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Jazz, art and turkey too

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mass distribution of beach access cards will not take place until some time following the Colonos general assembly of Dec. 7.  A notice concerning the cards in our last edition evidently was ambiguous, leading some to believe mass distribution had started. We apologize to the 20 or so people who climbed the Colonos stairs prematurely to be carded. On the other hand, they got to use the new handrails so graciously installed at the behest of some Pelican readers and to enjoy a smidgeon of healthy exercise. Kindly wait for further notice of the distribution schedule from the Colonos. Thank you.



Local art, music, food events,

Playa jazz fest this weekend


By Staff

  Funk icon “Earth, Wind and Fire” is among the top-shelf cast that will entertain during the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival beginning at 7 tomorrow night (Nov. 28) at Mamitas Beach, at the foot of 28th Street North in Playa del Carmen and continuing Friday and Saturday nights at the same time and place. Admission is free.
  Helping to round out a cultural/gastronomical weekend will be an Art, Music and Food fest from 1 to 5 p.m. on Saturday at the Latitude 20 Restaurant bordering the Lagoon of Dreams in Puerto Aventuras and a (U.S.) Thanksgiving night turkey feast with three seatings at Cafe Ole on the PA Centro dolphin walk. Seatings begin at 5:30, 7 and 8:30. Price 220 pesos. 
  The popular Earth, Wind and Fire will close out the three-day jazz event Saturday night with Matthew Garrison and accordionist Celso Pina. Opening night performers Thursday night are Aguamala, Frank Gambale and Brent Fischer. Friday night’s performers are Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, Dennis Chambers, Jim Beard and Ed Motta.
  Earth, Wind and Fire emerged from the 70s as probably the best of their music genre, applying huge hooks, heavenly harmonies and unique syncopation to remain perhaps forever the icing on the pop funk musical cake. 
Other coming events:
COLONOS GENERAL ASSEMBLY at 9:30 a.m. Dec. 7, at Omni Hotel’s Xenote Waterfront Restaurant
G.I.S. (Geographic Information ystem) Training course, Dec. 9-14 in Akumal, $800 MN . More info at [email protected]
ANNUAL ROAD RACE Jan. 19, multi-class,  prizes, stay tuned. More later.
TAX DISCOUNT on property begins at the Colonos office around Dec. 2. Pay early and get 25 percent off.

Egrets, we had a few, then

again, too few to mention…

By Staff:
   …But we decided to mention them anyway because early one week-end morning as dew drops twinkled under the rising sun like a blanket of shiny sequins, white flashes of movement were discernable between the fluttering fronds of chit palm and other trees. By stooping a bit on the veranda we achieved a better view between the barren tree trunks.  

And there, on the glistening green carpet of the golf course fairway, we saw something we had never seen here before.
  A flock of chicken-sized birds with snow-white plumage lazily foraging for…for…for what, we didn’t know. Seed? Insect? A quick dash for the camera, then back to the wood line separating the fairway from peripheral housing, quietly so as not to disturb what could be a rare photo op in one’s own back yard.
  We counted 18 individual birds while zooming out as far as the lens on the Nikon would go. We leaned against a tree, the Nikon and me, to eliminate camera shake and, like an assassin in a Hollywood movie, began noiselessly shooting at…at what?
  We didn’t know what kind of birds they were. A really far-out guess was that they might be rare albino chachalacas. Back in the apartment, we took David A. Nunez’s book, “What Did I See?” an aggregation of photos and synoptic text of local wildlife and plant species and searched for clues. The closest photos we found were of a “snowy egret”  that Nunez described as “one of the most beautiful birds in the region.” Comparing the photos, the legs of the “snowy” egret seemed a big longer than those of the birds in our photo, as did the bill. But there were a few social similarities too, such as nesting (and probably foraging) in flocks.
  Still unsure, we dashed off a photo to the Pelican’s sometimes bird columnist Gayle Sandholm who is still in the f-f-f-frozen Montana country until January when he returns here. His take: “
From here in Montana, on this cool day during the week of Thanksgiving, I first thought these lovely birds might be turkeys!!  On second thought I do believe they are egrets. Given their size, what looks like dark legs, stocky necks, and appear to be feeding as a flock on insects, my guess is that they are Cattle Egrets. Best guess.”
  Anybody out there in reader-land have suggestions?

