosen peers consisting of paired-off girls and boys, the damas  and chambelanes..

Typically, there are seven pairs of damas and chambelanes. At the Mass, a blessed rosary or necklace with a locket depicting Mexico’s patron saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe, is given to her by her godparents.

She also receives a tiara as a reminder that to her loved ones, especially her immediate family, the quinceañera will always be a princess; however, some also see it as denoting that she is a “princess” before God and the world.

After the church service, Berta and, guests gathered for the reception, in this case the decorated street just outside her home where gifts were placed on a table. During the reception, Berta danced a number of dances including a traditional one with her chosen escort, and then with her father,

The other dances were with the members of the court of honor and extracted considerable applause for the skill the young group displayed after weeks of practice. Traditionally the dance section is practiced and/or choreographed as was this one weeks in advance, sometimes even with months of anticipation. The reception, consisting of six major parts, continued with dances taking place while a traditional Mexican meal was served:

Some families choose to add ceremonial components to the celebration, and this one included the ceremonia de la ultima muñeca (literally “ceremony of the last doll”), during which her father presents her with a doll usually wearing a dress similar to the quinceañera herself. The ceremony of the last doll is based on a Mayan tradition and is related to the birthday girl’s receipt and renouncement of the doll as she grows into womanhood.

An elegantly tiered cake, music by a local DJ, plenty of food, conversation and dancing went on until 2 a.m. and offered people from surrounding streets something to watch, while seated on curbs or leaning on buildings. Some joined in as the music played into the night. At left, below, Berta dances with her father. At right top, her father and grandmother at the church ceremony and below, dancing with her escorts.


‘Camera Cops’ do it again

Delivery man takes wrong ‘bread’

Security cameras have helped trap another thief, as the following message from a local business operator attests:.”Just wanted to let you know our house was burglarized early Saturday morning.We know who did it as our great security team has video,pics,and a copy of his residency card. He delivers bread here early in the mornings.We have been to Playa to fill out forms and today will have the forms needed for our security to act.Please tell everyone to be careful. He walked right in and had to have planned well as he was in and out in under a minute. He walked right by our friend sleeping on the couch.

We have a front door that is glass which was closed and locked,the next room over is our library where our friend was sleeping, The thief came in through the screen slider.He took our entire days deposit from Friday,all the paperwork,checks,cash about 24000 pesos and he grabbed all cash out of my wallet, 4500 pesos. Forewarned is forearmed.

PA hosts wounded warrors



Yucalandia blogger targets Pemex

over multiple fuel pump complaints


By Staff
Saying more than 2000 complaints have been registered with PROFECO, the Yucalandia blog says Pemex gasoline has been gumming up the fuel pumps of cars in Merida that use “magna” petrol. The blog says one local mechanic has had to replace 23 fuel pumps in just 2.5 weeks.

The pumps have been “seizing up” from a gummy deposit in the pumps believed left there by Pemex gasoline that may have a new additive, the blog says. The blogger says he bought two liters of the petrol and let it sit for two weeks in a clear container. The result was “a brown residue coating the inside of the container” and thick gunk settling on the bottom.

As far as the Pelican knows, there have been no reports of complaints from drivers in the Puerto Aventuras area. PROFECO is Mexico’s federal bureau of consumer protection. The blogger says Chevron Techron fuel system cleaners are believed to be effective in battling the gunk. This is an uncorroborated FYI.

Fourteen possible tropical storms

predicted for Atlantic Basin as

hurricane season begins Sunday

By Staff

The Atlantic Hurricane season affecting the Yucatan begins Sunday, June 1, with a prediction of 23 tropical cyclones in 2014, with 14 of them in the Atlantic Ocean and nine in the Pacific, where the season began May 15.

National Water Commission director David Korenfeld said in the prediction that Mexico remains highly vulnerable to weather events because the storms are becoming less predictable in terms of track and intensity, representing a major challenge in climate policy, prevention and immediate action.

The objective is to improve the technology that emits weather information and streamline decision-making in civil protection, as well as communication between the authorities of the three levels of government (federal, state and municipal) and society.

