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November 3, 2017

Time to yawn on the lawn…

AND THE CRYING STOPPED when father and baby settled down together on the peaceful green, green grass of home at one of the PA condos along the golf course. (Staff Photo)

Cancun airport launches Terminal 4
serving national, international flights 

By Staff – Cancun Airport launched its new “Terminal 4” this week and snowbirds beginning to return to their winter nests here may want to double check at which terminal their flight will arrive.

Bringing a national impetus to the inauguration was Mexican President Enrique Pina Nieto who joined Gov. Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez and scores of officials in dedicating the new facility to good service.

The two-level facility with a mezzanine floor will service national and international flights and sport the usual commercial outlets of duty-free retailers, food, of course, and a smattering of other commercial enterprises.

The airport is now rated with one of the highest passenger countsin the nation after spending more than 2.5 billion pesos completing the new facility. It is expected to add 9 million more passengers to the total airport traffic which, in the first nine months of 2017, was 5,839,906  using three terminals.

Infrastructure includes new roads, platforms, parking lots and connecting taxiways.  An integrated airport hotel is under development. Cancun Airport service connects to 21 destinations nationally, and more than 30 countries in the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe. The airport originally opened in 1974. Since that time, it’s other three terminals have experienced extensive renovations to meet increasing demand.

A spirirted event…

THE ANNUAL HALLOWEEN party at Latitude 20 Restaurant drew more than 130 ghouls from the grave this year, making for a spirited event, says owner Jim Stubbs, who thanked all those who wore their best nightmarish attire for a great fright night..

Congtroversy spawns unusual
Colegio Q&A forum on  Nov. 8 

By Staff –  A still-simmering conflict between the Fideicomiso and Colonos homeowners’ board over main gate policy has apparently triggered two recent resignations from the Colonos board.

It has also fostered an upcoming public forum at which PA developer and Fideicomiso Roman Rivera Torres, who is bilingual, will be open to questions from the audience to present his views.

Rivera Torres has filed a request for the resignations of Colonos board Chairman Jorge Kaufer and general manager Armando Rincon and plans to take over operation of the main gate, which he owns. These issues will be on the December 9 assembly agenda, according to the Colonos.

The forum was proposed by Gabriela “Gabi” Kozelji, general director of the Puerto Aventuras Colegio, for 7 p.m. ,Wednesday, Nov. 8 at the Colegio. She extends a welcome to all members of the Colonos homeowners’ association.

Her reasons for what she characterized as an unusual proposal for the Colegio to make, are contained in a letter sent by her to the Colonos homeowners’ association. It is included here. The letter:

“I have been a resident of Puerto Aventuras since 1989.  Today I write as the Director of Colegio Puerto Aventuras, an important recipient of the concerns of our community.   I am greatly concerned by the inaccurate information being passed from one person to another and the distortion created regarding the situation of our community which is putting at risk our healthy coexistence

“I want to remind us all of the original principles upon which Puerto Aventuras was built and the ones that were the basis of our choice to call this destination our home.  These principles were: an Integrated Development (single entity), secure and private in spite of the overwhelming growth around us.

“Conceived as an Integrated Development with a unified administration and operation, residents and owners would enjoy its infrastructure by means of their ID Passport.  HOA has lost this objective, separating the community, obligating us to solve our own problems and hiring our own security.   We are losing what made us unique.

“The security of a development, as with a home, begins at the main gate.  The inability of HOA to handle control of our access is turning our beaches public and allowing massive traffic from outside to enter our resort and use our facilities.  The Association has determined that anyone from outside showing an ID may access the Development and use our infrastructure.  The Developer has requested temporary control of the access to re-establish order and then give it back to the Association.

“It was the Developer who proposed the formation of a Homeowners’ Association, to walk hand in hand toward the same objective, a formula which worked during more than 20 years under the direction of previous presidents of the Association.  In these last years, HOA separated from the original concept proposed by the Developer to the detriment of the quality of life of our residents and the appeal to our visitors.

“We know through experience, the binomial “Developer-Association” leadership worked in an optimal fashion and we should return to this proven and effective formula.  I acknowledge and give full credit to the Developer who conceived the concept of Puerto Aventuras, made it a reality, and who stands true to it to this day.  I denounce the actions of the Board of Directors of HOA, who, lacking the experience or credentials, has moved away from the original directive and are jeopardizing the original concept.

“I urge our community to review our history, the course we have taken during the last years and to recognize and support the Developer in getting us back on track to what was promised and why we chose to call this home.”

2 former board members cite
reasons for their resignations
Martin ‘not prepared’ for controversy

 “I, Renato Martin, consider it necessary directing this letter to explain my resignation from my brief participation in the Board of Directors of Homeowners Puerto Aventuras due to the fact that after my leaving, different versions of the situation that is taking place in this very important organ of our community.

“I am grateful for having been invited to participate in such board of directors that was functional and acquired many goals for several years.

“It seems that my arrival was coincidental in moment when, as a group, we were obligated to confront new situations of a legal character that set on trial the cohesion of the group and our capacities.

“I believe that most of all, I became aware of not being prepared to confront situation of this sort on time for lack of legal foundation. I am convinced that members of the board of directors are respectable people with a legitimate interest in contributing to our community.

