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Mid-August, 2014: PA’s Colegio shines


Centro assembly proceedings

generate a Facebook flap

Compiled by Staff from various reports

   Centro Comercial’s contentious annual assembly held August 2 left a Facebook flap in its wake, generating a continuing war of words over sanctions and enforcement of long-standing regulations adopted by the Assembly. The Centro area contains most local attractions, retailers and restaurants an and is thus used frequently by residents of the resort community.

On the other hand, the Assembly put some teeth in the existing rules by voting to allow the COA administration to rescind common area agreements with restaurants that disregard regulations, including decibel volume limits of live music.

While three businesses were mentioned by name in the Assembly’s pre-meeting agenda as facing possible sanctions for rules infractions, only one came out of the meeting carrying a cross, according to various reports. In what was described as a close vote, the Assembly revoked other permissions it gave to Cafe Ole from 2009, evidently requiring removal of some betterments made to the structure. (All three businesses including Cafe Ole were absolved of prior infractions of the noise rule.)

Cafe Ole owner Gayle “Gaylita” Dunaway, a founder of the PA library and volunteer equestrian for handicapped children, called the action unfair at the meeting, then took to Facebook to gather support to overturn the Assembly action that she said includes tearing down a stage, which then generated pro, con and explanatory responses in the popular social media.

One response was from Donna Carey, former owner of the defunct Tiramisu Restaurant, who now has a bakery in Centro and attended the meeting. She replied that the stage was not included in the sanction. This was corroborated by association administrator Maria de Los Angeles. In another interesting action, a lawyer for the former owner of the now defunct Mango’s restaurant-lounge – a trouble spot last year according to the Colonos – said the owner is pursuing damages from the association for removing a palapa that had been erected by the owner in a common space.

The lawyer was told the owner had not paid her lease arrangement for use of the common area in 18 months. It was explained that condo rules explicitly state that anything erected on common property becomes association property if non-payment of the fee continues for 12 consecutive months.
In another positive move, the COA administration was given permission to seek proposals for replacing common area floors and modernizing the lighting fixtures, both benefits to strollers who support the businesses there. The bids would be acted upon at the next assembly.

In a letter to the organization, president Guglielmo Cameretti who is serving a two-year term and owns Paparazzi Pizza, reportedly noted that he inherited an association that included several member businesses that disregarded rules and that his attempts to rectify that situation has been occasionally met with insults, threats and a physical confrontation.

In one email received by the Pelican, the writer hoped the disagreements and confusion would be  reconciled by the time snowbirds begin arriving in November.


PA tourist count may be low,

but waiter says tipping high

   There may be fewer visitors to Puerto Aventuras this summer than in Playa del Carmen but, say some local workers quoted in the press, the profits to them in Puerto are better than in Playa.

One worker told the local news that while tourism is at about 50 percent in Puerto as compared to 75 or 80 percent in Playa, spending in Puerto is higher judging from tips the worker has earned.

The worker, a waiter in a local restaurant, said he has been bringing home 700 pesos average in tips every day, whereas when he worked in Playa his gratuities rarely reached 400 pesos a day. He said he feels that Puerto Aventuras attracts upscale visitors – and residents – who spend more and tip better.


The Mail Bag…

Paamul implements good PA idea

Dear editor:
Thanks to the article in Pelican Free Press, Paamul now has a Swimmer Safety Station. Here’s what Bill Plaut, who researched, garnered support, raised funds, purchased materials, and brought the project to completion within a week of first mention, says: "The Swimmer Safety Station has been completed with the financial assistance of several Paamulians and a donation from the (owner’s) office. The large 30-inch bright orange ring float is a U.S. Coast Guard approved Type IV life ring. It is secured to 30 yards of 3/8" nylon rope hanging on a corrosion resistant hook."

Signed/ Jo Anne Shaffer
(Ed. Note: And thanks to Donna Carey and all those who participated in the Puerto Aventuras rescue that generated the life-station idea.)





Support Akumal ambulance drive

Aug. 16 at Lol Ha Restaurant

Dear editor:  

   As many of you know, we are working together with the Red Cross to provide Akumal with ambulance service and ongoing emergency first response training for the community.

The plan is to have an ambulance stationed in Akumal 24 hours a day, manned by a team of 4 paramedics working 2 at a time 7 days on 7 days off.  At the moment ambulance response time is 30-40 minutes at best, normally much more, so this should help to drastically reduce this response time and provide life-saving medical care in our community for anybody who needs it.

