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Monthly Archives: August 2012

August Extra: School fundraiser Saturday

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School’s survival hangs on area generosity


Restaurant slates Saturday feast
to help raise building funds

A local restaurant has jumped to the forefront of an imminent educational need at the Montessori School called Otoch Paal (Children’s House) situated in Akumal but now serving and open to other children of Puerto Aventuras area.
Tiramisu Restaurant in the heart of Puerto Aventuras is hosting a benefit lasagna dinner and entertainment beginning with a 7:15 p.m. arrival (8 p.m. dinner and entertainment) on Saturday (August 11) to raise funds to help rescue this important local seat of education.
The school is currently in danger of losing its status as a certified facility unless it acquires sufficient funds to build new classrooms.

Tiramisu owner Donna Carey has put together a four-square lasagna menu that includes – Brooklyn, vegetarian, seafood and Mexican – to please a smorgasbord of palates complimented by refreshing two-for-one Margaritas.
Snowbirds from PA, Akumal, Paamul and the general PA area who are away may not be able to partake of the feast but can express their participation with a tax-deductible donation atwww.otochpaalakumalmontessori.org . Free ticket for each $50 donated on the website.
Tickets for the feast are $400 pesos ($30.54 USD) for adults, $200 pesos for children 11 and under and are available from the Otoch Paal Parents Committee and Tiramisu Restaurant. Also on the menu besides four different lasagnas is bruschetta, garlic bread, drink (wine, beer or soft drink).
The school parents’ committee recently told the Pelican: “For the past two years, Otoch Paal has offered education to older children at the 1st and 2nd grade level.
The goal is to continue growing the school, eventually offering education to children aged 2 to 12. Despite the fact that the educational level of the 1st and 2nd grade classes are comparable to any private school in Mexico, the school is currently under the threat of closure due to lack of classroom facilities.

As parents, the education of our children is our priority, and we do not want to lose our excellent school here in Akumal. That is why we are asking you to help build an additional classroom for our community school.
Anything you can do will be appreciated. We have a huge task ahead as we need to have the building under way soon.”
Entertainment will be by the children of Otoch Paal performing a selection of Mexican dances and traditional songs, a family friendly comedy show featuring Tony Gabriel performing as the Mexican star and 13 times Grammy winner Juan Gabriel, el Divo de Juarez. Donna says you will spend an unforgettable night listening to the greatest hits of the “Mexican Sinatra” and other special guests!
Besides two for One Margaritas available ($75 pesos for two), Tiramisu will extend the local resident discount of 10% to all menu items including desserts and drinks for those who choose to order something from the menu and pay with cash.  We apologize that we cannot offer the discount to those paying with credit cards but there are ATM machines close by.
Otoch Paal Montesorri school tours are available upon request.  Please contact the Otoch Paal Parents Committee through its Facebook page for more information:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Centro-Comunitario-Otoch-Paal-Montessori/321573544580689

Latitude adds longitude to cooking class


      Snowbirds missing out on the above feast may be happy to know that Latitude 20 Restaurant has added longitude as a venue for the Park Department’s cooking class that became popular last winter and will host the weekly event again this year.

The class will resume in November at the restaurant’s new location at Secret Waters on the Lagoon of Dreams and so will continuing weekly live jazz by Jerry Fastrup’s Nairobi Trio.
Adding some more spice to events at that location are plans for a “Night of the Rising Stars” that will feature community talent, and possible formation of a writing club and theater group, if the interest is there.
Owner Peter Metrick says he could use some help organizing these initiatives and invites interested parties to lend a hand. November will also bring ghouls and goblins to the site for a Halloween Party and also a comedy show Nov. 4 featuring professional comedians.
Peter says thanks to all who have supported and encouraged him, Danny and staff at his three locations over the last 20 years.

 What’s Playing…

See for yourself what’s showing at the local movie houses in Playa del Carmen at the links below.

Briefly Noted…

SPAIN’S PROBLEM REACHES MAYA COAST – Spain’s economic problems have reached the Yucatan. The local media reported that hotels along the coast owned by Spanish companies were having difficulty paying local vendors. Hotel managers said that because of Spain’s problem, they weren’t getting any cash from the home office … TRANSPORTATION ENTITIES have been asking the government to allow fare increases because of the rise in fuel prices. Officials are saying that’s not likely to happen … JUDICIAL OFFICIALS say they have arrested a local leader of a Playa criminal cell that was responsible for the assassination of a Playa hotel owner in June …. SOME 2.5 MILLION CHICKENS have been slaughtered in western Mexico to prevent the spread of bird flu. Officials found bird flu on 31 of 148 farms where flocks were tested. The virus is not easily transmitted between humans. The outbreak was first discovered in June… MORE TOURISTS? – New strategies are being developed by the Playa Association of Small Hotels and CondoHotels participating in fairs in Brazil, Russia, Argentina and China over the next four months… PLAYA’S BUSINESS SECTOR is still grappling with officials over the continuing erosion of beaches there and the lack of plans to contain it… HUNDREDS OF METERS of copper cable were retrieved as Navy and police elements traced and captured a gang of copper thieves in Playa …THE SUGAR CANE CROP is in jeopardy in the southern part of the state because of fly and rodent infestations and the inability to use planes to spray because of government ban on flying for security reasons…EXPANDED ELECTRICITY generation has been accomplished at a Playacar sub-station by the CFE which now guarantees enough power for downtown Playa del Carmen’s needs for the next five to 10 years … THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL is upping its drug crime units in Cancun, Chetumal and Playa del Carmen to combat the major players. As part of the plan, buyers or sellers in possession of small amounts , that is, less than a50 milligrams of heroin, five grams of marijuana, or 500 milligrams of cocaine will not be prosecuted …


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