“I think it is necessary to review the attributions and obligations of the board of directors reassuming the spirit of Puerto Aventuras as a project and coming closer once again to work with Fideicomiso in one single direction.

“I decided to resign when I became aware there was no longer a constructive dialogue and that the board of directors had lost its functionality due to not showing an open mind to new solutions necessary to preserve the lifestyle of Puerto Aventuras in front of the increasing pressures from its entourage.”

Lobo cites general dysfunction

“By this means I, Guillermo Lobo, present my resignation from the position I’ve served during the last 3 years as Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association of Puerto Aventuras.

“The constant differences presented sinceMarch in our bi-weekly board meetings between the board president, the Vigilance Committee and the administration have cost a loss in importance to those meetings often canceled for months.

“Different from previous years, in which decisions were taken by the parts arriving at agreements between the board of directors, the Vigilance Committee and Fideicomiso, this year the agreements have been scarce and some of these have been contradictory and taken unilaterally by the president, postponing important projects like the second phase of the control building at the main access, the integration of Phase 4 and the construction of the park as examples.

“The motives before mentioned take me to this decision since at the moment the Committee has become dysfunctional and my participation does not add to the original objectives.

“Today, special attention to our Resort necessarily requires a balance between Fideicomiso as responsible for the Development and the Association as its Administrator.

“The growth of our Development with diversity of residents of different cultures requires a firm direction, dynamic and conciliatory that respects the basic principles on which the Development was created in order to allow continuity in the security, well-being and enjoyment of its residents and owners in the future.

“I thank the members of the Board and the Committee for the opportunity to serve with you during the last three years, confirming my disposition to contribute in anything for the common welfare.”

What’s happening?

Here’s a reminder that the folk ballet entitled “Love and Death” will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Friday, November 3, at the PA Cultural Center on Bahia Akumal by the Silla Movil Danza group. Tickets are 120 pesos.  Also happening:

Trivial Pursuits at 4 p.m. Sundays November 12 and 26 at Latitude 20 Restaurant with proceeds going to the poblado Community Center. Owner Jim Stubbs welcomes new players to join in the fun

November dates of note: In Mexico:  Revolution Day, Nov. 21: All Saints Day, Nov. 1:  All Souls Day, (Day of the Dead), Nov. 2 – In the U.S.  – Daylight Saving Time ends Nov. 5; Election Day Nov. 8; Veterans Day Nov. 11; Thanksgiving, Nov. 23.

The Roundup…

A trailer truck driver delivering tons of produce was credited with efficient driving when a tire and rim blew out on the northbound lane of Highway 307 just a mile or so north of Puerto Aventuras. Police said the driver maintained control of the heavy truck when it skidded about 600 feet and managed not to hit other traffic, avoiding any injuries. Traffic was tied up for nearly two hours before the truck was moved from the center of the lane…

Another narco-suspected shooting death was reported on Oct. 26 when a 35-year-old man was targeted at 3:20 a.m. exiting the “Tapanko” bar on 40th Avenue near 4th Street north.  It was the municipality’s 52nd gang-linked fatal shooting this year. Police later caught up with suspects in a car, but they escaped after firing shots at the police, reported the local press… And one more on Oct. 31 -Halloween- in a colony west of the Playa center – shot in the head gang-style and attributed to narco violence for control of the criminal enterprise n the area. He is victim 53 since the first of the year…

Catalonia’s independence drive in Spain has had no effect thus far on tht region’s business investments in the Riviera Maya, reports the president of the Riviera Maya Hotel Association. There is a Catalonia hotel in Puerto Aventuras, which is an important partner in the community’s financial well-being…

The rules we live by…or not!

(Page 9 of 22)

 CHAPTER VIII (unedited translation)


ARTICLE 23.- The following shall be the obligations for the president or as the case may be, for the Board of Directors of the Association:

  1. To have ordinary meetings every month;
  2. To celebrate extraordinary meetings in those cases when either the President or the Board’s President consider it necessary, or when the majority of the membership so request.

Failure to attend three consecutive meetings of the board without due justification shall constitute reason enough to remove any member from office.

III. Formulation of the Association’s annual activity program to be presented at the Assembly of associates for approval;

  1. To publish a newsletter of the Association;
  2. Prepare the annual income and expense budget;
  3. Prepare the annual Balance sheet and Profit-and-Loss Statement for the fiscal year which must be audited, and present them to the consideration of the General Assembly; and

VII. All other derived from the Law, the Deed of incorporation, these Bylaws and the internal regulations of the Association.

ARTICLE 24.– The following are obligations of the President, or of the Board’s President, as the case may be:

  1. If no other person or commission is specifically designated for the purpose of representing the Association legally and/or carry out the resolutions of the same Board or of the Associates’ Assembly. To assume such functions.
  2. To chair the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Association and to sign the corresponding minutes;

III. To invite to and organize, together with the Secretary. All Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies, and to chair them; and

  1. To present a report to the General Assemblies of Associates about the activities carried out in the following aspects:
  2. Financial;
  3. Administrative; and
  4. (To be continued)

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