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March 1, 2017

Helping to heal the scars…

PREVIOUS ATTENDEE Ret. Marine Cpl. Justin Gaertner had this to say about his Puerto Aventuras adventure: “The tournament people opened their arms to me. I will forever be thankful to them for giving me a life-changing experience. It’s trips like this that save guys’ lives and raise our spirits…”

Puerto Aventuras preparing
to again host wounded warriors

By Staff
Puerto Aventuras will host U.S. Wounded Warriors again his year between May 19-23 as part of the annual Dave Harris Charity Billfish Tournament coordinated locally by Capt. Rick’s Sportfishing Center.

The annual 5-day event attracts from 60 to 80 fishermen from various countries. Once again this year they will share their adventure, sea stories and good times with eight recuperating wounded warriors who will be housed at Porto Bello and Aventuras Condominiums when not fishing.

The Dave Harris tourney seeks sponsors or partial donations to arrange for transport and needs of the veterans during the tournament, estimated to be $1,500 USD per wounded warrior. Donations can be sent to: Wounded Warrior in Action Foundation, 6516 Dolphin Cove Drive, Apollo Beach, FL 33572. (Please put “DHMBT sponsorship” in memo line).

How it began

Glenna Eucker of Capt. Rick’s, coordinator of the event from the Puerto Aventuras aspect, said the tournament sprang from the late Dave Harris’ fondness for fishing. The tournament was cast in Puerto Aventuras in 2005 and the idea of inviting wounded warriors launched in 2014.

Harris died of cancer but members of his family continued the tournament and has staged it annually in Puerto Aventuras with Capt. Rick’s handling local coordination.

“It’s become a community event” Uecker said, noting the annual cooperation of Porto Bello and Aventuras condominiums and restaurants such as Latitude 20, The Pub and Hippo’s who prepare opening and closing  banquets along with entertainment for the fishermen and warriors and special events such as a trip on the catboat Catamaya.

Aside from hosting wounded warriors, the charity tournament also donates to the Melanoma Research Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Hospital in the U.S. and children’s charities in Mexico. 

Forget about the ‘fake’ news;
traveler nabbed with fake cash

An airline passenger was detained at the Cancun Airport by federal authorities last week for trying to spirit $11,400 in fake US currency into the country. The person was not identified but was carrying a US passport.

Customs officials in Terminal 2 alerted federal police after the x-ray machine detected a bundle of money inside the man’s luggage. The passenger and the luggage were brought to a secure area where police found 114 fake $100 bills in the luggage along with a checkbook. The US consulate was notified and the man arrested.

Concert attendance here guarantees
continued local Red Cross presence

Part of audience that made Saturday’s Red Cross fund-raiser concert a success. (Staff Photo)

By Staff
An enthusiastic audience witnessed a masterful performance of violin virtuosity Saturday night that was described by exhilarated audience members with superlatives such as “terrific, wonderful, awesome, fabulous.”

Virtuoso Arlindo Silva, accompanied by adept and skillfully synchronized musicians on piano, guitar and percussion, climbed and descended through the musical scores with nimble fingers and flashing bow narrating the story of life’s wonders, joys and sadness in the universal language of music.

To accomplish this, the musicians created the sounds of fast and furious storms that, as storms do, eventually fade into passages of peace and safety seamlessly transitioning from Bach  and Vivaldi and emerging into contemporary times with what seemed to be the Bee Gee’s hit “Staying Alive” from Saturday Night Fever. What could have been more appropriate for a Red Cross fund-raiser?

Silva selected compositions for the event that, from the opening note, was one of soul in music and in cause. Because of the response of residents who paid 200 pesos each to attend, the district Red Cross president said the turnout that netted 30,000 pesos for the Red Cross would enable it to maintain its clinic and ambulance service in Puerto Aventuras for the year.

He explained that a promise of funds from the municipal government has not occurred for several years, risking closure this year of the district’s two outlying ambulance-equipped clinics, one of which is Puerto Aventuras.