The Red Cross will also work within our community to ensure that as many people as possible can be trained in first aid, and to help us to structure our medical resources (such as the locations of defibrillator machines) most effectively.

With Akumal growing at such an incredible rate with more visitors than ever before, our need for local and accessible medical support has never been greater. Please join us at Lol Ha restaurant on Saturday August 16, 2014 at 6.30pm for a delicious fundraiser dinner with live music from The Salty Snowbirds.  Dinner is US$30 per head which includes a choice of salads, main course, desert, and a glass of wine.

Tickets are available from Lol Ha Restaurant, Natalie Novak Perez, or Marieke Brown. If you would like to support this project, but cannot attend the dinner, one-time or regular monthly donations can be made directly to the Red Cross Tulum.  We really hope that you will support this project, and hey, everybody needs to eat, so come and have a fun dinner with us! :o) .Great food, awesome live music, important cause

Signed/Marieke Brown


Commerce Corner…

Study company says 30 percent

of area reefs suffer ‘blanching’  


   The offshore reefs teeming with brilliant undersea life attract many tourist divers, but the environment that makes it all possible is showing signs of fading, according to a biotechnology company studying area reefs.

An estimated 30 percent of the reefs off the Riviera Maya are faced with “coral bleaching”, the result of negative environmental impact, according to German Robles Aragaon, CEO of the study company.

The blanching, or loss of pigmentation, Robles Aragon believes, is the result of environmental changes caused by the destruction of ecosystems around onshore mangroves and forests, for example, and boat contact with the reefs from intense human activity that in turn  “stresses” the reef environment to the degree of degradation.

For a look at what’s happening at the area reefs, contact the Aquanauts Dive Shop in Puerto Aventuras resort for a safe, escorted tour of what is the world’s second largest phenomenon, the Meso American Reef system. Click on the Aquanauts logo in the sponsor column for a sea of information.

Dental firm seeks to attract

medical tourism to Cancun  

   A dental company called Dentalia is opening an office in Cancun with the aim of attracting more than 6,000 patients from the United States and Canada with offers of a brighter smile for less money.

The company is latching onto the medical tourism trend to provide skilled dental work at very competitive prices, noting in its marketing, that cost for some procedures are half of what is charged in the United States.

Dentalia has 46 clinics nationwide. Residents of Puerto Aventuras already have a dentist offering the same services (no travel needed) also at competitive prices in Dr. Enrique Perez, who operates a two-chair clinic in the resort area called “Smile.”  Click on the “Smile” logo in the sponsor column for more information.


Briefly Noted…

AREA RESIDENTS are invited to take introductory art lessons at the Puerto Aventuras Information Center Art Gallery every Thursday from 5 -9 p.m. For more information, call Gladis Perez at 984-802-8305…ROAD RESURFACING on the Poblado Main Road is continuing until nearly 10,000 sq. meters of asphalt has been laid. The government says the project is ahead of schedule and could be completed before September 30…ABOUT 30 ATM MACHINES along 5th Avenue in Playa have been removed and/or replaced per order of officials battling the cloning of credit cards in the area…SOUTHWEST AIRLINES began daily service to Cancun on Aug. 10 from various U.S. points of departure. It’s the leading low-fare airline in the U.S. and the first time it delves into international business. Interested snowbirds can che­­ck the company web site to see if they have service their area……THE POLICE CHIEF in Culiacan, two of his brothers and two other males, one 15, were murdered in an attack by heavily armed men who drove into town in a pickup truck asking for directions to the chief’s home…CHILE’S LATAM AIRLINES, the largest airline in Latin America, has ordered 27 new Airbus 350-900s at a cost of $7 billion…AUTO PRODUCTION IN MEXICO is up 7.5 and 11.2 percent compared to the first 7 months of last year. Biggest selling brands nationally are Nissan 151,106 units, GM with 115,419 and VW with 88,798…MEXICAN CONGRESS plans to pay each of its 500 members bonuses of a million pesos ($76,000) for their “performance” while Congressman Ricardo Monreal calls it “abusive.”… MEXICO’S NEW ENERGY BILL has been signed and now legislators are turning to its implementation policies…ARMED GUNMEN burst into a children’s party in Veracruz killing three and wounding two adults. It happened at a restaurant on the Matamoros-Puerto Juarez Highway, which is a route used by some drivers heading to the Riviera Maya…NINE CAR LEASING OPERATIONS at Cancun Airport were “sealed” by the nation’s consumer protection unit for using deceptive practices including price deceptions. They could be closed for thirty days to correct those practices for the protection of consumers…

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