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Merchants, public, volunteers,
golfers made it happen for youth

Philanthropy is alive and well in the Puerto Aventuras Resort Community.
Hundreds of donors to Anat Kah, the area’s answer to the tax-deductible United Fund, and special projects such as the annual Charity Golf Tournament, have funded construction of a co-edicational high school building, however modest, now giving hope through education to more than 90 Poblado boys and girls reaching for the stars.

The fund-raising efforts and the generous participation of many resort individuals was explained briefly to teachers and students at the high school during a lunch break last week. The significance of benevolence in their lives struck a chord of excitement and cooperation in the students who roundly responded with a spirited photographic sign of appreciation and sense of participation. (See above)
The second annual golf tournament this year raised around $18,000 USD and still counting, more than double last year’s inaugural event. The need for a high school is particularly significant since the Mexican government has decided to extend the current middle-school mandate to high school.
The initial construction was funded by Anat Kah and finishing touches provided by the first annual golf tournament initiated by Jim and Jeanette Jamieson and friends that raised about $8,000. This year’s golf earnings are folded into an Anat Kah dedicated high school/education account for future disbursement as needed and approved by the committee.

The Jamiesons and committee members Bob and Glenna Uecker, Dick and Sally Dawson, Don and Diana Black and Bob and Pam Beisenherz and scores of others who helped selling raffle tickets, raising auction gifts, getting food and beverage contributions say this year’s golf event yield was boosted by a public raffle and auction and the exemplary cooperation of local businesses who contributed auction items, labor, food and/or beverages.
They included Dive Aventuras, Hippos, Café Ole, Tu Parador, Xpa Spa, Paradise Tours, Flamingo Crossing, Maya Gym-Omni, La Cueva del Changa, Dolce Vita, Mezzanine, Gringo Services, Turtle Bay, Mangos, Latitude 20, Tiramisu.
Also, Alegria Spa, Roger’s Auto Repair, Omni Restaurant, Paparazzis, Fresas Wedding, Aquanauts, Fat Cat Catamaran, Captain Rick’s, Gringo’s Cantina, Mike Terry, Dolphin Discovery, PA Condos, Myakoba Golf.
Also, Bahia Principe Golf, Grand Coral golf, Playacar Golf, The Pub, Café Café and Tesoros Café.
The golf committee extends a special thanks of its own to the 34 golfers and those who made cash donations, all the volunteers who pitched in, a special appreciation to Fideicomiso Roman Rivera Torres for free use of the golf course and carts, and members of the public who participated in bidding and buying the auction items.
Preparations for next year’s event are already in the mixer.



No end to giving in Puerto Aventuras

Some of the same people who helped in the golf tournament also showed up for a more personal event last Thursday to raise funds for Pobladan car-wash and hamburger-stand owner Danny Iglesias who recently underwent a 5-hour knee procedure in Merida to replace badly torn ligaments sustained in an effort to protect a neighbor from an assault.

A donor who wished to remain anonymous paid the bill – discounted by the doctor and hospital – for the operation but friends learned it would take extensive therapy for Iglesias to regain a normal, or close to normal, ability to use the knee. So a fundraiser was born.
Nearly 60 people attended a dance and raffle at the former Disco Lounge above Gringo’s Cantina organized by Anne and Ron Silver and assisted by jazz pianist and DJ Jerry Fastrup, his wife, Gloria, and Hal Harper who have come to know the 41-year-old bilingual Iglesias from his own contributions to people in the Poblado and business dealings with resort community residents.

The organizers say doctors in Cancun believed that Iglesias would need crutches to walk for the rest of his life, but his friends in the resort found Dr. Felipe Camara in Merida who agreed to try the delicate procedure.

The operation took place last week. Dr. Camara replaced the meniscus, a crescent shaped cartilage structure, and repaired torn ligaments and muscles. Recuperation will require six to eight weeks combined with costly and intensive physical therapy that the event proceeds will help to cover.
The organizers said over the weekend that ticket donations, raffle, outright donations and Mayan lottery game sales generated 18,000 pesos, enough to pay for therapy three times a week for 12 weeks. Harper will oversee disbursement of the funds as needed.
Donating items were Kapalai Interiors, Hippos, Flamingo Crossing, Dive Aventuras, Color Vetrum Jewelry, Yollot Handicrafts, Cafe Ole, La Dolce Vita, Latitude 20, Matahari, Bamboo, Mango’s and The Pub. Roman Rivera Torres donated use of the dance hall.