At concert’s end, a sincere “thank you for coming” is expressed by Violinist Arlindo Silva, left. (Staff Photo)

Red Cross officials, noting the organization’s 107th year anniversary, mentioned the extraordinary work done by “quiet donors” – some Puerto Aventuras residents in the audience – who through their Rotary International affiliations, have secured tons of medical supplies for the district Red Cross and area hospitals.

The scores of volunteers and organizers like Dulce Carillo, Lucia Perrota and Leticia Duran and the Colonos for free use of the cultural center,  have helped make it possible for the Red Cross in Puerto Aventuras to answer for another year the community’s emergencies that frequently involve life or death situations.

Body of Colegio student found
after being reported missing

The body of a student at the Puerto Aventuras Colegio was discovered in an empty lot on Puerto Aventuras Boulevard last Thursday by security personnel after the teenage boy was reported missing by his family.

The student was identified as a Canadian national who enrolled at the Colegio here last August and was reportedly afflicted with depression.

Municipal police investigators ruled out foul play. They found a number of cigarettes, pills and a small package containing a grassy substance near the body. Officials withheld cause of death until an autopsy required by law is competed.

Suicide reported in Puerto Maya

Municipal police said a young father committed suicide by hanging at his home in Puerto Maya where he lived with his wife and 2-year-old baby.

The police said they were told the man had been despondent. They said the event was carried out by the man while his wife was in the kitchen cooking dinner.

Second concert scheduled Friday, March 3, to benefit youth sailing
By Staff
Another concert has been scheduled for this Friday, March 3, to benefit the popular Puerto Aventuras Youth Sailing Club whose members have brought significant esteem and medals to their skills and their club in international sailing contests.

Club commodore Daniel Gracis, a member of the Colonos board and its Cultural and Sports Committee, has worked with the Greater Puerto Aventuras community in developing training programs and bringing international sailing tournaments to Puerto Aventuras.

Jazz – funk lovers will appreciate this Friday’s concert by the “Quantum Quartet” starting at 7:30 at the Cultural Center on Bahia Akumal. Bringing cushions suggested for the cement stadium seating.

Working some colorful wheelies on a newly painted skateboard park where recycling is held.

Recycling this Friday, March 3, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the newly redecorated skate park on Blvd. Puerto Aventuras. This year, there will be recycling twice a month. Stay tuned for dates.

Free double lecture on Slowing the Aging Process and handling Wrinkles, Sags and Bags will be presented at 10 a.m., March 7, in the Colonos meeting room by professor emeritus James White of UCSD. This is the last of four lectures presented this year by White.

Bingo is coming up at 3:30 p.m. this Sunday, March, 5, at Latitude 20 Restaurant with proceeds going to the poblado Community Center. Come join the fun, says owner Jim Stubbs…

Spanish classes taught by Maestra Gloria Contreras are under way at the Latitude 20 Restaurant. Beginners class from 9 to 10 a.m. and advanced class from 11 a.m. to noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact her at cel 984-108-3517 for more information…

Soccer players aged 15 to 50+ are invited to play on the informal resort team Sundays, 9 to 11 a.m., at the Puerto Maya sports complex field. The resort team, wearing red and black shirts, has informal fun games with a poblado team. The field is in back of the Oxxo store on the main entrance road that begins at Chedraui’s…

Dates of note in March… In Mexico – Oil expropriation by President Cardenas in 1938, March 18;  President Benito Juarez birthday, March 21; In the US – Ash Wednesday, March 1; Daylight Saving Time, March 12; St. Patrick’s Day, March 17…

Chefs wanted for…

SIGN UP NOW at the Colonos office and share your cultural cuisine with your friends and neighbors. So far, 18 chefs have come forward and the Colonos would like at least 25, and at least one serving something from the sea if possible.

