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November 10, 2017

The dutiful Doggie…

…WAS TOLD TO ‘SIT’ and sit it did for about 8 minutes without moving a hair on its tiny body while its owner took a quick dip in the cool Caribbean waters off Omni Beach. (Staff Photo)

Playa business council urging
aerodrome move to Aventuras

Says city airstrip land needed to fix traffic woes 

By Staff
The former head of Playa del Carmen’s Business Coordinating Council is urging state leaders to complete a new aerodrome in Puerto Aventuras to replace he one in Playa’s central tourist/business zone.

Gerald Valades Victorio said traffic is choking the city’s central area bordering exclusive Playacar creating gridlock, accidents and frustrating drivers.

He said the solution is to close the Playa aerodrome for space to make new roads and replace it with the  airstrip in Puerto Aventuras. He said 100 million pesos have already been spent on the Aventuras project that was scheduled to be operative more than year ago but apparently has been abandoned.

While Valades’ suggestion may eventually help Playa del Carmen solve a traffic problem, it could possibly  add to traffic growth in Puerto Aventuras since a private airstrip and considerable housing is also being developed across Highway 307 from the PA resort.

When traffic choked central New York City years ago, a pundit suggested making all city streets one way north, then, he said, traffic would be Connecticut’s problem. It begs the question whether PA might inherit Playa’s traffic problem by becoming its solution.

Colegio forum offers  prelude 
to Dec. 9 general assembly 

By Staff
It was billed as a question and answer forum for PA developer Roman Rivera Torres to share his views but questioners often morphed into off-point monologues, historical anecdotes, new thought-provoking evidence, a few angry outbursts, impassioned pleas and even a nonsensical sermon.

“It was democracy in action,” offered resident Martin Wohnlich as the audience of more than 70 emerged from the Colegio’s outdoor auditorium Wednesday night after nearly two hours of sparring between the developer and audience and between residents.

The main concerns appeared to be “security” and “exclusivity” as the developer and some loyalists sought to convince listeners that Colonos officials, of which he is one, had lately failed to provide sufficient security and support to the developer’s original vision of exclusivity, upon which he often expounded during the evening.

As a result, the developer said he will take command of the main gate in April or sooner for three months to fix the problem, then return it to the Colonos. He also has filed assembly requests for the resignations of Colonos board Chairman Jorge Kaufer and general manager Armando Rincon. Those items are on the Dec. 9 assembly agenda.

In a previous interview, the developer said he would return gate operations to the Colonos, providing Kaufer was no longer on the board. He said he would tighten the gate operations to include banning clients of the boaters involved in the fee disagreement.

In that vein, there was a brief verbal skirmish between the developer and Anthony Heckendorn, owner of Fat Cat boats, over the marina’s assessment of new per-passenger charges to commercial boaters, a conflict the Colonos views as private business.

That distinction is the basis for the developer’s allegations of an under-performing board as it relates to security and exclusivity. Conversely, the developer believes the Colonos should have blocked the main gate to boating clients to protect the marina interests, which was then part of the Colonos association.

As to Puerto’s exclusivity, resident Angelo Mouzouropoulos revealed the existence of an unveiled agreement with the TAEMA development across the highway from Phase 4. It would allow future residents of nearly 900 living units planned there to access Puerto’s facilities via a purchased “passport” from the Colonos,  The agreement is signed by the Colonos chairman and the developer, as president of the vigilance committee, according to Mouzouropoulos.

The developer at first skirted the revelation question but later noted it would bring business to the resort and fees to the Colonos.

Mouzouropoulos said he did not understand how the developer, who, he said, he admires for creating Puerto Aventuras, could on the one hand complain of liberal access to the resort and on the other quietly sign an agreement that could eventually open the gates to as many as 2,000 non-residents. This too will be up for discussion and a vote at the Assembly.

On security, Cate Hauser of Chac-Hal-Al, where the developer also lives, told the audience the complex has had to hire its own expensive security to keep people from the poblado off the beach in front of their condos this summer. She described some beach-goers as drunks vomiting, using obscenities and creating a “disgusting” atmosphere.

It prompted rejoinders from several other people in the audience, one of whom said she owns three properties further up the beach but was unhappily stopped from continuing a walk on the federal zone by a guard at Chac-Hal-Al.

It was generally agreed the gate and security issues had somewhat divided the community, but the developer said he would  strive to reunite it. All the open dialogue did not, however, lead to any immediate solutions save for a suggestion to form a study committee.

“Despite the various views expressed, I felt an underlying sense of commonality that I think is healthy for the community,” said a retired psychiatric social worker in the audience.

The last word went to Peter Metric, longtime restaurateur here, who sermonized investors as though they were children, preaching they should feel “privileged to live here,” their investments notwithstanding. At the suggestion the community “build a statue” of the developer, people began to leave.


An enjoyable evening…

In Upper left photo, the audience joins the cast of “Love and Death” by the “Silla Movil Danza” group after the finale while, at right, youths are intent on the performers. In lower left photo, the audience gives a standing ovation to cast members (center and right). (Staff Photos).

Rock concert, circus acts 
fuse for Nov. 24 event 

On the heels of a delightful folk ballet on Nov. 3, (above collage) the Colonos homeowners’ association wasted no time in preparing a second cultural event, this time a lively rock concert fused with circus acts by the “Roximus Maxximus” group at 7:30 p.m., Nov. 24 in the Cultural Center on Bahia Akumal.

This is an upbeat presentation with songs from the Beatles, other rock legends and a cast of dancing performers, balancing, trapeze and fire feats that keeps the eyes and well as the ears busy.