Business Beat…

Ex-Dolphin discovery site being demolished

Return to is origins is rental loss to Centro HOA


Posted Apr 2, 2012, by Juanito
     There is new construction taking place in Puerto Aventuras’ Centro Comercial Shopping Center, but instead of adding to the structure, it’s actually taking away. The curious banging of sledge hammers in recent days has caused many to peak behind the construction curtain in an effort to see what all the noise is about?
In recent days, four strong and hard working men have totally demolished Dolphin Discovery’s former sales and retail office using nothing but a couple of old fashioned sledge hammers and a lot of sweat. The space we are talking about is located on the marina between The Pub and Dolce Vita Restaurants.

A decade before, Dolphin Discovery received permission to expand the size of retail space so as to better serve the growing number of tourists wanting to come swim with the dolphins. However, new construction of a newer and much larger facility in a different section of the marina, left the original space nearly deserted except for a small portion that continued to be used as a training facility.
Some of you may not be aware, but all the ground surrounding the building in the commercial area is owned “fractionally” by the property owners. The same is true for some shared patio areas on the upper levels. Part of what makes the Marina Shopping Area so unique is its blend of retail and residential occupants.
All spaces on the ground floor are zoned for commercial use only, with the second and third floors being designated for home or office use. All of the outdoor displays and seating that you see being used by various shops and restaurants are known as “common area” and, subject to approval by the Home Owner’s Association, are available for lease on an annual basis.
A new contract must be realized each year for the continued use of this space. Even the Fruit and Vegetable Market that sets up at the Kiosko each Wednesday and Saturday must pay for the privilege of occupying that space. This rental income accounts for about 25% of the association’s total operating expense and has become a critical component to its finances.
By original agreement, should Dolphin Discovery ever decide to vacate the “common area” upon which they were allowed to build… they must return it to its original state… and that is what we are seeing now.
The space is being returned to its original state. Dolphin Discovery will retain ownership of that original space and continue to use it for an office and training facility. The “common area” becomes common once again… and the HOA loses a $1,000 a month renter. So, it is with mixed feelings that PA’s Centro Comercial Marina Association regains the space.

Phrase a week … By Gloria Contreras, state certified interpreter
You are in a restaurant, your coffee has cooled and you want it warmed up. Tell the waiter:”Mi cafe esta frio. Por favor, caliente mi cafe.”
(CLASSES RESUME APRIL 23) Ms. Contreras teaches Spanish classes from 3 to 4 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays at Tiramisu Restaurant and all are welcomed to attend. The fee is $150 pesos. Please call her first to make arrangements at 984-108-3517

What’s Playing…

See for yourself what’s showing at the local movie houses in Playa del Carmen at the links below.

Briefly Noted…

Compiled from staff, contributors and media reports
NO NEW NEWS emanated from last week’s Colonos board meeting concerning beach access, but that doesn’t mean the issue still isn’t alive. For the moment, the Omni access gate remains closed and access for residents with ID allowed through the Omni lobby. Critics who want to be heard are asked to email their views to Colonos GM Armando Rincon, atgerencia@colonos.org to be passed on the board members… JUST A LOOK-ALIKE – A resident reported seeing what he thought was a boat reported stolen a few weeks ago, but owners say the vessel, for which a $5000 reward was posted, is still missing…MORE BUILDING – We don’t need experts and statisticians to tell us there seems to be

a modest increase in building activity in the resort area. All one needs is to be able to see. Several homes are being completed on Bahia Xaac and a handful of condos rising along Bahia Chemuyil and a few trophy homes going up on canal-side Bahia Yanten…ON THE OTHER HAND,a few folks we’ve met are struggling to sell condo units and homes, particularly along Bahia Xcacel where one section of grandiose manses seems to be sporting an inordinate amount of for sale signs…HARD ROCK HOTEL is reportedly going be a new neighbor as it reportedly takes over the all-inclusive mega hotel Aventuras Spa and Aventuras Cove, although the signage out on the highway isn’t telling us that yet…DRUGS AND MORE DRUGS –   Naval personnel have recovered – on three separate occasions in a week- bundles of floating marijuana off Cozumel and worth more than an estimated  million in street sales…SCIENTISTS GALORE, 500 of them will descend on the Hotel Grand Velas, Riviera Maya, in mid-May for a Microsoft-sponsored conference. Another 500 guests are expected also. Q. Roo won out over other sites in Mexico, including Mexico City…TWO MUNICIPAL WORKERS were injured when a steel gate at the the rear of the Soriana store on Avenida 30 in Playa del Carmen fell on them as they tried to open it. One was rushed to Hospiten Cancun for surgery…TULUM residents are complaining to CFE about excessive costs and blackouts…

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