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Monthly Archives: October 2017

November, 2017


AN INFORMAL GATHERING in memory of the late Victoria “Vicki” Lotz will be held at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017, at the rock jetty fronting the Chac Hal Al condominium complex. Her family joins organizer Roman Rivera Torres in welcoming friends to share memories of Victoria’s long association with the community and the real estate occupation. She died Sept. 19 following an illness. She was 62.

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PA serves as safe haven…

One of the ferries that hugged the PA marina for protection from Hurricane Nate’s empty threat.

Hurricane Nate broke Riviera
date and that was really great!

By Staff
Boaters began preparing on the day before Hurricane Nate was to brush by with much rain and high winds, knotting mooring lines to secure their vessels in place. Others along the coast rushed to Puerto Aventuras Marina for protection.

Most residents nonchalantly continued daily life while taking common sense steps to protect their property. Similarly, condo administrators such as Carlos Suarez and Lothar Batt prepared the complexes and considerately notified absent owners they had done so, then emailed again after the storm passed to report the “all’s well.”

Nate was moving rapidly enough to prompt authorities to report it would not be necessary to stockpile water and food for a storm such as lingering Maria that absolutely wore out the welcome mat in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Florida.

Schools out early

Preparations also included notices that schools might, and eventually did, close early as some businesses boarded up windows…just in case. “Gladly” said developer Roman Rivera Torres, “Nate respected us. We were lucky once again.”

On Thursday, October 6, the Puerto Aventuras community morphed into a safe  haven for large ferries seldom seen there and the more familiar large yachts seeking protection from Nature’s potential fury.

“Some large ferries as México and Ultramar took refuge here,” Rivera said,  “not so much to escape sea conditions on our side, but more for predicted conditions in Cozumel.”

Beaches also spared

Sleek yachts also sought refuge in the canals of Puerto Aventuras.

He said what was unexpected was the number of smaller vessels from touristic activities like Xcaret and others choosing refuge in Puerto..  “We had to occupy many spaces in the second marina to make room for larger ferries,” Rivera said.

Asked whether there was any waterfront damage, he said the beaches wee relatively unscathed since the sea remained calm. “We thought it was the calm before the storm, but our luck prevailed and the storm spared us.”

Nate was the fifth regional storm that bypassed Puerto Aventuras and the Yucatan Peninsula this hurricane season ending Nov. 30.


The Mail Bag of public opinion…

Let buyer beware

Whenever making a decision to build and buy a local property, it is highly recommended not to invest your money into a property that has not closed escrow and actually belongs to you.

One couple moved to Puerto Aventuras to build their new life and instead of ending up with their dream home on the golf course, ended up losing thousands of dollars in what has been called a very elaborate scam to improve a personal property that belonged to a family member of the builder.

The investigation is ongoing and has been referred to a few different lawyers to find a peaceful resolution. All initial attempts to recover stolen property were ignored. Be very cautious when doing business with local architects and builders.

Signed/Kevin Pollock

Support Colonos general manager

Dear Editor:

(This letter was addressed to PA developer Roman Rivera Torres and copied to the Pelican Free Press for publication)

We are writing to express how very surprised and frankly, extremely unhappy we were to read that you (Rivera Torres) are seeking the removal of Armando Rincon as Manager of Colonos.  We strongly urge you to reconsider and that he be retained in that position.

As residents of Puerto Aventuras we appreciate Armando’s years of attention to maintaining the aesthetics of the resort.  He has created activities that contribute to its spirit and has managed the improvement of its beauty and cleanliness.  We have found Armando’s frequent communications to be very helpful in keeping us apprised of everything from major recycling days to international food fairs to the semi-weekly food markets.

In particular, as condominium owners of Quinta Luna, our experiences with Armando have been outstanding.  Most recently he has been instrumental in helping us arrange a meeting with the Hotel Catalonia regarding the permitted cleaning of the area of the lagoon which we share.  His cooperation and involvement have been key to what we anticipate will be a successful conclusion to this project.

Finally, we hope and trust that you will reconsider your position and will withdraw your request for Armando Rincon’s resignation.  On behalf of the members of the Vigilance Committee and the owners of Quinta Luna, we remain:

Sincerely, (Signed)
Scott Benz, president;
Lucie Perry, secretary

Cultural Center opens season
with folk ballet on Nov. 3

Also: Road race set for Jan. 21, 2018

The first cultural event of the international high season is coming to the Puerto Aventuras Cultural Center at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 3, when the folk ballet “Silla Movil Danza” celebrates the Day of the Dead holiday with its rendition of “Amor y Muerte” – “Love and Death”.

The event is being sponsored by the Colonos (home owners association) as part of the association’s ongoing efforts to provide residents with myriad cultural and sporting events for their enjoyment and participation.

The cultural center is located at the end of Bahia Akumal, which is just inside the main gate. Tickets are 120 pesos ($6.50 USD) and are available at the Colonos office in Centro, at the Colegio and at Transformar Educando in the Poblado Community Center.