The Roundup…

JOSE YSIDRO pauses a moment before picking up a mound of sargassum he raked in earlier in the day at the Omni Beach, doing yeoman’s work keeping the beach clean. (Staff Photo)

Sargassum grew like hair last week on the temporary stone and plastic-netting barriers protecting the Fatima Bay shoreline from sand depletion and the intermittent landing of sargassum on the beach. While Playa del Carmen had difficulty removing sargassum piles from some of its beaches last week, one man with rake, shovel and wheelbarrow was able to keep PA’s Omni Beach cleared…

Kidnapping incidents have decreased in 10 states nationally, including Quintana Roo (pronounced row), reports the National Cooperative Against Kidnapping (Conase). The agency said the decline implies that national strategies to reduce real and virtual kidnapping are working…

The income of marine services providers in Akumal has been negatively affected by the temporary closure of the bay to tourist activities like swimming with the turtles and sightseeing along the reefs, spokespersons for 13 marine service cooperatives told government officials last week. To underscore their plight, they blocked entrance to Akumal for about an hour.

They said they represent 600 families earning a living from those activities. They estimated six days of losses of 150,000 pesos per day. The temporary closure of the bay was part of government enforcement of new sanctuary rules and an effort to prevent overuse of the assets by swimmers brought in by unlicensed guides…

Female taxi driver murdered  in front of her home in Playa del Carmen last week brought to four the number of taxi drivers assassinated this new year in what police believe is drug related activity. She was shot by two men on a motorcycle as she was preparing to drive a daughter to school. The shooters escaped.

Cancun Airport’s infrastructure will be competing with Mexico City’s airport in infrastructure when its new fourth terminal is completed later this year, reports the country’s Communications and Transport Secretariat (SCT). “It will be the most capable airport in the country,” said Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Esparza…

Deported to suicide – Mexican migrant Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, 44, just couldn’t take it anymore. Carrying a plastic bag with all his belongings, he was being deported to Mexico for the third time until, in sight of the US border, he jumped from a bridge and died. Another notch in the pistol of politics.

Ford Motor Co. still plans to move ahead on construction of two auto parts plants in Mexico despite the bullying from the US president that caused the company to stop plans to build a small-car manufacturing plant in Mexico. The two plants now planned are in the state of Guanajuato and the city of Chihuahua. The plants will produce engines and transmissions…

Four armed robbers – three men and a woman – stripped some 30 customers of the Banorte branch bank at Juarez Avenue and Playa del Carmen Boulevard last Friday. They also helped themselves to cash from the tellers. Victims said they were made to lie on the floor and give up  their possessions and deposits they were waiting to make. Ironically, a hotel across the way houses about 100 federal police here temporarily to ensure high-season safety of tourists…

Nature watch…
Dead bird on condo balcony
leads to an area mystery

Blackheaded trogan: Out on a limb?

By Staff

She was visibly upset.

“There’s a dead bird on the balcony,” she explained with sadness in her voice. It was a sudden finding. “I was just out there, and it wasn’t there. It must have just happened.”

The maintenance man, Primitivo, happened to be nearby and was consulted. The bird did not look injured or damaged. Why was it dead on a second-floor balcony for no apparent or obvious reason?

“Maybe,” ventured Primitivo, “it flew into one of the glass additions on the balcony above.” He said the bird might have seen the reflection of palms on the glass and had flown into it. They sometimes do that, he said, as he took the lifeless bird away.

A few days later we happened upon a story in a local newspaper concerning reports from various sources of finding dead or (sick or wounded) Coa Cabeza Negra (blackheaded trogon) birds, lending some mystery to the multiple findings.

A spokesman for a group called Green Jay Maya Birding and other sources suggested drought may have forced some birds out of the wild, their usual habitat, and into urban areas in search of water but offered no conclusive reason for the multiple reports of dead birds.

The blackheaded trogon is not an endangered specie. They eat fruit and insects usually plentiful in jungles and mangroves.

Anyone seeing a dead or living trogon is asked to report the sighting to [email protected] with this data: Location, date, time, condition (dead, alive, wounded, sick) and a photo if possible.

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