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Pondering PA’S parking, traffic future


EASTER: Good Friday, April 18; Easter, April 20; Services at Sta. Teresa Church in the Poblado:

Holy Friday:1:30 p.m., Holy Cross walk (Puerto Maya);3:30 p.m.,the 7 Words
4 p.m., Celebration of the Passion of our Lord;  5:30 p.m., March of Silence;6 p.m. Rosario of Sympathy to the Blessed Virgin;
Holy Saturday, April 19; 6:30 a.m., Route of the Church/Via Matriz; 11 a.m., Route of the Cross for Children; 7 p.m., Benediction of the New Fire (candles and water will be blessed):
Easter Sunday, April 20, 9 a.m., Liturgy (mass), 7 p.m. Solemn Easter Mass.

SPRING BREAK library hours 10-4 Wednesdays only to April 25 
DIVE INTO ADVENTURE with Aquanauts Dive Shop, servicing beginners and advanced
AKUMAL COMEDY CLUB Festival returns April 29-May 3. See story below for schedule.
WIDE SMILE – Visit our local dentist before heading north. Click on the Smile  logo
VILLAS AKALAN to rent close to the Riviera Maya’s prime beach at Tulum.
REPAIR LEAKS BEFORE THE RAINY SEASON, click on Definitive Solutions for help.
ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY at PA’s Latitude 20 Restaurant: Salsa band playing Saturday nights
RESERVE NOW for summer car storage at Riviera Maya vehicle and boat storage. Click the logo at left.
FISHING SEASON HERE: Click on Capt. Rick’s for sportfishing adventure
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Summer Break

‘State of the Town’ – Part 4

Colonos ponders traffic, parking

concerns as Phase 4 progresses


By Staff
   The surface has been scratched on the state of the town but some unknowns remain to be decided by the experience of the future. Pelican readers have been briefed on the ongoing development of Phase 4  and coming upgrade of the water system to a reverse osmosis desalination plant, projects that will impact the resort community in some ways that cannot now be projected with certainty.

This week we talked with Colonos GM Armando Rincon, spokesman for the the owners association’s board of directors, concerning some general issues relative to the development of Phase 4 and the existing community. While the developer has previously stated that merging Phase 4 with the Colonos will be offered as soon as infrastructure is completed. But the Colonos says it first has to determine how many constructed buildings it will take to provide sufficient fees to the Colonos to make Phase 4 self-sustainable as regards infrastructure maintenance and security.

We haven’t worked the numbers yet,” Rincon said, “but there won’t be a merger until there are enough Phase 4 housing units to sustain the added workers we are going to need for road and grounds maintenance and added security personnel.” He said that as of last week, the Colonos had received construction fee payments  of $8 per m2, for three buildings now in various phases of being built. However,those fees are dedicated and held by the Colonos to fund Fatima Bay beach restoration when permits are approved. “We will not spend a peso on Phase 4 maintenance from the existing Colonos treasury,” Rincon said.

MAIN GATE Traffic impact on future

While developer Arq. Roman Rivera Torres expresses doubt that a second gate will be needed as Phase 4 approaches build-out of its 132 house lots, 5 hotel and condo lots in about seven years, Rincon said the Colonos board is not so sure. It has been discussing contingencies available to the board at the main gate and/or possibly utilizing another gate already existing at the southern end of Phase 4 at a junction with the highway should it be needed. Heavy equipment and trucks are now using that access point to service Phase 4 construction.

Before a new gate is considered as the best solution should traffic warrant it, Rincon said, the board is exploring the potential for adding two more traffic lanes. “Even that would be a considerable project,” he said.

Rincon noted that parking in the Centro area would undoubtedly become more problematic than it already is, particularly on Punta Celis from the Omni Hotel to the gates of Chac-Hal-Al, gates that, Rivera said, he did not envision as part of the original resort’s design.  “The main gate is enough. We don’t need more gates inside,” Rivera feels.

Rincon said the Colonos is already working on possible parking solutions that are limited by the lack of available land in that area, the size of some automobile SUVs parking there, and the plethora of motorized scooters, bicycles, vans, golf carts and assorted delivery vehicles.

He said the Colonos is looking at all possible spaces, some of which were designed with aesthetics in mind, such as build outs that eat up space along the roads and spaces along the Centro plazas that could be used for parking motorized bikes and scooters. The Colonos board is also giving thought to limiting the access of vans delivering clients to certain businesses on upper Punta Celis between the Omni and Chac Hal Al.

While there is currently a private construction and public safety sentinel at the entrance to Phase 4 along Boulevard Puerto Aventuras, Rincon said that the pooled entrance will not be guarded once the Phase 4 project transitions to Colonos control. For the record, the Colonos is the stakeholders’ organization that assumes maintenance and security among some other quasi-governmental duties when the developer signs off. In essence, it is the resort’s paper tiger governing unit that works best in a self-policing, peer pressure society by agreement.