ANNOUNCEMENT: And just released is the date for the coming season’s annual road race that attracts around 500 runners in various classes, from children to seniors.

The Colonos administration says, “We hope you attend and enjoy this event organized for you and your family. The date is Sunday, January 21, 2018. We will have more details in subsequent issues as the 10th annual race nears.”

We’re told that Papacito’s restaurant on the Dolphin Walk walk is hosting a Halloween Party starting at 7 p.m., Oct. 31, which is Hallloween Night.

Trivial Pursuits is coming up at 4 p.m. Sundays, November 12 and 26 at Latitude 20 Restaurant with proceeds going to the Poblado Community Center. Owner Jim Stubbs welcomes new players to join the fun. And don’t forget the Halloween Party being held early this year on Oct. 28 starting at 6 p.m.

November dates of note: In Mexico:  Revolution Day, Nov. 21: All Saints Day, Nov. 1:  All Souls Day, (Day of the Dead), Nov. 2 – In the U.S.  – Daylight Saving Time ends Nov. 5; Election Day Nov. 8; Veterans Day Nov. 11; Thanksgiving, Nov. 23.

Playa gas explosion kills
two tourists from Argentina

PA condo escaped similar fate last year

A double gas explosion on October 20 in a condominium occupied by two Argentine tourists resulted in second and third degree burns over 80 percent of their bodies.

They were taken to the general hospital in Playa del Carmen then transferred to a private clinic in Cancun where one of the victims died the next day, Saturday, and the other on Sunday.

Their rented condominium was located on 30th Avenue, between 50th and 52nd Streets in the Colony Colosio north of Playa’s tourist zone. The condo complex was reported under guard by police in the explosion’s aftermath as investigators sought to learn how the gas leaked, accumulated and exploded when the tourists started to cook breakfast.

Last year, a condo in a Puerto Aventuras complex had been leaking gas trapped between a floor and ceiling, filling wall cavities and leaking gas downward an out of electrical outlets for quite some time before the condo’s management was alerted.

Fortunately, the condo inhabitants never closed windows, allowing the gas to escape with the breeze and avoiding accumulation. Since then, some condo administrators have acquired gas sniffers to quickly investigate complaints of gas odors. The Colonos is considering a similar purchase that would be available to all.

If you suspect a gas leak, call your condo administrator.


Rare reads and deeds…

Some talk the talk, but here’s
a man who breathed the breath

Two men walking by the El Novillo River in Mexico’s Sonora State saw a fawn lying by the side of the water, apparently dead from drowning.

An extraordinary act of compassion.

Most people would have continued walking with or stopped a moment out of curiosity or called for help from authorities.

In this case, one of the unidentified men took another, quite rare option. He knelt beside the animal, lifted its head by the neck and began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation… all of it captured on a video.

It took multiple attempts to start the fawn breathing again as the men nurtured the young deer until it had time to reorient itself to its surroundings.

Then it lifted itself up and darted off into the nearby woods, a life saved by an extraordinary act of human compassion.

Turtle serves as hearse  in unique
burial of oceanographer at sea

Tony Amos, down to the sea.

Self-taught oceanographer Tony Amos, 80, of Port Aransas, Texas, wanted to be buried at sea after a lifetime of caring for sea turtles and aquatic birds in the Animal Rehabilitation Keep he founded nearly 40 years ago.

As it happened, he died recently of prostate cancer just as the rehabilitation center was caring for a rescued green sea turtle following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in that area.

Most turtles  the area had escaped the storm because an early hatching season was followed by most turtles heading out to the relative safety of the sea before the storm arrived.

Thousands of people came to the ceremony on a Saturday in  Port Aransas to observe the rescued, rehabilitated turtle carry Amos’ ashes on its back to the deep Gulf waters as Amos had wished.

The  Roundup…

Titles and taxes – Lot owners in the poblado who have not obtained titles and now want them will have to pay property back taxes – in some cases 10 years’ worth – before proceeding to acquire titles, said Antonio Hernandez, PA’s municipal delegate…

7.6 million tourists visited Cancun and the Riviera Maya so far this year, reports Marketing Consultants, exceeding last year’s count at this time. Cancun had 3.7 million visitors and the Riviera Maya 3.9 million…

The municipal delegate from Puerto Aventuras has complained about the increase of stray dogs in the poblado and Puerto Maya, estimating 1,000 dogs roam free, resulting in multiple dog-bite cases and unsanitary droppings on the public ways. The municipal animal welfare department head said there isn’t enough room in the municipal pound to handle the demand but will continue impounding about five dogs a week from the delegation…

Quintano Roo  now ranks 6th among the Mexican states in average salary. But in 2012, it ranked 5th. Despite wage increases of 200 pesos and an average salary of 7000 pesos a month this year, up from 6,000, the state poverty rate inched up from 27 to 29 percent. Locales with the highest income are, not surprisingly, on the West Coast…

An Argentine traveler was arrested at Cancun Airport when he attempted to smuggle more than $60,000 USD, Canadian dollars and Argentine pesos into the country. Money was stashed in his luggage, in the soles of three pairs of shoes and a money belt…

