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New faces, places at ‘Centro Comercial’ biz district

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Posted 12/04/10 by Juanito and Pelican Staff

New faces, new places are surfacing in the Centro Comercial area that rings the Dolphin Discovery pools as businesses play musical chairs in preparing for this year’s potential surge of –+-+

tourists. It is being reported nationally that tourism is up 20%, so local merchants are hoping the trend line moves upward here as well. Some of the changes…

LOCATION,LOCATION, LOCATION – Business is up at  “CAFÉ-CAFÉ”… the resort’s only internet café offering use of computers as well as WiFi. Management’s Mimi  says the upsurge is attributed to its move from the district’s north side to the south side near the new and inviting Dolphin Discovery retail outlet and registration area, as well as expansion of outdoor seating capacity that afford multiple views of the main street, marina and dolphin pools. The move was also one of efficiencies, reducing the amount of indoor space required while expanding the al fresco space. This location provides considerably more exposure than the previous one. WiFi is free outdoors with the purchase of a food or drink item.

OXXO… The Pelican previously reported the opening of the new Oxxo store on the west side of the marina, in the space formerly tenanted by the little Super Akumal store. We mention it again because of the store’s growing popularity. Its bright fresh look, better pricing, and the fact that some employees can communicate in English is a plus. Products available there range from hot dogs and sandwiches to go, USA Today newspaper, to charcoal,l and ice cream novelties and small selection of hard liquor and beers, soaps, cleaners and even the ubiquitous cell phone.

A NEW LIQUOR STORE is located in the large passage area behind Building F, across from the stairs leading up to the Colonos Office. It opened last Wednesday. The store, “La Cueva”, is clean and well stocked. As part of the new construction, Mr. Jimenez, the owner, also received permission to add tables and chairs along the veranda adjacent to the store’s entry, evidently in the event one can’t wait for a nip until one gets home…

THE MERCADO, or farmer’s market, adjacent to the Kiosko has been sufficiently pleased with business to continue operating two days a week, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays. Customers have said to Pelican staff they are impressed by the quality of the produce.

MIKIMALI, the little Italian Restaurant located next to the Kiosko is slated to open in a second location on the marina side of that same building. The name will remain the same… with restaurants being referred to as “Mikimali Garden” and “Mikimali Marina”.

SABOR’S is the name of another restaurant that opened last week in the space formerly occupied by Si-Si-Si, the now-defunct eatery that was linked to U.S. indictments of some of its former owners on fraud charges. The new venture and its proprietors from Veracruz promise a new menu, some dishes, it is hoped, influenced by the Vera Cruz reputation for pleasing the palate. Sabor’s opens at noon daily. The décor remains similar to that of its predecessor.

FLAMINGO PLACE… the lady’s dress shop located on the garden side of the marina, had its grand re-opening Celebration on Friday (Dec. 4). The store has been closed during the slow season. Mary, the proprietor, says that soon she’ll also open a second store on the marina side, next to Mango’s Restaurant. to help display some new lines introduced at last week’s opening.

STINGRAYS and NURSE SHARKS –As if it weren’t enough to swim with Dolphins and Sea Lions when you come to Puerto Aventuras, now you can add snorkeling with Stingrays and Nurse Sharks to the list,both of which have been added to one of the dolphin pools. Luckily, humans aren’t included on the list of things a Nurse Shark, a bottom feeder with a suck snout as though nursing, likes to eat. However, stingrays are! Which makes us wonder how they survive in the same pool? I think they’ll have to be separated when this junior size Nurse Shark becomes an adult? In the meantime, I’ll fight the urge to count stingrays when I walk by.


A sad headline out of Florida reminds PA residents living along the golf course to be cautious when lounging around the pool. Herewith the first graph of that story: SANFORD, Fla. — “A maintenance worker at a central Florida country club is dead after being struck by a golfer’s tee shot…”…Chedraui Market will be open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week. Speaking of Chedraui, one couple found the place a little smaller than expected but did walk back along the highway using the elevated crosswalk and said “it wasn’t too bad” but would certainly prefer another gate near it or a shuttle bus. “The next time we will chance crossing the highway rather than use the crosswalk. It makes the walk too long.” Does anybody know what the cab fare back to the resort from Chedraui is? Let us know,please. The Pelican is happy to accommodate anyone planning Christmas Events with a public announcement. Just let us know. A library in Maryland that has agreed to donate their surplus children’s and young adult’s books to our library here in Puerto.  Right now they have three boxes for us, but we need a cost effective way to get them down here.  The library would very much appreciate anyone who is driving down and is willing to courier a box or two of books. We will ship them anywhere in the USA.  The library email address is [email protected].

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