The Conagua director stressed that prevention strategies will be key in the emergency protocol of 2014, after a 2013 hurricane season that caused serious havoc in the country hit by eight tropical cyclones, three for the Atlantic basin and five in the Pacific, leaving at least 157 dead, dozens missing and 1.7 million affected.

President Enrique Peña Nieto announced earlier this year the creation of the National Agency for Hurricane Modernization (NWS) National Weather Service with an investment of 170 million dollars. He said the initiative will accelerate the construction of 10 regional centers to monitor the weather and provide accurate and timely information.

There are 75 hurricane shelters between Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras, most utilizing schools and churches and municipal buildings. Residents are urged to locate the nearest shelter before a storm threatens. Information should be available at the Colonos office.







Oldest skull found in Q. Roo

dates back to the Ice Age

Staff compilation
What is believed to be the oldest skeletal remains in the Americas was unearthed by a team of U.S. and Mexican scientists right here in Quintana Roo, the Mexican National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH) reported May 15.

A skull believed to be 12,000 to 13,000 years old (ice age) was discovered in the Hoyo Negro archeological site inside a cenote in southeastern Q. Roo and was named “Naia.”

Genetic studies confirm that Naia descended from Asians who crossed from Siberia to Alaska over a land bridge that is now the Bering Straits.

She is estimated to be 15 or 16 years old and possibly plunged to her death in the cave.

Reports say that DNA extracted from a wisdom tooth finds she had Asian-derived lineage but related to modern native Americans. It is estimated she was delicately built and was about 4’ 8” tall.

Her almost complete remains, including an intact skull and preserved DNA, were lying 130 feet below sea level near a variety of extinct animals, such as an elephant like creature and saber-toothed animals.



Buyers cautioned about vendors

While one municipal government agency has been checking street vendor licenses in Solidaridad, including Puerto Aventuras, another agency has been warning locals and tourists to be cautious when buying goods and foods from unlicensed vendors. Officials say that in the case of hard goods like jewelry, silver, sunglasses, merchandise may have been pirared without any collateral, and therefore cannot be reported to any agency.

When it comes to food, beverages or any perishable product, buyers run the risk of buying from vendors who have not been subject to health checks and whose products could cause illness by not being prepared hygienically.


Commerce Corner…

Sun’s free energy through

solar panels ‘electrifying’

Mexico, says new company


By Staff

  A new company providing energy from the sun and successfully established in other parts of Mexico, is now offering electrical energy savings to hotels, condos, homes and industries in the Riviera Maya.

eSun Energy, based in California with offices in Guadalajara, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta and Ajijic-Chapala areas, is represented in the Maya Riviera area by Gordon Stogre of Puerto Aventuras (984-804-7321) and bilingual Ruben Carrillo, (984-146-9511.) They can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

The company is in the process of establishing itself on the Yucatan’s Caribbean shore and invites interested parties to visit the company website at esunenergy.com. Click on the company logo in the sponsor column at left to learn how to save on energy costs and to call their representatives, Carrillo or Stogre, if they have any questions.

The sun has boundless energy that is essentially gratis since modern science has learned to tap into that gift with the invention of solar panels and accompanying systems, both offered by eSun, a “green” company.

The company’s website sums up the process: “During the daytime when the sun is shining, your eSun Solar Electric (Photovoltaic or PV) System produces clean electricity utilizing the sun´s energy.This electricity is first used in your home and when you are producing more than you need at that time, the extra energy is sent back through the electric meter to the CFE electrical grid, generating credits.

“During the evening and on cloudy days, you simply use the extra energy credits that you produced during the sunny days.  These credits can be rolled over to the next billing periods if need be. The resulting economic benefits will be greatly enhanced over the 25-year lifetime of the system as energy rates continue to soar,” the company says.