A would-be bank robber at the Bancoppel in Las Americas Mall entered the bank branch’s second floor location armed with a gun and a can of gasoline with which to set fire to clothing,  evidently as a distraction. Quick response by private and public security agents foiled the plot but did not assuage the uneasy feelings of shoppers…

A decline in room reservations in Quintana Roo’s hotel industry was noted by Gov. Carlos Joaquin who attributed some of the decrease to the image that the state presents to the US market. He said the state must work more on promoting the area while simultaneously improving security…

Price hikes for electricity have stirred the area population into organized protests demanding that the federal electric commission reverse rising power charges that are hurting family budgets…

More narco/gang violence occurred in the tourist zone of 10th Avenue as September rolled into October.  A 28-year-old man suffering life-threatening bullet wounds told police he was shot at the La Embajada bar on 10th Street and ran away to a spot on the street and collapsed, where police found him. He was later reported in critical condition at the hospital and later died, raising the ang killings to 45 this year…

That number didn’t last long as two more men were shot Oct. 9 in the Playa tourist-zone bar “La Jarra” at about 4 a.m. One, who was celebrating his birthday, died immediately and the other, shot in the head, was hospitalized in serious condition, bringing the gang-related homicide total this year to 46…

A clampdown was ordered on tourist are bars in the wake of the above execution that occurred at around 4:40 a.m, nearly two hours after the lawful closing time of 3 a.m. The bar was ordered permanently closed and won’t be open until it has a new name and improved internal security. In the meantime, police patrols were ordered to assure bars close at the legal time or face sanctions…

But thar’s not all – Another execution was carried out Oct. 14 in front of hundreds of shoppeer at Las Americas Mall parking lot where a man was shot while in this car. On or about the same day, a man was kidnapped near 5th Avenue and driven to the access road of Xcaret, just north of Puerto Aventuras, and shot dead, bringing the total executions believed gang/drug related to 49 so far this year in Solidarity. It was the third time the Xcaret access road was used as a kill zone by assassins…

And by Oct. 21 the 5oth death by execution was recorded among the gangs warring for control of the area when a gangster was shot in a bar on Constituyentes Avenue… followed the next day by another execution in the “Baby’s Hot” bar, victim number 51 so far this year … We’re told now that a ontingent of federal officers is roaming the Colosio colony in north Playa after six executions were reported in 15 days in October…

An observation: It has taken multiple sicarios (assassins) with handguns 10 months to kill 51 rival gang members just like them in Playa del Carmen. In Las Vegas, it took one man with an array of automatic weapons a few minutes to slaughter 59 innocent law-abiding people and injure about 500 for no nown reason, begging the question of which is the safer tourist destination?

Z Gas Propane increased prices 14 percent in October, says press reports. The new price for a 30-kilo tank is now 512 pesos, up from 536 pesos and a 20-kilo tank rose 10 percent to 408 pesos from 372 pesos…

Xcaret has been nominated in competition as best theme park in the world. The winner will be announced by sponsoring Travvy Awards in January…

Tulum turnabout – For those who remember the crude takeover of hotels last year in Tulum with the blessing of the then governor who is now under investigation, know that two of the hotels have been returned to the owners…

A man was arrested for a crime against biodiversity in Tulum. What’s a biodiversity crime?  He was walking around with a baby crocodile in his hand…

Earthquakes bring budget cuts to all the states as the federal government ponders cutting federal payments to states to generate funds to rebuild and assist victims of the two recent earthquakes….


The rules we live by…or not!

(Page 8 of 22 Continued)

Duties of HOA officers

In an enunciative but not limiting manner, either the President or the Board of Directors may:

a). Carry out all actions and the resolutions of the Assembly of Associates;

b). Manage the Association’s assets and business and carry out its goals and objectives in the most thorough manner;

c). Celebrate all actions, contracts and agreements which are necessary to attain its goals;

d). Execute actions of ownership in regard to the goods owned by the Association, with the previous approval of at least fifty-one percent of the associates attending the Assembly of associates;

e). Buy, sell or lease all type of goods and articles necessary to attaint the association’s goals, staying within the budget  limitations of income and expenses approved by the associates Assembly for each fiscal year;

f). Represent the Association before every authority, either judicial or administrative or labor, federal, State or Municipal. In  any  trials, actions or controversies. Either will have full power to appoint special or general attorneys and to determine their powers and attributions;

g). Designate the manager and all other officers, administrative staff and all necessary manpower for the attainment of its goals;

h). To designate delegates among the membership to form the commissions or committees either considers convenient and to define their powers and attributions;

i). To draft the Association’s internal rules and regulations any those for other units that might be set up.

j). inform the associates about the suspension of the excercise of their rights when the General Assembly has so determined;

k). inform the associates about their expelling when the Assembly so determines;

l). Call to a General Extraordinary Assembly when considered pertinent; and

m). Execute the resolutions of the General Assembly of Associates.

n). Present the proposal for the assessments and moratory interest to the General Assembly for their discussion and approval. (To be continued)

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