Tickets are 120 pesos and are available now at the Colonos office, the Colegio and at Transformar Educando in the Poblado. The Colonos asks for support of the local population in attending these events so that more of them can be presented for the enjoyment of all in the high season.


Trivial Pursuits is coming up at 4 p.m. Sundays, November 12 and 26 at Latitude 20 Restaurant with proceeds going to the Poblado Community Center. Owner Jim Stubbs welcomes new players to join the fun. And don’t forget the Halloween Party being held early this year on Oct. 28 starting at 6 p.m.

November dates of note: In Mexico:  Revolution Day, Nov. 21: All Saints Day, Nov. 1:  All Souls Day, (Day of the Dead), Nov. 2 – In the U.S.  – Daylight Saving Time ends Nov. 5; Election Day Nov. 8; Veterans Day Nov. 11; Thanksgiving, Nov. 23.

The Roundup…

Bring back ‘green angels’ was the cry of two Cozumel councilors who urged the island leaders last week to resume the free highway repair and information service to assist tourists and locals. Come to think of it, the Pelican hasn’t seen an angels truck on Highway 307 for quite some time. Anybody have information on this to share?

A free 6-day pet sterilization program in Tulum expected to handle about 250 pets a day during the event held during the week at Nuub Park. The 15 veterinarians participating were from Colorado, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos and Cancun…

Texas, Florida and California lead the US states in the number of tourists to the Riviera Maya says a recent report from the Tourist Profile Study of Quintana Roo.. The US contributes a total of about 4 million visitors to the are per year, most of them coming for, sun and beach, with lesser numbers to study  Mayan culture and about 8 percent for honeymoons…

Direct flights from Moscow to Cancun have elevated expectations of revived Russian tourism on the Riviera Maya, with a figure of around 14,000 expected, besting three previous years with a roughly  40 percent recovery…


The Mail Bag…

Dear Editor:
I am writing this letter because I have a concern that could affect other residents who live here.  My house backs onto the “P.A. Golf & Racquet Club” golf course, and I am no stranger to finding stray golf balls in my back yard.  As one might say, “that is part of living on the golf course”. 

However, on July 31, 2017, a bad shot from a golfer sent a golf ball slamming into one of my solar panels, leaving it shattered and inoperable.  After inspecting the damage, taking photos and retrieving the golf ball, I went to speak with the Club’s general manager, Jose Luis Ortega Padilla, at the main office. 

After explaining to him what had happened, he informed me that he was aware of the group of golfers on the course at the time of the incident, and that not only would he seek reparations from them, but he would also speak to the Club’s insurance company regarding reimbursement for the damage. 

Having received this information, I left with the understanding that I would await his response from the insurance company, and we would proceed accordingly.  By August 14 I had still heard nothing, so I tracked Mr. Ortega down at the Club office and inquired about any progress. 

He informed me that he had spoken to the insurance company, and that they would not being reimbursing the Club for the damage it had caused to my home.  Mr. Ortega also stated that since the insurance company would not cover the damage, neither would the P.A. Golf Club (as expressly told to him by the “board” of the Club), and therefore I would have to cover the cost of any damages. 

Furthermore, Mr. Ortega told me specifically that the Club would not reimburse me because they would then be obligated to do the same for future incidents with other residents.  I explained to Mr. Ortega that although the Club doesn’t have adequate insurance doesn’t mean that the Club is not responsible.  I also explained that things like this will happen, but a professional business is still accountable when it comes to situations like these.  His response was, “Not in Mexico.”

 This was a small problem with a simple solution, but I have no delusions that Mr. Ortega, the “board” of the Club, or the P.A. Golf & Racquet Club will deal with this situation with integrity.  They have decided that although we are all neighbors, they are not responsible for damages done by their clients. 

It is obvious that the golf club has inadequate insurance…  So my question is this:  With more residents deciding to go with the “solar” option, what about the next time this happens?  If a small child playing in their backyard is injured by a golf ball, who will be held responsible?  My issue was minor.  But what if it were more serious?   

sSigne/Jesse Cooper

The rules we live by — or not!

Responsibilities s of the board secretary

(Page 10 of 22 – unedited)         

ARTICLE 25.The following are the Secretary’s obligations:

  1. To keep a bock of minutes of the meetings of the Board, of the Associates’ assembly and the registration of the same together with all other books that should be kept by a Civil Association according to the Law, also to take care of the mail and the files and records of the Association and the Register of Slates and Candidates for the elections;
  2. To have all documents under his/her care today for inspection by the Vigilance Committee or by any of the members of the Board, at any time they so request;

III. To act as Secretary in the meeting of the Board and in the Associates Assemblies, as well as to sing the corresponding minutes; and

  1. To work with the Association’s President in the organization of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Assemblies of Associates.

ARTICLE 26.– the following are the Treasure’s obligations:

  1. To prepare the annual budget of income and expenses for the next fiscal year to be presented to the Assembly of associates for, approval, after the previous review and approval from the Vigilance Committee.
  2. To present the detailed annual balance of income and expenses to the assembly of associates for the period corresponding to the ending year, once it has been approved by the Vigilance Committee;
  • To keep the Associations accounting current;
  1. To manage all of the Associations funds through the necessary accounts with a banking institution. In order to withdraw any funds, the checks shall be made out in the name of the beneficiary bearing the joint signature of at least two members of the Board of Directors.
  2. See that all associate members are current in the payment of their dues and undertake the required actions to bring tardy members up to date on their payments. Also, insure that the Association is always current in the fulfillment of its monetary obligations; and
  3. Make sure that all documents in his care are always current and available for; inspection by the Vigilance Committee at any time it wishes to do so or whenever any associate member, requests so. (To be continued)


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