Ironically, eSun is fertilizing this area for potential sales just as the Mexican conscience for sustainable and renewable energy takes a firmer grip on the common morality. In May, for example, there were local reports of efforts to use solar panels to electrify some Mayan communities in the rural areas and at Punta Allen. Also, the International Renewable Energy Forum 2014 of Quintana Roo ended with a consensus to boost the generation of clean energy. That was supported in May by a World Bank announcement of support for renewable energy initiatives.

Owners repairing older properties or building new homes, hotels, condo complexes and industrial/commercial buildings now have the opportunity to explore the practicalities of integrating solar panels in their building plans.

Stogre, one of eSun’s local representatives, said the company is offering free estimates and noted that private homes can require from 6 to 28 panels based on personal consumption. How long does it take for the installation? “From the time of ordering and programing our team to install, it takes about three days,’ Stogre said.

Learn more about sharing in the sun’s energy and saving on electric bills by visiting the eSun website. Just click on eSun’s logo in the sponsor column.

Historically, ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun as the primary god, called Ra, king of all gods and patron of the Pharaoh. Property owners who will benefit from solar panels with reduced electrical costs in the future may well begin to think of the sun as a deity as did the ancient Egyptians.


Puerto Aventuras won’t go vapid
with downloads that are rapid

By Juanito
If you live in Puerto Aventuras you are lucky if you have anything in excess of 2 mbps (megabits per second) of Internet download speed. I seem to be among the lucky who can brag 2.5 – 3 on most days of the week, except during peak usage times. Many have asked… “Why don’t we have high speed fiber optics here in Puerto Aventuras?”clip_image002

The answer is… “We do!” It just hasn’t reached our homes yet, but progress is being made. A recent tour provided by Telmex technician Arturo Galvez revealed a story that literally sent chills down this reporter’s spine. Not chills of fear, but rather chills of excitement and anticipation!

Our tour began with a peek inside the recently constructed Telmex frame room, which is located behind the Omni Hotel, in space provided by P.A. developer Roman Rivera Torres. When the door opened, my jaw almost hit the floor. Along the back wall, wired as neatly as a fine work of art, are all the existing copper-wire junctions that deliver telephone service throughout the Resort.

But, what occupies the majority of the room is a vast array of modern fiber-optics equipment. We were told that the capacity of the incoming “trunk line” that runs from the frame room to the Federal Highway is mammoth, with the ability to serve the entire community, including Phase 4, with 20 Mbps of broadband download speed.

The rest of the room contains equipment racks waiting for customers to “plug-in” to the system. Right now it looks rather empty with only three modules connected thus far. Those three belong to Dreams Hotel, Catalonia, and Dolphin Discovery, who apparently paid from their own pockets to receive advanced delivery. The challenge now is to work out details for community wide distribution and get a construction date from Telmex.

Due to the explosive growth of Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras Pueblo (we were told that Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing city in the world), it is a real challenge for infrastructure companies to keep up with the pace. We were told that it can take up to a year from the time a project is approved until construction actually begins. And to date, with details still pending, Telmex has not assigned a construction date. It is expected, that once construction does begin, those living closest to the Omni will be first to receive the new service.

On a more positive note, we were also informed that under-street ducting is always included with street construction, so no significant trenching will be necessary as part of the build-out. Rather, it is simply a matter of pulling the cable through the existing ducts. So now you know… 20 Mbps of High Speed Internet is here… we wait only for its distribution.

(Ed. Note: The Fideicomiso (Trust) and the Colonos have issued letters to Telmex that the Puerto Aventuras resort, although within the Solidaridad community, will not be “municipalized” in the future and will remain private property. This insures, said Colonos GM Armando Rincon, that Telmex, which has already invested in fitting the resort with fiber optics capability, will not have share its lines here with competitors after it invests its own money in connecting all living and business units with fiber optic cable. It was inferred that once the written assurances are received, Telmex will begin unit installations.)




