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Officials vow strict enforcement of leash law, dog bags to collect droppings


Officials vow strict enforcement of leash law, dog bags to collect droppings

Posted 6/3/10 by Pelican Paulie

PHOTOS SHOW extent of injuries to 6-year-old boy by neighbor’s dog.The Colonos is lowering the boom on dog-owning scofflaws who ignore the leash law and basic health rules in the wake of the mauling of a 6-year-old child by a loose dog owned by a neighbor.

“The administration and board of directors have agreed to enforce our bylaws more strictly,” said Colonos General Manager Armando Rincon. “Every pet should be leashed and accompanied by a responsible person,” he said. “Pets can’t walk around Puerto Aventuras unattended.”

He also said the Colonos has appealed for support from the municipal dog pound to collect loose dogs in the resort area.

And in response to other complaints of owners who do not clean the droppings of their dogs, the Colonos said all owners must carry a collection bag to pick up after their pets make a deposit and properly dispose it.

There was no reference in the announcement about dogs that howl and bark night and day disturnbing the tranquility of neighbors, one reason why some condos, albeit PA is a dog-friendly community, have barred dogs from their units. “We must remember that the most important thing is the tranquility (and safety) of our residents and the freedom to walk around without any fears,” the general manager said.

Puerto Aventurans can help protect residents and themselves from dog attacks by reporting infractions of the leash law to the Colonos.

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