Caleta access

While Rivera has publicly announced a plan to design a path through Phase 4 conservation land for continued access to the Caleta for all Puerto Aventuras resort residents, Rincon said Colonos board Chairman Jorge Kaufer has raised a concern that such a path has not been included in any design of Phase 4 that has been seen. The Colonos’ goal is to avoid repeating the absolute lack of designed and guaranteed access paths to the federal zone at local beaches that was omitted in previous phases.

If Mexican law mimics that of the U.S., conservation land by its very nature is as public as is the federal zone along the beach, meaning the public cannot be prohibited from its passive enjoyment, such as walking and biking. Part of the conservation area is labeled a “restricted” area, meaning no access. But the plan shows enough conservation land left between the restricted zone and private property lot to allow access to the caleta.


Commerce Corner…

Dave Harris billfish tourney here

to host 7 U.S. wounded warriors

Capt. Ricks Sportfishing Center donating

two boats, crews for the May 2-6 event

   (Ed. Note: Below is an open letter from the Dave Harris Memorial Billfish Tournament being held in Puerto Aventuras May 2-6 that will include seven U.S. wounded warriors who will participate in the tournament. While Capt. Rick’s Sportfishing Center is providing two boats and crews for the event, the Harris group is asking for donations to help defray the $1,500 per warrior travel and accommodations costs.) The letter:

“Dear Business Owner and Fellow Americans,
   We would like to bring to your attention a wonderful opportunity to give back to our combat wounded veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country. The Dave Harris Memorial Billfish Tournament is hosting seven Wounded Warriors on our annual Charity Billfish Tournament in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, and we need your help to make this happen.

WWIAF organizes some 40 hunting and fishing trips a year throughout the United States for Purple Heart recipients, all at no cost to the Soldiers. The Wounded Warriors that are attending our Tournament are remarkable individuals and all have incredible stories of courage, bravery, and determination.

image One of the Warriors attending is Justin Constantine, (photo left) Marine who was shot by a sniper in Iraq. The bullet entered behind his ear and exited through his mouth. The hero that day was a 26-year-old Navy Corpsman named George Grant. When Justin was shot, George raced to his side, found Justin not breathing and his airway blocked.

To save Justin’s life, George performed an emergency tracheotomy, all the while being pinned down by the sniper. Corpsman Grant had never performed a tracheotomy before. Surgeons would later use bones from Justin’s legs to rebuild the lower part of his face. He has endured 25 surgeries and still has a few more to go.

Loses both legs

Another is Marine Gabriel Martinez, who at the age of 22 lost both legs when stepping on an IED in Helmond Province, Afghanistan, on Thanksgiving Day 2010. Gabe has overcome his injuries, wears a set of high tech prosthesis, competes in 5k and 10k races, and hopes to compete in a marathon. After the Boston Marathon bombing, Gabe accompanied several other Marine amputees to meet with the victims who had lost their limbs in the attack. He showed them that if he could overcome this horrible injury, so could they. He encouraged them to persevere and insisted that a wonderful life still lies ahead.

All of the seven soldiers are amazing individuals and carry with them their own unique stories. Hosting these true American heroes for five days of fishing, golfing, diving, and relaxation, an opportunity they would probably not otherwise enjoy, is the least we can do for the sacrifice they have made to protect us all.

We are looking for corporate donations to assist in the cost of hosting these Wounded Warriors. The cost to bring each Wounded Warrior on the trip is $1,500. If you would like to host one of these heroes, your donation is 100% tax deductible and every penny goes towards sending these soldiers on this trip. Not one cent goes towards overhead. If you are unable to sponsor a Warrior, any donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support. Make tax-deductible checks out for this event to: Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation, c/o Dan Harris, 12303 Blair Ridge Road, Fairfax, VA , 22033 USA 

Signed/ Dan Harris (Dave Harris succumbed to cancer in 2008)