Business Briefs…

Compiled from staff, contributor and press reports

THE ALGAE BLOOMS in the dolphin pools that caused such a stir earlier this season had all but vanished by April 30 as predicted earlier by Dolphin Discovery management who said the blooms are an annual event that came early this year. Employees filtered water to remove algae growth and cleaned the fences as well and it seems to be working as the water takes on a clearer sheen…PLAYA OFFICIALS are investigating public complaints about noise emanating from the hotel in Playacar. THE HARD ROCK HOTEL turned out to be a good neighbor by subduing the night music that used to waft over to the sleeping community. Thanks!… A LAND SQUABBLE developed last month in the jungle about a mile west of Puerto Aventuras when some 150 people began building palapas and taking over about a hectare of land that the religious Jehovah’s Witnesses claims is theirs. Municipal officials said they aren’t aware of the case and are content to let the parties involved talk it out…PEMEX which has been legislated into opening itself to foreign investment lost 2.74 million in the first quarter due to low oil prices and high taxes while the government studies more proposals to transform it…COMPLAINTS of poor service from the TUSCA busses (Transport Units Carmen States) could open the door to bidding for the routes by other companies…SPANISH LANGUAGE TV has come to the United States via Spanish network Atresmedia under a deal with Direct TV. We await English-language network TV in Mexico…COMMERCIAL FISHING industry is on the wane in Playa del Carmen, say officials, because of tax laws and diversion to tourist water sports…PEMEX will begin exporting oil to Hawaii in August…PRIME DESTINATION The Riviera Maya registered record numbers of rooms this last season making it the second most popular destination in Latin America, just after Cancun…UNCERTAINTY about the location and timetable of the proposed trans-peninsular train has moved state Sen. Luz María Navarrete Beristaín to get more information from the state and federal governments concerning the train’s route, its construction timetable and cost…MEXICAN PRESIDENT PENA NIETO plans to visit Spain June 9-10 hoping to bolster political dialogue at the highest levels, trade and investment…FOREIGN VISITORS to Mexico in first quarter reaches 3.7 million…THREE HOTELS will be built at the site of the Tres Rios resort and include, besides an added 250 rooms, areas for private homes…TOURISTS IN MEXICO spent $4.43 billion during the first quarter this year, up nearly 15 percent from last year…THE RED CROSS DRIVE to raise a million pesos in Solidarity came up short last month at just over 500,000, causing the agency to extend the drive to the end of May when hopefully industry and business would help close the gap…THE MEXFEDS have hired consultants to rework the definition of “federal zones” along the waterfronts to determine how many private homes and businesses are infringing upon federal land and thereby subject to added taxation. This has already happened in Puerto Aventuras as the loss of beach sand inches private properties onto federal property…MEXICO’S  government lowered its forecast for Mexican economic growth this year from 3.9 percent to 2.7 percent after data from the first quarter showed only a weak recovery…MOTORISTS using the Playa del Carmen overpass will be somewhat impeded for several weeks as repairs to part of the bridge get under way. Evidently, miscommunication between the builders and municipality left a portion of the bridgework without needed maintenance… 


The Mail Bag…

Prescription for aggravation

Dear editor:
Wish there was proper better business bureau to report the farmacia next to Hippo’s on the marina. They are extortionists. Today (May 3) I went for cloranfenicol for pink eye and they said they did not need a prescription and it was 150 pesos. Then I asked for another medication and they said I needed a prescription and how it would cost me 200 plus 100 pesos for prescription, but there was no doctor in sight.

Then after 10 minutes, they went back and said they would give me the initial medication, but for 200 pesos. I have a receipt and it reads “receta” 100 pesos.There was no doctor. At the same time, a tourist was complaining because she was charged four times what the medication sticker read. This is outrageous and not the first time. I am a PA resident and this is not the first time they do this. This practice must be stopped.

Signed/ Cristina Perez


Psst! Want to play Mahjong, bridge?

Dear Editor:
I’m looking for bridge and/or Mahjong players. My wonderful snowbird friends are gone for the season and I don’t want to wait until next winter to play.  Mahjong is fairly easy to learn and I would be happy to teach anyone who is interested.  Bridge is not as easy but would consider teaching that, also, if there was interest. My email is [email protected] and my home phone is 984-802-8655. Thanks for your help.