  Commerce Corner

‘Hard Rock’ coming next door;

Look for the big guitar off 307

By Staff:

          A big guitar, the iconic trademark of the Hard Rock cafe and hotel conglomerate, should be popping up any day now where the Aventuras Spa Palace sign  used to be, according to news from the international Hard Rock web site. The company, partnering with Palace Resorts Properties, plans to take over the operation in December with a seamless transition.
Questions about whether the new management would operate a casino on the premises seems to be answered by the announcement’s lack of gambling information and Mexico’s own federal laws against casinos.
  In its own words:
  “Hard Rock Riviera Maya will combine two adjacent Palace Resorts properties, Aventuras Cove Palace and Aventuras Spa Palace. The former will offer 489 guestrooms, three restaurants including a new dinner theatre venue, four bars, multiple pools, water activities, and other family-friendly amenities, including a unique teen club with cabanas for games. The latter, to be marketed to adults, will provide 777 guestrooms, four restaurants, four bars, numerous pools including a grotto pool that will become a nighttime club experience, and one of the top-rated spas in Riviera Maya, featuring an extensive menu of services.”
  There is no mention of gambling or day passes for residents of their neighboring PA resort community.

New Airport “railroaded” for now

  It looks like the oft-discussed international airport proposal in Tulum is being shoved on the back burner again in favor of moving ahead with the other oft-debated project, the trans-peninsular train, that would have a junction in Calica and further open up this part of the Yucatan Peninsula to development.
  The state’s  (Quintana Roo) delegate to the Ministry of Communication and Transport made the comment as a presentation before the 4th National Congress of the Mexican Federation of Civil Engineers was being prepared last weekend by the project’s design consultants.
  The federal delegate, Elizondo Franciso Garrido, said the intention is to solicit RFPs (requests for proposals) early next year (2014) that will be open to national and international bidders. The delegate noted that project work would begin in 2014 because it was a commitment by Mexico President Enrique Pina Nieto.

  Is Home Depot coming closer?
  Home Depot is evidently among some of  the projects being heralded by local authorities as a boon to the Playa del Carmen area for job creation and expanding the tax base.
  Predicting a rebound in investment this year, Edward Morentin Ocejo, director of municipal urban and environmental planning, estimates that investment to be around
600 Million between all the proposed projects that include a signature Hyatt, Grand Princess expansion plans and reportedly a fourth location by the Spanish consortium Jesusito OHL Chedraui.
  Whether all these plans make it to the finish line is still early to tell since some are still in the permitting stage, environmental and otherwise, while others apparently were finished with the process and handed permits by the previous municipal administration.
  In line with all these developments, the municipality of Solidarity has announced the formation of a Planning Committee for Municipal Development with the ambition of
covering nearly every aspect of life that makes a community what it is. Sub-committees will cover aspects of social development, public works, gender equality, education, finance, tourism and civil protection among a host of other human endeavors and conditions.

No Escape…


 Briefly Noted…

Compiled from staff, contributor and media reports
FOREVER A MYSTERY? We heard from one of the victims of a thief who stole households of furniture in Puerto Aventuras resort during the summer. “Unfortunately, we never received any response from anyone with regard to our story in The Pelican Press.” So where did several households of furniture and appliances disappear to? And how? THE RUSTIC PIER at the foot of 14th St. in Playa del Carmen that was to be the first of four convenient facilities for embarking divers and tourists has been ordered dismantled as a “white Elephant” that looked promising on paper but didn’t work out…AMERICAN AIRLINES inaugurated direct flights from Miami to Cozumel last week, noting there would be five flights a week… COBA is reportedly still suffering from the damaging effects of unusual rainfall, with some tourist areas so flooded they are discouraging tourism, which 80 percent of the people there rely on for income…PLAYA FISHERMEN say they aren’t caching as many snapper this fishing season as last year. Meanwhile, officials are concerned about the number of boats and chaises being left on the beach, hampering access to restaurants and beach clubs…FUNERAL SERVICES were held yesterday (Nov. 26) on Cozumel for the young doctor killed in the crash of a private ambulance jet off the coast of Florida last week. His body was lost at sea…FOREWARNED – Traffic lights at. Playa del Carmen Blvd. (lower 307) and 38th St., are now working…

Phrase a Week…By Gloria Contreras, state certified interpreter
Where are the new restaurants in Centro? In Spanish, you would say, “¿Dónde están los nuevos restaurantes en el Centro?  ”
Anyone interested in learning the language can please contact Ms. Contreras by email at [email protected] or Cel: 984-108-3517 .

Church Services… Please click Colonos icon on right top of page.

AA and Alanon meetings…
AA and ALANON meetings are held at the public library at the Colegio as follows:
AA Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m; Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at noon. ALANON meeting is held Mondays at 5:30 p.m., also at the library. Meetings are “open” and non-members are welcomed to attend.


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