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What’s coming? A

Whatever the name, the Chedraui

family is branding Puerto Aventuras

More information about a supermarket coming to Puerto Aventuras is arriving in bits and pieces, along with a modicum of confusion over specifics. The photo above was taken in 2008 by Dennis Miller when a Super Che first opened in Puerto Escondido.

Armando Rincon, general manager of the Colonos, reports that while the proposed market is in the Chedraui family of various businesses, it is actually a “Super Che” market rather than the familiar “Chedraui” logo we see in Playa del Carmen.

Whether it is a “Super Che” or a “Chedraui”, as was noted earlier by PA developer Roman Rivera Torres, what is confirmed is that a market of some substance is coming to the relief and accommodation of PA residents and surrounding areas.

Super Che is a division of the Chedraui grocery empire and some gringos who have shopped the Super Che brand elsewhere in Mexico such as Puerto Escondido, have referred to it as “a Mexican version of Wal-Mart,” that will occupy the space being cleared across the highway near the main entrance of the Poblado. Rincon also confirms that a Pemex station for that side of the highway is planned as well, meaning we can get short-changed for petrol on both sides of the highway.

Visitors to the Super Che stores in Puerto Escondido describe it generally as a discount grocery offering “cuenta menos” (low cost) , good choice and many non-perishable items as well as food. Now The Pelican is flying around trying to get information on when the store will be open for business. Sure would be nice to have a branch bank located in this setting too. Stay tuned.

Produce kiosk remains open

FOR THE RECORD: The produce stand that has served many of us so well in the winter remains open and has added a Wednesday schedule to the Saturday schedule as well. This information came from Sandy Brooks after another report said the stand had closed for the summer. Brooks said the only time the kiosk closes is when it is raining. Thanks for correcting, Sandy.

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