Signed/Myrna Young

Beware beggars at your door

Dear Editor:
Just thought this might be of some interest. As a year round resident here in PA and living in México City for 15 years where this is common place, I was surprised to have someone knock on my door last night asking for money. He was dressed very well and in his late 30’s or early 40’s. He told me his name and that he lived down the street in the next building and that “his son was sick with a fever and ear infection and the Pharmacy was delivering medicine, but his wife Michele was in the car returning here and he had no money to pay for the medicine, but as soon as she arrives he would return the money.” He needed $625.00 pesos. First of all what Pharmacy delivers out here? I doubt any. As I said living in México City this is common place as people come to your gate with paperwork from Dr’s. or hospitals stating cost and they ask you to please help. Of course it is not true. Just a scam. It is sad to think this behavior is here in Puerto Aventuras and people should be aware that this is a scam like any phone scam in the USA. It would be nice to help someone when in need and we should, but here, You just can’t believe anyone you don’t know.

Signed/ Dr. James D. Sammom

Support our sponsors instead
Dear Editor:
It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this brilliant blog! I suppose for now I’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will share this website with my Facebook group.Talk soon!

Signed/ Camilla McKeever

Hard Rock ‘mostly’ quiet

Dear Editor:
Can you tell me if you have had any stories about the Hard Rock resort since it opened. Have there been any complaints of noise by residents at that end of PA? Thank you

Signed/ Lin Elliott

(Yes we have, Lin. There were complaints early-on and Hard Rock since then has made great strides in containing night noise to its property, with a few  exceptions, a result appreciated by its neighbors.)

Pelican pleases

Dear Editor:
Wonderful! What a website it is! This weblog provides useful facts to us. Keep it up.

Signed/ Jennis O’Malley


Briefly Noted…

A NICE GESTURE was recorded when the all-volunteer library staff located at the Colegio had sandwiches left over from a book signing party and brought them over the the Marine Base across the way to a grateful  group of young marines. After all, said Lucie Sellors, a library volunteer, they’re part of our community too…THE SUICIDE RATE of  147 between 2007-2013 placed Playa del Carmen third in Quintana Roo, with Othon P. Blanco second with 258 cases and Benito Juarez (Cancun) first at 511 suicides in the same period…DESPITE A 2007 LAW requiring use of biodegradable shopping bags from supermarkets and other retailers, only Comercial Mexicana and Super Aki use those bags in this area. A report says it takes 450 years for bags used here to biodegrade…SAVING BEACHES though reforestation of natural plant species is being tried along some northern beaches in Playa del Carmen…45 COLD FRONTS were predicted for the winter season here and number 54 was approaching on May 3…MORE SAND  has disappeared from Playa del Carmen beaches as the result of two “suradas” (strong southwest winds) in early May that also caused ports to be closed to tourist boating services like fishing. Puerto Aventuras is still awaiting permits to begin a sand replenishment program in Fatima Bay…A BODY was discovered in early May by a bicyclist looking for scrap metal about a block from Las America Mall in Playa. Its hands were tied in back and it had a gunshot wound to the head…CANADA has passed new regulations easing travel of Mexicans into Canada by accelerating and easing the visa process…SHIP SEIZED – The Mexican government seized a ship bound for China containing 100,000 tons of illegally extracted iron ore and simultaneously discovered a training ground for a cartel’s assassins…FEDERAL FORCES were deployed to Tamaulipas State south of Texas in mid-May to “completely” purge the state’s enforcement agencies in the wake of a spike in violence…

SAY IT IN SPANISH by Gloria Contreras, teacher and certified translator

I do not see anything that I like. Say: No veo nada que me guste.
(Reach Gloria for lessons or translations at © 984-108-3517)

Church Services… Please click Colonos icon on right top of page.

AA and Alanon meetings…
AA and ALANON meetings are held at the public library at the Colegio as follows:
AA Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m; Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at noon. ALANON meeting is held Mondays at 5:30 p.m., also at the library. Meetings are “open” and non-members are welcomed to attend.

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