www.DaveHarrisMemorial.org  www.WWIAF.org

Business Briefs… A sales effort is expected to begin here for solar powered golf carts and solar power in general…A CAKE SHOP is operating out of a retail stall at the Sac-Be shopping plaza just outside of the Main Gate…IS A PLASTIC SURGEON on the way to PA?…PEMEX and France are teaming up for some science/technology cooperation…MEXICAN COURTS have upheld a 112-year sentence for businessman Jean Succar on charges of child porn and corruption of minors…MEXICO is urging the U.S. to comply with World Trade Organization rules governing the shipment of tuna to the U.S. from Mexico by applying the “dolphin safe” label…PRESIDENT PENA NIETO’S approval rating has dropped 18 points to 37 percent at the end of the first quarter…THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY has created 32,000 jobs in Mexico at 270 companies and 11 research centers…SALE OF ROTISSSERIE chicken is expected to double during the holiday week as domestic tourists arrive…U.S. COURT OF APPEALS has upheld government regulations prohibiting employees of Sea World parks from swimming in tanks with orcas, or, killer whales. A worker was killed by a whale in 2010 that had also killed two visitors to Florida’s Sea World. The decision paves the way for a Supreme Court test…3D MOVIES coming to Mexico with the horror classic” Blacker than the Night” expected to show at theaters in September…THE HIGHWAY LIGHTS had reached a few hundred yards past Paamul heading toward Puerto Aventuras as of Monday night to the delight of elder Aventurans with concerns about driving the 307 at night…ROOM FOR MORE is announced at the Riviera Maya Car, Boat, RV storage facility and consignment shop on 307 in Paamul. Owner/manager Ted Faber said plans are afoot to expand the indoor storage facility…NISSAN inaugurates plan to build $1.18 billion facility to manufacture 200,000 cars and motors in Brazil, expected to create 2,000 direct and 2,000 indirect jobs…MEXICAN JUDGE cuts off payments to creditors of Oceanografia, a company being investigated for allegedly defrauding Citigroup’s Banamex of $380 million and is now in bankruptcy proceedings…FABIEN COUSTEAU, grandson of the late French aquanaut Jacques Cousteau, will participate in a 31-day mission at the Aquarius undersea lab in the Florida Keys to study the impact of climate change, pollution and acidification on the world’s oceans…

The Art of business…

Links to Comedy Festival

   Akumal’s Marieke Brown sends the following links for residents interested in the performance schedule of this years Comedy Festival April 29-May 3,

Here is the schedule:  http://www.akumalcomedyfestival.com/schedule

“We have shows in Akumal on the Plaza Ukana  (Grateful Dead) Stage next to Turtle Bay Bakery.  There is live music from 7-8pm and then comedy from 8-9pm.  The show on Saturday May 3 is in Spanish, so if you prefer English speaking comedy, then Thursday and Friday would be good days.  You can buy advanced tickets for the shows here http://www.akumalcomedyfestival.com/donate and the ticket is actually good for both shows on your chosen day.  The second show of the day is at La Buena Vida Bar on half Moon Bay at 10pm.  100% of the proceeds goes to the Red Cross. On the Thursday May 1 early show we have Tim Harmston headlining who is awesome!  You can check out his work here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_f4KKFtdz9k

The Mail Bag…


Dear Editor,

   Am again back in Ontario, Canada, and miss Puerto Aventuras. I am already counting the weeks until I return. Just a short note to say thank you to the many people serving us snowbirds. Absolutely no complaints. And some kudos: I have the world’s worst hair but thanks to Maria Rayas at her new salon across from the school I finally have some control. Also the wonderful dentist. And I can’t wait till next year when Dr.Yolanda, a plastic surgeon from Mexico, sets up shop in PA. I met her on her scouting tríp to PA.

PA’s secret is getting out. It Could easily become a Travel Med destination. Thank you Pelican Free Press, Latitude 20, The Black Cat, Donna’s Bakery and Cafe and Dos Chilies. Our favorites . See you all in December.

Signed/ Laurie Erb

Briefly Noted…

REPAIR OF LIGHTS along Highway 307 continues and as of last week workers had reached the Calica junction (at left photo) as they head for Puerto Aventuras. As one PA resident said this week, “I have seen the light but can’t wait until I see it outside the Main Gate.”  A few days later the crew was at Paamul…A REPORT has been filed regarding a tiff and assault between two business owners  in the Centro business district…DEATH TOLL of a bus-truck crash in Veracruz over the weekend has climbed to 36, officials report…A LOCAL BILL to classify cenotes and sinkholes in Playa del Carmen and to ensure their conservation is expected to pass the city council…10th AVENUE in Playa is open to traffic for the holiday period, construction will resume afterwards…THE FIRST CASE of cloning credit cards was reported in Playa del Carmen at the beginning of the holiday week, causing the Chamber of Commerce to caution tourists and warn owners of restaurants, bars and other tourist services to keep an eye on employees…GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER – Joining the holiday spirit a boa constrictor slid into a man’s yard on Cozumel Island, swallowed a hen, then entered the man’s house for a nap. Civil protection officials were called and hauled the boa away to be released in the wilds…


Say It In Spanish… by Gloria Contreras, teacher and certified translator
What is the color of your car?
Que es el color de tu coche?– -  your bicycle, tu bicicleta; your shirt, tu camisa
(Reach Gloria for lessons or translations at © 984-108-3517)

Church Services… Please click Colonos icon on right top of page.

AA and Alanon meetings…
AA and ALANON meetings are held at the public library at the Colegio as follows:
AA Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m; Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at noon. ALANON meeting is held Mondays at 5:30 p.m., also at the library. Meetings are “open” and non-members are welcomed to attend.

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